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This article documents the professional history of Yogan Yalu in the year 2400.

Impact (SD 240002 – 240004)

A week after the USS Artemis-A entered service in The Borderlands with Yalu serving as strategic operations officer, the ship was ordered to the planet Meranuge IV, better known as the homeworld of the Da'al. The planet suffered a meteor impact event, which destroyed half the city of Tecra in the southern hemisphere. Yalu led a team consisting of chief security officer Gabriel Osuna, chief engineer Hallia Yellir, and medical officer Hiro Jones to Ground Zero, the impact site in Tecra. There, they met Kef'in Dari, a Da'al meteorologist, and Dusan Tornahd, local resident.

Yalu's team set out to secure the impact crater by activating a network of force field generators. Almost immediately, their efforts were impeded by the thick, almost choking dust in the air which the meteor had stirred up. Tornahd led the team toward his partner's place of work, but upon discovering she was dead and their children were missing, he descended into a mindless, destructive rage. The rage seemed to be contagious, as Yalu's team encountered large mobs of rage-filled Da'al, destroying everything in sight. The team escaped to the relative safety of a half-ruined house, where they discovered an injured boy called Teolin.

As night fell on Tecra, a mob advanced on the team's hideout, but they were rescued at the last minute by Commander Addison MacKenzie, Lieutenant Talos Dakora, and the Erbil, a Da'al government minister who was also Teolin's grandfather. The large group evacuated to a Da'al government building, where Jones and Yellir devised a treatment to cure the Da'al rage. Also, Yogan hauled Talos' chonkychonk all over Tecra because he got shot.

After the citizens of Tecra were cured, the crew returned to their relief efforts. The Da'al government permitted them to return. Unbeknownst to Yogan, a bug bite sustained on the planet upset the balance between host and symbiont and threatened his life.[1] Jones encased Yogan in styrolite until a treatment could be delivered. During the treatment, Yogan experienced what could only be described as a "Trill acid trip," with a hallucinated version of Jones acting as a guide through the experience.[2]

During shore leave, Yogan also chit chatted with Adea about mental health,[3] got to know the new helm officer, Flint Kader,[4] and inquired about marksmanship training with Osuna.[5] The Tecra authorities allowed the Artemis crew to use one of their state dining rooms for an awards presentation, at which Yogan received the Innovation Ribbon and the Legacy Ribbon.

Drill (SD 240005 – Present)