Skull Reef (Embassy of Duronis II)

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The crew embarks on a shakedown cruise of the USS Thunder-A taking them through some unknown sectors when an accident occurs, forcing them to depend on their wits.

Important Characters

  • Togook the Insufferable - A Male Orion and leader of the Skull Reef Market.
  • Frel - A Pirate Captain descended from ancient Bajorans who left their home in the 19th Century aboard lightships and settled on a planet they call Janitza. Trades in Coffee as a type of Currency.
  • Brank - A Ferengi merchant who tries to selle (or swindle) the crew for some anti-matter.
  • Rash Mevrar - A Tellarite and Administrator of the Warden mining colony, situated near the Skull Reef Market.
  • Lily - An Orion woman who helps the crew secure the needed dilithium for the return trip.

Plot Summary

Part 1

The USS Thunder-A, after its last encounter, has been tasked to undergo a shakedown cruise. Crewed by most of the senior staff it has followed a path away from the Embassy allowing it to test all of the onboard systems, including its QSSD.

Once the slipstream drive was engaged and the ship was operating under its power for some time, some sort of accident occurred, dropping the ship out of warp and bleeding the ship's anti-matter supply off, leaving the ship with only 2% of their reserves of the needed material. Disturbingly the ship's dilithium reserves were also affected.

The Science Team, led by Lt Han and assisted by Lt. Commander Pandora and Lt. Commander Sh'relis managed to get enough sensors working to identify the ship is in a previously unknown quadrinary system.

Part 2

HCO Officer T'Mihn has located a hiding spot for the USS Thunder-A while the acting XO, Commander Jorey has organized two Away Teams to head toward likely targets to find supplies.

Jorey's Team has made their way to a market, inside of a hollowed-out asteroid, dubbed 'Skull Reef' by its inhabitants and seemingly run by Togook the Insufferable. The team has made the decision to disguise themselves in the clothing of their homelands, ranging from opulent Betazed attire to something akin to loud festive party wear for the young Mister Fairhug. They have been ushered to meet the head man himself, presumably so that Togook can decide how much he can intimidate out of the Away Team.

Pavlova's Team has landed at Warden Station, a water world seemingly made up of drilling platforms making a mesh of living and working quarters across the ocean surface. Readings indicate quantities of dilithium and anit-matter, just what the team is looking for. It also indicates a large concentration of a number of different species whose intentions are unknown, but if the welcome they got (orbital craft escorting them with weapons charged) is any indication, their plan to strip out of their Starfleet uniforms may be for the best.

Meanwhile, the team left on the Thunder has been approached by one Captain Frel in what appears to be a modern version of an Ancient Bajoran lightship, the JLS Kiessa. Verbal banter between Commander Oddas and Captain Frel continues as Oddas tries to determine what to make of a Bajoran clearly not of this time.

Part 3

After trading a replicator and other equipment Team Pavlova is able to make a return to the ship. Team Jorey is about to make a trade for the Anti-Matter when the Commander realizes they are about to be duped and an Orion Woman, Lily, helps them secure the anti-matter through other means. While Team Pavlova is able to return to the ship relatively unharmed, Team Jorey is pursued by Orion interceptors and it is only through the quick work of both the Thunder and some other unknown fighters in the area that keeps all parties safe.

The Thunder returns home, with Frel's assistant onboard, as well Lily, and one very frozen Andorian.