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This article documents the relationships of Yogan Yalu.

Family relationships

Aydam Verso

Aydam Verso is Yogan Yalu's father. Born in 2328 in the largely rural, agricultural region surrounding Grodor town, Aydam Verso received an education in agricultural science, particularly in irrigation, hydroponic, and aeroponic technology. Aydam desired to be Joined, and was accepted into the Initiate program in 2347, at the age of 19. His time as an Initiate was brief, however; he was washed out of the program after only a few weeks. After leaving the Symbiosis Institute compound, he returned home to Grodor to continue his education. Much of his early career work involved improving the efficiency of soil reclamators, to increase the area of arable land in less-than-hospitable climates.

In 2354, he met Haned Jurea (see below), and they married the following year. In 2356, Aydam and Haned relocated to Earth, where Haned began working as an administrator in the Trill Diplomatic Corps. Aydam worked briefly as a consultant and an instructor at a technical institute, but after the birth of the couple's first child, Aydam assumed primary parenting responsibilities. He continued as the primary caregiving parent after the family moved back the Trill homeworld in 2373, although as the children grew up, he gradually returned to work, teaching agricultural science at the higher education institute in Grodor Town.

In the late 2380s, Aydam and Haned's marriage had broken down to the point they were living separately, and they divorced in late 2392. By 2398, Aydam was in a relationship with a Human lounge singer named Pavlo. In April of that year, he embodied Omed, Yalu's third host, during Yogan's zhian'tara.

Selected sims: The more things change, Thicker than water

Haned Jurea

Haned Jurea is Yogan Yalu's mother. She was born in 2327 to a well-to-do family in Leran Manev, the most cosmopolitan city on the Trill homeworld. After studying political science at university, Haned began a long career in the Trill Diplomatic Corps. She met Aydam Verso in 2354 and married in 2355. Shortly thereafter, Haned accepted an administrator position at the diplomatic mission on Earth, and worked there from 2356 to 2373. During her assignment on Earth, she and Aydam had three children: Yogan, Nedal, and Kejana. After the family moved back to Trill in 2373, Haned worked within the Diplomatic Corps headquarters until 2382, when she retired after 33 years of service.

Around the same time as her retirement, Haned behgan exhibiting changes in her behavior and personality. She hid the symptoms well, but they worsened over the ensuing years, eventually developing into memory loss and difficulty functioning. She and Aydam separated in the late 2380s, and divorced in 2392. Early the next year, Haned was formally diagnosed with fronto-temporal degeneration. As of 2398, Haned experiences brief and intermittent periods of lucidity, but she is generally unable to care for herself.

Selected sims: Memories raw and ragged, Diverse, conflicting clarity

Nedal Verso

Nedal Verso is Yogan Yalu's brother. Born in 2365, Nedal is an immensely talented poet and spoken word artist. After completing his compulsory education in 2383, he was accepted into the prestigious Academy of Poetics in Tenara, where he continued to develop his art. Performing in venues in and around Tenara, Nedal began attracting the attention of cultural movers and shakers on Trill, and gained access to larger audiences and venues for his performances. His first volume of poetry, The Dance of the Betrayed, was published in late 2391. In 2396, seemingly out of nowhere, Nedal decided to end his poetry career and become a Guardian, the monastic community of unjoined Trill who devote their lives to caring for the symbionts. In early 2398, Nedal completed his Guardian apprenticeship and officiated Yogan's zhian'tara, where he also embodied Zedro, Yalu's first host. In mid-2398, Nedal left Trill and his Guardian life behind to study writing at the Pennington School on Earth.

Yogan affectionately calls Nedal 'Neddo,' which Nedal hates.

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Kejana Verso

Kejana Verso is Yogan Yalu's sister. Born in 2370, Kejana has no memories of the family's live on Earth, as the family moved back to Trill when she was only 3 years old.

Selected sims: Memories raw and ragged, Remember her, Diverse, conflicting clarity

Personal relationships

Onesa Javo

Gaiane Piruzian

Gaiane Piruzian (b. 2337) is a Human officer in the Federation Starfleet, currently holding the rank of captain and currently on temporary assignment to Deep Space 224 as acting Quartermaster for the Borderlands sector. An operations officer by training and a 2362 graduate of Starfleet Academy, Gaiane was the romantic partner of Yalu's sixth host, Auzell. The two served together and had an on-again, off-again relationship between 2371 and late-2373. The two served aboard the USS Valley Forge when it engaged the Dominion forces at the First Battle of Chin'toka. Gaiane survived, but Auzell did not. By 2397, Piruzian held the rank of Captain. That year and the following, Yalu noticed Piruzian multiple times on Deep Space 224, but did not speak to her.

Professional relationships

Genkos Adea

Genkos Adea.png
Genkos Adea
Genkos Adea is the chief medical officer of the USS Resolution, and serves as Yalu's primary medical care practitioner. In April 2398, at Yalu's zhian'tara, Adea embodied the symbiont's fifth host, Benim.
Selected sims: Yodea

Etan Iljor

Etan Iljor.png
Etan Iljor
Etan Iljor is a science officer aboard the USS Resolution. When Etan came aboard the ship in early 2398, he was assigned to share quarters with Yalu. The two became friends as a result of their cohabitation. In April 2398, at Yalu's zhian'tara, Etan embodied the symbiont's second host, Edanne.
Selected sims:

Addison MacKenzie

Addison MacKenzie
Addison MacKenzie is the first officer of the USS Resolution. Yalu knew of MacKenzie by reputation, as she had become a notable surgeon on Earth during Yalu's years as a medical student. In April 2398, at Yalu's zhian'tara, MacKenzie embodied the symbiont's sixth host, Auzell.
Selected sims:

Kalianna Nicholotti

Kali Nicholotti
Kali Nicholotti is the commanding officer of the USS Resolution.
Selected sims:

Aine Sherlock

LT Aine Sherlock.png
Aine Sherlock
Aine Sherlock is the security officer of the USS Resolution. Yalu enjoys hearing stories about her fascinating and exotic homeland, Ireland. In August 2398, she gave him a one-on-one phaser training.
Selected sims: You don't know what you're missing, Part 1 and Part 2

Meidra Sirin

Meidra LT other.png
Meidra Sirin
Meidra Sirin is the counselor of the USS Resolution. In April 2398, at Yalu's zhian'tara, Sirin embodied the symbiont's seventh host, Eira.
Selected sims: One's only rival is one's own potentialities, Part 1 and Part 2