Typhon Expanse

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Typhon Sector

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The Typhon Expanse is a highly dangerous area of space that borders on Romulan, and Federation claimed space. Known for its temporal disturbances it is an otherwise visually average collection of many star systems and other objects.

It had never before been charted or even explored until the USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-D entered it, circa stardate 45652. On this occasion the vessel was trapped in a time-loop vortex with the older USS Bozeman, which ended up being brought forward in time.

The Typhon Expanse's many unusual phenomena and temporal features means it usually has to be circumnavigated by vessels wishing to reach space beyond (including the Duronis system) and as such acted as a natural border between the Federation and relatively vast amounts of uncharted space.

Added to this are the many records from Federation member worlds and other unaligned species of ships lost with in this region of space. Records that seem to indicate that more than 100 ships have been lost in there. In fact many of the species who have had numerous losses to this section of space have developed their own names for it. Some of these are the “Tear of Death”, “Hells Postierior Opening”, “Kolar’s Breath”, "Turd of the Spirits", "Malik's Vomit". and “Ut’ Ovon”.

Since the destruction of the Hobus star and subsequent internal disorganization that resulted within the Romulan Empire, Federation and Starfleet Intelligence operatives were able to secure data that showed that the Romulans had lost a number of ships in this region as well.

So far probes and deep scans have identified the following subspace conditions with in the expanse. A subspace anomaly is a very broad term for any sort of extraordinary disruption in subspace. Often, they can take the form of irregularities such as distortions, fractures, tears and ruptures. Oftentimes they can damage equipment and personnel, altering physics and the Human brain.