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In April 2398, Yogan Yalu performed zhian'tara, a Trill ritual ceremony.


About Yogan Yalu

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Yogan Yalu is a male Joined Trill officer in the Federation Starfleet. Born Yogan Verso in 2362, he was joined to the Yalu symbiont in 2392. Yogan Yalu is the first and only person in his family to become Joined.

About Yalu

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Yalu is a symbiont who lives a Joined existence with hosts of the humanoid Trill species. Yalu was born in 2130 and was Joined to its first host in 2140. Since then, Yalu has been Joined with eight hosts, most recently to the former Yogan Verso in 2392.

About zhian'tara

Timeline of events

Friday and Saturday: Arrival and family reunion

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Sunday: Zedro and Edanne

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Monday: Omed and Keroga

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Tuesday: Benim and Auzell

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Wednesday: Eira and the ritual's completion

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Thursday: Departure and closure

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