Yogan Yalu/Professional history, 2399

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This article documents the professional history of Yogan Yalu in the year 2399.

In plain sight (SD 239902 – SD 239905)

The one with all the timezones (SD 239905 – SD 239909)

The trouble with tacos (SD 239909 – SD 239912)

Hide and seek (SD 239912 – SD 240002)

While the USS Excalibur-A hunted down a rogue Klingon who kidnapped Commander MacKenzie and Lieutenant Dakora, Yogan remained aboard Deep Space 224, serving as the Deputy Chief of Strategic Operations for the Borderlands region. During his time in this posting, he began a brief romantic relationship with Christopher "Chippy" Hipperson, a civilian living on the station. He also returned home to Trill when his mother passed away after a long illness.[1]

Upon returning to Deep Space 224, Yalu ended his relationship with Chippy.[2] Shortly after, he received word that Excalibur was to be reassigned to the Tholian border and that the USS Artemis-A was to take her place. Yalu transferred to Artemis, under the command of Addison MacKenzie to serve as strategic operations officer and second officer.[3]