Fracking Reality (Embassy of Duronis II)

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Before 2390
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Things are not as they appear on a shakedown cruise of the new USS Thor.

Plot Summary

Part 1

Most of the senior staff, excited and relaxed from a previous day at the spa, have taken the Thor into the Thypon Expanse as part of testing its new TSD. As they are leaving the Expanse the Admiral calls a break for lunch, and the crew breaks into various groups to socialize. Riding the turbolift has, inexplicably, seemingly taken the crew far and wide.

Team Pirate
Della Vetri, T'Lea, Hannibal Parker, and Kamela Allison found themselves in the middle of a primitive, pirate themed, bar brawl. Fighting their way out of the brawl to the nearby docks they found their way to a wooden sailing vessel, bearing the name 'Thor'. Boarding the vessel and setting sail, the crew of the vessel seemed to recognize the quartet as their officers, T'Lea as the Captain in particular. The crew seems to believe they are searching for the mythical island of Risa and are seemingly deathly afraid of the plague ship chasing them. T'Lea, in search of answers, has ransacked the ship, and located charts and a ship's log indicating the ship chasing them is piloted by one Captain Chang.
During the chase in the night, and with Captain Chang's ship only 30 minutes or so behind them, the ship found itself in the middle of a storm with horrendous lightning, rain, and squalls, emerging slightly only to find themselves in a harbor consisting a very modern hotel complex and what appeared to be some of the members of Team Risa trekking along the outskirts of the beach. T'Lea has taken a crew of the 24th-century officers and several pirates ashore in search of the rest of 24th Century Thor's crew and the cure to the plague she is increasingly sure is on the Island.
Team Risa has been spotted by the crew of the Pirate ship, but the two have not made contact yet.
Team Risa
Irina Pavlova, Boris Hendon, Hunter Caminos, and Oddas Aria found themselves on a beach resort on the beautiful planet of Risa. Some of them seem to be suffering from memory changes, remembering a trip to Risa and content with being on Risa. As their memory cleared somewhat Irina used time techniques to prove there was something untoward going on by producing artifacts from their modern uniforms as opposed to the swimwear they seemed to be wearing. When a sudden storm appeared on the beach, coinciding with a percussion performance dedicated to Thor, the God of War, the group sought shelter in the nearby hotel lounge. Seeking higher ground took them to the roof, where they were set upon by a group of guards before they could get a better view of their surroundings.
The view only served to reinforce their feelings that the simulation was not real as there were natural barriers conspiring to keep them at the hotel. As the officers decided to head toward an isolated section of beach a wooden sailing craft appeared in the middle of a storm. Not wanting to be corralled the crew decides to head to the beach on their way to ship. Progress is slowed slightly when Hendon begins to suffer from a migraine or stroke-like symptoms and the team comes under fire when approaching a small machine found at the area.
Team Forrest
Toni Turner, Tyr Waltas, Rode Mitchell, and J.T. Aadi have been located in the middle of a primitive forest, so far with no sign of civilization anywhere around them. Before their eyes the group seems to be watching themselves become more primitive, both in dress and in attitudes, Tyr in particular as his manner and attitude becomes more feral and in general as all of them find their clothing replaced with furs and augmented with bows and arrows.
Marine Captain Hella has found herself in a cave with Team Forrest; meanwhile, Toni, attacked by a wild cat-like creature has begun to go into labor while the others continue to secure the area against predators and try to heal the wounds. Waltas, ascertaining they are on Ba'ku, has suggested they set out for his village.
Team Academy
On their way to the Special Operations Labs Brayden Jorey, Zinna, and T'Mihn have been transported to the campus of Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth. The trio has begun to enjoy the street food and atmosphere offered by the city.

Part 2

Team Risa-Pirate
Team Pirate has landed on the shores of Risa, with many of the team (Vetri, T'Lea, and Parker) coming ashore to find Team Risa and convinced a cure to the plague afflicting their children exists somewhere on the island. Many in Team Pirate, notably Oddas, Pavlova, and Doctor Hendon see the Pirate Ship Thor as a way off Risa.
The conflicting opinions came to a head with T'Lea assaulting one of the sailors she brought ashore with her and then Oddas. During the ensuing fight, T'Lea was knocked unconscious by Lt. Commander Pavlova, but the argument persists. A few minor scuffles and arguments later.
Captain Chang, in an apparent effort to speed things along, has begun shelling the shore and hotel, destroying Team Pirate's landing craft and forcing the team to take cover. During the shelling Oddas has found some evidence pointing the crew towards Starfleet Academy.
The crew, using some of the resort's pleasure craft used to ferry tourists around the bay, made a mad dash for the Pirate Ship Thor and used another craft as a diversion. The diversion craft was used as an explosive battering ram and has set Chang's ship afire. Just as the ship was about to speed from the bay, Lt. Commander Allison informed the new arrivals of a message received via arrow from a remote section of the island. The message was simple, 'SOS-Hella', pointing towards the existence of Team Forest, cohabitating the island.
Team Academy
Team Academy continues to be joined by new officers, including the newest addition to the Security personnel Ezaya K'Ghim and the Chief Engineer, Raimy Ambarsan. In addition to finding themselves in an atmosphere encouraging drinking, eating and dancing, it also seems to be lowering the inhibitions of the Chief of Intelligence, Savan. The officers, believing they are cadets, have taken up a table at a restaurant on the bay. A strange thunder has begun forming on the bay and Savan has begun thinking he sees an ancient Terran sailing vessel. Others, including Ambarsan and Jorey sense something is wrong when they begin remembering events out of order.
Team Forest
Deep in the Forrest of Ba'ku the Thor's Commanding officer has given birth to twins (boy and girl) and the group is now making their plans to make it to some sort of civilization. Situated on the side of a lake they are finding their circumstances to convenient to be natural after the appearance of all the supplies they simply 'wished' for. Scouting for supplies and civilization Hella and JT spy the Pirate Ship Thor in the midst of its battle with Chang's ship. They manage to send a message to the ship via bow and arrow just as Chang's ship explodes in a wall of fire.
Meanwhile, back aboard the USS Thor, a ragtag crew consisting crew members who are making their way to the bridge (including Engineering crew, Ambassadors, and science officers) trying to determine where everyone went. So far they have managed to get some of the ship under control.

Part 3

Team Risa and Team Pirate
United members of these teams have rescued Team Forest from the remote part of the island. They have also uncovered the remnants of a hull breach in the bowels of the ship on Deck 5 of the pirate ship Thor, remnants that turned out to be a wooden door covering a holodeck opening and a spacial anomaly. While examining the anomaly the Pirate Crew received a communique from the USS Thor in the form of a handwritten note from Ensign T'Karra and Engineering Officer R'Trill. They returned the message by sending a live rat as proof of life from the other side of the abyss.
Contact made, Commander Oddas has made her way from the Pirate Ship Thor to the USS Thor and made contact with the Bridge. The rest of Team Risa and Team Pirate are barrelling their way toward Alcatraz island, coming close enough to make physical contact with the Golden Gate Bridge and begin taking on water.
Team Academy
The Academy Team's pleasant lunch has been interrupted by some very rude Vikings dead set on invading San Francisco. Luckily T'Mihn, even as a cadet, has managed to stow some bladed weapons. Before the battle could get too bloody the Commander, on a hunch realizing his telepathic abilities were not sensing others, tried to freeze the program. While it did not work the Vikings did change from rampaging barbarians to furry rats.
The Real USS Thor has determined just before the disappearance all of the holodecks on the ship were activated, along with the Emergency Medical Hologram (EMH). Sent to Investigate, T'Karra and R'Trill have found what appears to be the other side of the spatial anomaly on Deck 5 of the Pirate Ship Thor. They have currently attempted to send a lifeline in the form of optical cable attached to an anchor of an empty tool case.
Oddas, onboard the USS Thor, has made her way to sickbay to run diagnostics on the EMH. T'Karra and R'Trill have made contact with Commander Pavlova and are attempting to effect a rescue.

Part 4

Determining the EMH has caused the malfunctions by moving the crew to the holodecks, Oddas has worked with the 24th Century to shutdown the holodecks and return the crew to the real USS Thor. Most of the crew has returned with minor injuries at most, with the exception of T'Mihn who has some memory loss. The Admiral has been put on Maternity leave to care for her children.