Be My Friend (Embassy of Duronis II)

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Embassy Mission Archive
Before 2390
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The Glass Android · Red Star Rising
The Til'ahn Gambit
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The USS Thunder-A tries to stop a runnaway freighter from crashing on Duronis II and the Embassy 'Shadow Team' try to uncover a mole at the Embassy who has been feeding intel to the Orion Syndicate.

Important Characters

  • Captain Galpo Ray - Master and Commander of the Betazoid freighter "Dawn's Light".
  • Kaumari - An Argelian of some unknown importance.

Plot Summary

Lt. Commander Brayden Jorey takes command of the USS Thunder-A to intercept a betazoid freighter that is on a collision course for Duronis II and is not responding to attempts at communication. Lt. Commander Hendon, Lieutenants Sharpe and T'Mihn, and Ensigns T'Leira, Savan, Odas, and Estorian fill out the team on the USS Thunder-A. Back at the Embassy, Admiral Turner bring together her 'Shadow Team' made up of Captain Waltas, Captain Frazier, Lt. Commander Parker, Major Pavlova, and Lt.JG Cain. The Admiral fears there is a mole at the Embassy feeding intel to the Orion Syndicate and is determined to uncover the traitor.

The USS Thunder-A set an intercept course for the freighter "Dawn's Light" at the highest speed the Duronis System Sandbar would allow - warp 2. Upon arrival it was discovered that ship's engines were running 10% over maximum allowance, despite it's unusually slow speed. Short-range sensors suggested that the entire crew was unconscious. Fearing the worst an away team is geared up and put into biosuits. Lt. T'Mihn theorized and executed a plan to slave the freighter's computer to the Thunder's in order to bring the ship out of war. The plan is successful and the away team is transported over to the freighter. Th team discovers that the freighter has been incapacitated by a trio of telepathic kittens that have been augmented with Betazoid dna. The kittens are captured, the Dawn's Light crew is treated, and the Thunder successfully bring tows the freighter to the Embassy unscathed.

On the Embassy, the crew discusses their options and decided the best way to uncover the mole is to set a trap. They plan to send out a juicy piece of information they hope the mole will not be able to resist acting on. The team will monitor communications and staff to try and uncover the traitor. A few ideas are thrown around, including staging the wedding of Admiral Turner to Captain Waltas. In the end, the team decides that they will stage an inspection tour by a high-ranking Federation official - to be played by an impostor. However, that evening Intelligence officers and marines uncover and identify a group of undercover operatives. The operation is concluded before morning. Fortunately, all the planning and preparations do not go to waste as the Embassy uses the banquet hall and festivities to celebreate their success in an elaborate awards and promotion ceremony that coincides with the fleet's annual awards.