The Glass Android (Embassy of Duronis II)

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Embassy Mission Archive
Before 2390
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The Glass Android · Red Star Rising
The Til'ahn Gambit
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The Glass Android


“People must understand that science is inherently neither a potential for good nor for evil. It is a potential to be harnessed by man to do his bidding.”

Important Characters

  • USS Thor: Senior Staff
  • Dr. Frederick Waspson: Android Research Scientist
  • Android/Diordna/1 Of 1: Rogue Borg-Enhanced Android

Plot Summary

We will be hunting too...I need you to study the stats they sent on the android to find the best way of capturing it once we locate the vessel. They want it intact if at all possible. I think the Borg particles they used are going to give us the biggest problem, so commandeer as many of the senior staff as possible to help you with's only fair to tell you all that the Android we are trying to capture was made with some Borg components. And what we witnessed today was just a sample of what it is capable of doing...we have our orders from Starfleet, but I don't expect anyone to put their lives in danger to follow those orders. - Mission Briefing - Rear Admiral Toni Turner

Part 1

Rear Admiral Toni Turner ordered all senior staff to report to the USS Thor and USS Thunder in order to pursue and capture a rogue Android that had escaped from a Federation Research station. This Android had been created by Doctor Frederick Waspson using Borg technology to overcome issues with emotional processing leading to cascade failure in the cerebral cortex.

The USS Thor, and the USS thunder under the command of Major Hannibal Parker, were tasked with intercepting the shuttle as it left the Typhon Expanse, also known as ‘The Sandbar’. The Thunder located the vessel upon its exit from the expanse the moved to intercept. The shuttle, in an effort to evade capture, jettisoned its critical warp core and fired upon the unit. The resulting shock wave caused significant damage to the Thunder and destroying several civilian ships including the SS Capella Trader.

The Android’s shuttle was also damaged in the blast and crashed on the surface of Til’ahn; in the region of the Talisen Forrest.

Part 2

Senior staff regrouped at the Embassy Facility and additional new crew (Lieutenant Commander Krindo Pandorn and Doctor Iskabella Journs) and search teams were assigned by Admiral Turner. Due to the inclement climate in the region at the time groups planned for artic conditions. A plan was formed for the three teams to divide and try and encircle the escapee to affect a safe capture reducing risk to an indigenous people in the region. It was also advised that Starfleet personnel were operating in non-Federation space and care would be required.

Team Assignments listed below:

Team ‘A’ Rear Admiral Toni Turner Ensign Ben Garcia Ensign Quen Deena Lieutenant Alexander Brodie Ensign Jicheld Iza

Team ‘B’ Lieutenant Commander Krindo Pandorn Captain Hella Lieutenant Cadfael Peters Ensign Eleanor Alexander Lieutenant Ishkabella Journs

Team ‘C’ Major Hannibal Parker Colonel Rhode Mitchell Ensign Richard Walters Lieutenant Commander Boris Hendon Ensign Daylan Daroo

The teams separated and made their way to the region of the crash site. Team ‘A’ made their shuttlecraft secure and rendered it with fail safes should the Android attempt to effect an escape. Due to adverse weather conditions in the region, however, Team ‘A’ were forced to seek shelter shortly after landing and before a full sweep of the region could be performed. Signal booster units were installed to be able to act as a sensor and communications base for all ground teams.

Team ‘B’ were stuck by adverse weather conditions and began tracking back towards the crash site in an effort to link up with other search groups. Lieutenant Peters was able to provide some potential insight into the psychological profile of the escapee should they encounter it.

Team ‘C’ were the first to make contact with the Android which had begun to suffer increasing psychological instability as a result of a conflict between its inherent programming and the influence of the Borg technology. This resulted in a fragmented personality structure – Android, Diordna and 1 of 1. The Android, upon crashing, had begun to assimilate several creatures from the local fauna and it used these as distractions to evade further pursuit.

The Android unit then encountered Team ‘B’ prior to their rendezvous with Admiral turner. Team ‘A’ were advised by Lieutenant Pandorn that they had encountered the Android and that it was headed towards Team ‘A’s position. A perimeter was established and a watch pattern organized. Team ‘B’ moved to meet Team ‘A’ position and both were advised by Lieutenant Commander Kamela Allison that the Android was approaching their position.

Part 3

Major Parker attempted to subdue the Android which resulted in the Android sustaining significant damage. It was observed by Doctor Hendon, however, that the Android was not as damaged as first thought. Upon sight of Admiral Turner the Android became hostile before attempting to escape to the higher area of the foliage canopy. It was decided the Counsellor Brodie should approached the Android along with Commander Pandorn to attempt to reason with the being. Unfortunately, the Android made a successful attempt to destroy itself, leaping from the tree and causing terminal damage to the positronic neural net. Major Parker and his team secured the remains which were taken into Starfleet custody.