History Lesson (Embassy of Duronis II)

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USS Bronwyn went to it's shakedown cruise. Near the edge of the system it encountered the anomaly similar to the one that disabled USS Victory, but this one pulled a little ship and Bronwyn passed through it on the other side. Ship was not disabled, but was damaged and they had to return to shipyard for repairs... only there was no shipyard in the system.

Plot Summary

Officers and half of the future crew of the USS Bronwyn gathered in the Mess Hall for the christening ceremony of the refurbished ship. They took the ship to the edge of the system and planned to turn back and make a short range warp jump back to the Til'ahn when the anomaly opened and sucked the ship. While moving through anomaly ship lost shields and got hit by the microscopic black hole (or as Chief Scientist T'Mihn called it a microscopic hypermass) and cut big part of the rear section of decks 7-10. Ship was losing air very fast, what when they exit the anomaly threatened to cause lot of deaths aboard.

When ship stabilized and moved into lower orbit of the nearest planet capable of allowing them to replenish air and survive; one group of officers beamed to the planet to make initial survey (Colonel Waltas, Commander Parker and Marine Captain Hannah Martinez) and second one went down in the only shuttle aboard. Soon it was obvious that the planet is Til'ahn, but the time they ended in was far from desired. Anomaly kick them more than 600.000 years in the past.

While engineers conducted repairs, security searched for survivors. Soon it was obvious they lost only several people, most of them being engineers who died in transporter accident while they were sent to the damaged part of the ship to try and prevent the loss of the oxygen.

At the same time teams on the planet joined and just when planned to start a search for the suitable camp site where more people from the ship may beam down to alleviate the load on the ship heavy rain prevented them from moving on. Marines fast made camp by the shuttle with 3 tents where some of the shuttle occupants joined them for the night. In the morning when everyone joined for the morning coffee they realized Colonel Waltas went alone to scout the land. Just when Parker wanted to go and seek him land started to shake and volcano erupted above them and the gap opened between them and the shuttle taking it in. T'Lea found Waltas under the rocks and just when got him released from them rest of the away team joined them. Lava started to gain on them and they hide under the outcropping... but the landslide took Hannibal Parker away and into the direct lava flow.

After a discussion about the Prime Directive and implications of actions they are forced to do, decision was made between away team and the USS Bronwyn to fire ships phasers to save Commander Parker from sure death. (QUOTE - T’Lea: You realize that by saving him we will be in direct violation of the Prime Directive. We are sitting on a fault line. The power from the ship’s phasers may cause a cataclysmic plate shift, which now that I think about it-- yes, it would be enough to create the basin for the Kabir sea to flow in. ::shrugging:: Your call Admiral. Do we make history? Or obey the directive?) Powerful ships phasers caused the fault to shift and allowed the sea to enter the fault line, forming the Kabir sea. Admiral Turner and Major Pavlova jumped to help Commander Parker and when the wave hit they were taken away from the rest of the crew. Except them, T'Mihn was also taken by the wave from the tree she climbed to.

Rest of the away team gathered together to spend the night before they will move to seek the ones water took away. Trio taken away climbed to the shore and started their return to the camp. Irina Pavlova was the one closest to the starting location while water took Parker the furthest from everyone. They each found the safe place to spend the night before moving back to the rest of the crew. In the morning they gathered together one by one; first T'Mihn found Admiral turner attacked by one of the huge cats, then Parker found Pavlova fighting a pack of wolf like animals and then they all gathered.

That was the time when they all spent too much time on the ancient world and they started to regress what started the fight over food, fight over mate... fight. At the same time engineers repaired transporters on the Bronwyn and beamed them all to the sickbay. They were in the hurry, because the anomaly was closing and they needed to enter it before they get stuck in this ancient time. When everyone got beamed to the Bronwyn the ship entered the anomaly. At the same time on the other side of the anomaly several ships in the orbit of Til'ahn heard an order Captain Frazier gave on the Bronwyn and Thunder decided to enter the anomaly and try to save sister ship.

When they met, both ships exit the anomaly through the same exit through which Thunder entered. When they did they were met and attacked by the Luxis Fleet. In this timeline, which seem to be caused by the shuttle and everything else left on the ancient Til'ahn, there was no Federation and major powers were Ba'ku and Luxis. Admiral Turner ordered return to the anomaly, but knowing that Bronwyn can't make it Captain Frazier decided to stay and protect the back of the leaving Thunder.

Back to the past, new away team was sent to locate and retrieve the items left by first away team. They found shuttle empty and when they were seeking for the rest of the items engineer Lupo got bitten by the ancient bug. When her crewmates tried to remove it from her back it passed through her skin and entered her spinal cord. In pain she collapsed. While half of the team returned to the Thunder with Lupo, Hella, Allison and Martinez located rest of the items and returned to the Thunder.

At the same time after short negotiations, Captain Frazier and team aboard Bronwyn tried to keep their true situation hidden and lead negotiations to be helped by Luxis Fleet. When they were talking to the Leader of Luxis Fleet Admiral Hajj Mustafa, in the system entered Ba'ku battleship Captained by Admiral Waltas from the other timeline and opened fire. Frazier and Della Vetri returned to Bronwyn and waited to see what will happen. When Ba'ku ship got badly damaged, it crashed into Til'ahn Admiral ship and they started a fight man to man.

Colonel Waltas and several other crewmembers aboard the Thunder felt their counterparts in the wrong timeline in which Bronwyn ended and decided to try and communicate with them to tell them to stop fighting, because it may endanger the Bronwyn and ruin everything. Their efforts bear fruit and the two Admirals soon requested assistance from Bronwyn to beam everyone from both ships to the planet. Ships were now entering the Til'ahn atmosphere and will soon explode. Bronwyn beamed everyone down at the same time when all the items were beamed back to Thunder and it was swept by another anomaly moving it to the present time, now corrected.

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