Guerrilla Uprising (Embassy of Duronis II)

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An explosion kills several Pro-Federation Laudeaun officials, and starts a conflict with anti-Starfleet forces.

Important Characters

Plot Summary

Part 1

An early morning explosion rocked Lokesh City as a suicide bomber detonated themselves, killing at least five Pro-Federation officials and several others. Starfleet personnel, rushing to assist the local authorities, find an angry crowd placing blame squarely on Starfleet and the Federation. While arguments went on between Starfleet personnel and Laudean authorities, a second attacker attempted to detonate a second device in the middle of the gathered crowd. The second bomber was taken prisoner, but not before the device detonated in the middle of crowd of children.

The attackers were quickly identified as part of anti-Alien group known as the Til'ahn First Militia (TFM), which believes in using violence to end what they consider the Federation's 'Occupation' of Til'ahn. Laudean authorities have admitted to losing control of up to 60% of Lokesh City to TFM forces.

In the immediate aftermath the Embassy staff got into action. The newly minted XO (Lt. Commander Oddas) has been placed in charge of keeping the Embassy safe, Admiral Turner assisting the Laudean Prime Minister with a media offensive to sway public opinion in the direction of Starfleet and the Federation, Commander Jorey with extracting civilians caught in TFM territories, Lt. Commander T'Lea with disrupting TFM supply lines, and Major Parker with eliminating TFM leaders.

Part 2

The Embassy grounds found itself with a small, but growing and agitated crowd of protesters outside of its gates squared off against a group of Marines. Lt. Commander Oddas along with Doctor Hendon designed a unique soundtrack to drive off all but the most hardened protesters. Meanwhile, Commander Jorey and Major Pavlova have embarked on a mission to do ground recon in TFM occupied territory. The team led by Captain Waltas and Major Parker have bombed a known TFM munitions depot, just as Admiral Turner reassured the Prime Minister Starfleet would be taking no unilateral action.

After assisting Marine recon units Lt Commander Savan uncover almost certain Romulan ties to TFM forces, he assisted the Executive Officer in planning an unorthodox operation to hopefully diffuse an information offensive by unfriendly forces.

As a plan was formulated to remove the rest of the protesters from the Embassy gate, Captain Waltas and Keris, an assistant to Ambassador Ashana were kidnapped by unknown forces while paying respects to the site of the previous suicide attacks. A team consisting headed by Lt. Commander T'Lea has gone undercover and made contact with several locals seemingly in contact with TFM forces.

Part 3

Part 3 finds the protesters outside the gate being confronted with friendly Deltans, bearing gifts of tea and other snacks.

Lt. Commander T'Lea's team has returned, from their mission only to find the cargo they smuggled into the TFM forces was not laced with just a tracker as they were lead to believe, but an explosive. They have also found the team leader is in the first stages of Pon farr.

Various reports of cloaked Romulan warbirds in the area have lead Lt. Commander Savan and Lt. Commander Oddas to work on their own plan to lure the ships away from Duronis II, especially as recent damage to the Thunder has left it in a state of disrepair. When the warbirds de-cloaked a heated exchanged between the Executive Officer and Sub-Commander Resh ended with the Sub-Commander's warbird taking damage, and the XO trying to determine the cause.

During this time, Captain Waltas and Keris were rescued from TFM forces with assistance from Major Parker that left several members of the TFM dead. Commander Jorey and Major Pavlova have returned from their reconnaissance mission, ultimately rescuing several civilians whom they home Starfleet and Laudean forces can enlist to further damage TFM forces. Captain Waltas has taken command of the Thunder in the hopes to save the ship, and the USS Bronwyn.

Doctor Hendon has reported some trouble in the Embassy's medical bay, but mostly due to patients causing a good deal of noise.

Part 4

Just as Commander Jorey was putting together a team to capture the TFM regent, Rena, when she expectantly sued for peace after seeing the carnage she waged in her name. TFM forces immediately began standing down as Rena turned herself over to government forces.

Meanwhile, the Romulan elements in orbit around Duronis II began battling each other in an effort to drive a wedge between the Federation and Laudeans. During their attack they managed to badly damage the already damaged Thunder, but the USS (Redacted) and Lt. Commander Savan managed to disable the warbirds with a custom written virus. Disabled, the warbirds have withdrawn from the system.