Prelude to a Kiss (Embassy of Duronis II)

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Before 2390
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While a Borg Tetrahedron travels toward Duronis II, the Embassy makes plans of how to keep them from assimilating the planet and all its inhabitants.

On the way to Duronis II, the Tetrahedron unfolded itself into a much larger object - a Borg Cube - presenting a far bigger threat than first imagined..


Captain Rocar assembles three teams.

  • Tactical Wing: Team Leader: Lieutenant Victoria Ylardo - Chief Johaneson, Ensign Hawk, Lieutenant Lahrel, Lieutenant Sabdok, Lieutenant Anthony Creed and Ensign Campbell.
    • Mission: Work on a classified weapon at the Spaceport warehouse 30km out of Lokesh, and engage the Borg Cube.
  • Ground Team Team Leader: Commander John Sheriden with Ensign Toni Turner as Advisor -Lieutenant Commander Gabriel, Lieutenant Jg Xoet twelve, Lieutenant Commander Elandra Dar, Lieutenant Jg Kei'Lann Pulak and Ensign Russell Heston. Later Ensign Thomas Arrowhead, Art Benson and Yeoman Yolanda Ratchet were added.
    • Mission: Staying behind on Duronis II to protect the Embassy, evacuate the Embassy noncombatants, and transport the Laudeans to mountain caves and underground caverns to get them out of the cities. Also, they were to "confuse" the Borg using a holographic array and runners to lure Borg into a trap in holodecks.
  • USS RESOLUTION Team Leader: Captain Rocar Hilzarie - Lieutenant Commander Hilzarie, Lieutenant Jg Cyrus Webb, Lieutenant Jg Viazard Jordon, Dr Ebrin Tarn for medical and Ensign Sam Campbell. Later the Ensign Kassa Quay was added.
    • Mission: Lead Ship of an armada consisting of Laudean, Romulan, and Zalkonian ships against the Borg Cube.


250 years ago, hampered by their star system's geographical features that restricted warp travel, the Kingdom of Manaria (leaders in science and technology on Duronis II) launched Manar V. Manar V was a small nuclear powered, unmanned space craft that would soon be sailing her way out of the solar system with messages of peace to whatever might be beyond. Everything from pictures by their greatest artists to audio recordings was stored in her databanks. She went unhindered, until 2 months ago when a fault in the ship's circuitry caused her to interfere with a large Borg vessel. The Borg downloaded the data and laid in their course - Duronis II.

With Federation and Romulan support being too many days away to reach Duronis II before the Borg, Captain Rocar manned the USS RESOLUTION in an effort to delay the approaching vessel. Reaching the Sandbar, Captain Rocar requested that the handful of Laudean, Romulan and Zalkonian ships join him. They overpowered their warp core and ejected them into the sandbar - thus causing a shift in the phenomenon and thereby entrapping the Borg Cube. The results of the action accomplished the goal, but a Borg Sphere escaped to orbit Duronis II, and there was heavy loss of Laudean and Zalkonian ships. The remaining armada ships were left with only impulse power, and trapped with the Cube.

Meanwhile Dachas, detained in his quarters by Commander Sheriden, escaped with the aid of Lieutenant Creed. Creed, desperately trying to find his sister, enlisted Ensign Campbell to help in the quest, although he was not aware of Creed's intentions. They were listed as missing, while they leapt from one Borg ship to another, trying to get to Creed's sister.

Captain Rocar devised a plan to open a breach in the sandbar to allow the Laudean and Romulan ships to leave, and let the Tactical Wing enter. The crew of the USS RESOLUTION were sent by pod to the Romulan ships, leaving Captain Rocar and Ensign Quay on the Bridge of the RESOLUTION to buy time for Lieutenant Yladro's team to engage the Cube.

On Duronis II, the noncombatants were safely evacuated by Dr. Gabriel, Xoet, and Dar. Turner and Xoet developed a fungus pathogen that would attack the organic composition of the Borg drones. It was distributed to the Laudeans and the members of the ground crew, and sprayed on the few drones that had made it through Rocar's barricade, causing death. It was also transported up to the Sphere, leaving the Sphere lifeless, later to be destroyed by the retuning Laudean ships to keep its orbit from decaying and spiraling to the surface of Duronis II.

The USS RESOLUTION, caught in a tractor beam by the reassembled Borg Cube, was saved by Yladro who destroyed the beam, then with the Tactical Wing, went on to destroy the Cube by using a classified weapon. What had become apparent was that these Borg had been a break away collective with their own queen and a seperate hive mind that had not been affected by Janeway's D-Tonic. It was unclear if this was the end of this kind of Borg.

Background Sims

OOC: Part two of my preludes to the next mission. ;o)

((250 Years Ago: Kingdom of Manaria, Til'ahn))

::Fanfares echoed out bouncing off the tall retro-modern looking buildings. The mix of pageantry and regalia that adorned the streets seemed in stark contrast to the modern surroundings of Manaria who's young King had made a point of modernising and researching the Sciences his priority. Now he stood on his podium surrounded by his best royal scientific advisors and all around crows of loyal Laudean subjects had gathered to witness the historic event.::

Lord Chancellor Geltrona: Six, Five, Four, Three, Two, One, We have Lift off!

::The Lord Chancellor turned and smiled proudly at his King whilst the royal party sheltered their eyes from the scene in front of them. The ground shook with vibrations as the warm bright glow of ignition shone out over the blast site. The roaring sound of the small Laudean craft lifting off through the atmosphere was deafening and soon followed by a massive cheer from the crowd.::

Lord Chancellor Geltrona: (looking up from a display.) My Royal Highness' control reports no faults and successful completion of departure.

::The King of Manaria nodded and looked up to the heavens. By his side two Elders of the Fielding league were looking decisively less happy about the event which ought to have been sabotaged like the five unmanned craft prior to this.::

Lord Chancellor Geltrona: And so Manar Five begins her long journey.

::The Lord Chancellor couldn't help but feel envious about the small nuclear powered unmanned space craft that would soon be sailing her way out of the solar system with messages of peace to whatever might be beyond. It was daunting to consider the amount of Laudean culture on the craft - everything from pictures by their greatest artists to audio recordings - everything from their most famous royal classical bards to the blues guitar of a peasant Laudean. The Lord Chancellor chuckled - a peasant Laudean who was born blind and who's mother's house had burnt to the ground leaving him out on the streets of Manar with nothing and yet his music was now on it way out of their solar system. ::

((2 Months ago: Uncharted Space))

oO We will ignore it. "It" is no threat. Oo

::They barely continued to observe it as the unmanned craft "Manar V" cruised slowly past their gigantic vessel. It was no threat as it continued on its mission to bring words of peace from a forgotten king - ruler of a small kingdom on a small inconsequential planet. But as it moved past the larger vessel, "Manar V" experienced a small fault in its two hundred and fifty year circuitry. Decades of travelling and then it malfunctioned, coming to a dead stop and releasing parts of its nuclear reactor. The radioactive materials ejected and went plummeting into the hull of the dark vessel by "Manar V" `s side. Now they noticed. Hundreds of them suddenly came to life from their slumber-like state, reacting to the violation. As they moved towards their posts an observer could have almost imagined a monsterous deep brass and percussion music over the dark scene. Slowly their craft swung round and they scanned "Manar V." Downloading all of the small ships primitive databases in seconds - catalogues of their planet's history, music, culture, famous people and most importantly Laudean biology and the location of Duronis II.::

::The decision was made without hesitation. They already had every detailed weakness of the adversary and the location of their planet. The journey that had taken "Manar V" 250 years would take their more advanced craft just a two months to cover. And so their engines engaged.::

(Capt. Rocar)