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Yogan, the eighth and current host of the Yalu symbiont

Yalu (born 2030) is a symbiont, a sentient vermiform lifeform native to the planet Trill. Yalu, like all symbionts, is capable of living symbiotically inside hosts of the humanoid Trill species. Each joining of Yalu to a humanoid host creates a new, unique individual, who carries the memories of the previous hosts. As of 2401, Yalu's eighth and current host is the former Yogan Verso.


The Trill are a humanoid species, of whom a small percentage co-exist with a sentient symbiotic organism, the symbiont. The relationship between humanoid host and symbiont plays a significant role in Trill culture and spirituality. Joined Trill have personalities which are a synthesis of the two beings, including the memories, skills, and personalities of the previous hosts. Once Joined, the host and the symbiont cannot be separated without killing the host within hours.

While the Trill possess a similar average lifespan to Humans, Bajorans, and other Alpha Quadrant humanoid species, the symbionts are considerably longer-lived. When a humanoid host dies, the symbiont is joined to a new host, bringing the collected memories and personalities within. A symbiont can be joined to many hosts over time; Yalu's current host is the eighth.



Yalu was born in the Caves of Mak'ala on the Trill homeworld in 2030, and was tended to by Guardians during their early years. Presumably, Yalu mated and reproduced prior to their first joining in 2140.

From 2140 until 2285, Yalu lived within four hosts in succession–Zedro, Edanne, Omed, and Keroga–with only hours or days elapsing between a host's death and their successor's joining. This line was broken in 2285, with the death by suicide of Keroga Yalu at the age of 27. After Keroga's death, the Symbiosis Commission returned Yalu to the pools in the Caves of Mak'ala to recover from the trauma, as well as to be evaluated for suitability for joining in the future. Yalu was joined once again the following year, and has lived continuously within humanoid hosts–Benim, Auzell, Eira, and Yogan–since 2286.

As of 2397 and across eight hosts, Yalu has been married eight times–three as a husband and five as a wife–and partnered twice further. Yalu has been father to five children and mother to eleven.


Hosts of Yalu

1. Zedro Tiburn (2140–2193)
2. Edanne Ozanis (2193–2208)
3. Omed Petru (2208–2280)
4. Keroga Tanesk (2280–2285)

5. Benim Kolad (2286–2364)
6. Auzell Altav (2364–2374)
7. Eira Lejef (2374–2392)
8. Yogan Verso (2392–present)

Talos Dakora (2398)

Zedro Tiburn

Zedro Tiburn was a metrologist and subspace radio operator who lived in the 22nd century. He was the first host of the Yalu symbiont.

Zedro was born in 2107 in Ledaro on Trill. In 2137, he married Zennia Vekar. He was Joined to Yalu in 2140, at the age of 33. Once Joined, Zedro was disappointed to find out that he was his symbiont's first host, as he expected to gain knowledge and wisdom from multiple lifetimes of memories. Zedro and Zennia had a son, Kiabo, and two daughters, Dezru and Vemed. Their 23-year marriage ended in divorce in 2160. In 2171, Zedro married Luara Kojem. They remained married until his death of natural causes in 2193, at the age of 86.

Well-suited to a career in science and techology, Zedro was analytical, innovative, and curious. However, he was also disconnected, insensitive, and impatient, which caused difficulty in his personal relationships, particularly with his first wife.

At the zhian'tara of Yogan Yalu, Zedro was embodied by Nedal Verso, a Guardian apprentice and Yogan's younger brother.

Edanne Ozanis

Edanne Ozanis was a farmer and artisan weaver who lived in the 22nd and early 23rd centuries. She was the second host of the Yalu symbiont.

Edanne was born in 2167 in a village near Devritane on Trill. She was educated mostly at home, but completed a few years of education in a nearby village school. She apprenticed to a weaver in her home village and became exceptionally skilled in the art and craft of weaving. She was Joined to Yalu in 2193, at the age of 26, and was the first person in her agricultural community to receive a symbiont. In 2196, she married Laharno Meeros, a fellow farmer from the same region. They had a son, Rajim, and a daughter, Rekela. She taught both of her children how to weave. Edanne died in 2208 from injuries sustained in an accidental fall on her family's farm. She was 41 years old. Nearly two centuries after her death, some of her woven works had been preserved as part of a traveling museum exhibit of 22nd century Trill folk art.

Edanne was practical, sensitive, and warm, which made her well-liked in her community. In contrast to her predecessor, she was reluctant to innovate and improvise, and was content to live a simple life. The pressure to leave her mark on the symbiont was complicated by her vulnerability to criticism and need for affirmation.

At the zhian'tara of Yogan Yalu, Edanne was embodied by Etan Iljor, a Bajoran Starfleet science officer and Yogan's roommate aboard the USS Resolution.

Omed Petru

Omed Petru was a civil servant and administrator who lived in the 22nd and 23rd centuries. She was the third host of the Yalu symbiont.

Omed was born in 2179 in Leran Manev on Trill. She was born into a privileged family and received a comprehensive education, however her career potential was hampered by the gender inequality of 23rd century Trill society. In 2203, she married Zevin Porax, with whom she had five children in seven years, sons Erovo, Bival, and Mezim, and daughters Auzena and Yuvi. Omed was Joined to Yalu in 2208, at the age of 29. In 2217, after her last child was born, Omed accepted a position as deputy administrator of Radzax, an early offworld colony. The position required the entire family to relocate to Radzax, which Zevin and the children resented. Omed remained the deputy administrator of Radzax for 16 years, during which time she was thrice passed over for the administrator position in favor of men she outranked. In 2233, she was finally promoted to administrator, but the colony was disbanded four years later, after which she returned to the Trill homeworld and worked in the domestic civil service until she retired. Omed was married to Zevin for 56 years until his death in 2259. In 2270, at the age of 91, Omed married Olor Beex, a man 24 years her junior. They remained married until her death of natural causes in 2280, at the age of 101. Two of Omed's five children predeceased her.

Omed was a bold and practical experimenter and a master of all kinds of processes. Rational and relaxed, she was at her best in a crisis, which made her suited to a career in administration. She was also stubborn and tended to use her intelligence and mastery of logic as a weapon.

At the zhian'tara of Yogan Yalu, Omed was embodied by Aydam Verso, Yogan's father.

Keroga Tanesk

Cloaked Lust II (2280) was Keroga Yalu's first stage performance after her Joining. It received negative reviews and precipitated a decline in Keroga's career.

Keroga Tanesk was an actor, singer, and dancer who lived in the 23rd century. She was the fourth host of the Yalu symbiont.

Keroga was born in 2258 in Najana on Trill. From an early age, Keroga showed talent for music, drama, and dance. Her family cultivated her talents and at the age of ten, she was accepted into the prestigious Artists' Workshop, an academy for Trill children who demonstrate exceptional aptitude in the visual and performing arts. During her adolescence, Keroga performed in more than a dozen theatrical, operatic, and dance productions, and by the time she was an adult, she was a well-known celebrity.

In 2279, Keroga married Renvo Reegahn, who also managed her professional career. The following year, Keroga was Joined to Yalu. Keroga never expressed an interest in being Joined, but the Symbiosis Commission at the time encouraged well-known artists and other public figures to become Joined, often waiving the Initiate requirements in whole or in part for those who pursued Joining. Without the proper evaluation or training, Keroga soon became overwhelmed by Yalu, and her personal and professional life suffered. Her career entered a downward spiral and her marriage ended after just 3 years. By 2285, Keroga had descended into a deep depression and saw little hope for the future. That year, she died by suicide at the Symbiosis Institute buildings. She was 27 years old.

Following Keroga's death, the Symbiosis Commission returned Yalu to the Caves of Mak'ala to recover from the trauma and be evaluated for suitability for future Joining. Yalu remained in the caves for about a year until being Joined to Benim Kolad in 2286.

Keroga was selfish, impatient, and insecure, but came alive when performing. A fragile personality, she lived to live on stage, and she found the influence of Yalu to be a distraction in the practice of her art.

At the zhian'tara of Yogan Yalu, Keroga was embodied by Kejana Verso, Yogan's younger sister.

Benim Kolad

Benim Kolad was a journalist, political activist, and novelist who lived in the 23rd and 24th centuries. He was the fifth host of the Yalu symbiont.

Benim was born in 2256 in Gheryzan on Trill. At the age of six, he was sent to live with his paternal grandparents in Tenara, where he spent the rest of his childhood. He was educated at the University of Chi'tar and began a career as a journalist in the mid-2270s. Benim first rose to prominence as the author of several investigative reports about alleged corruption in the university's admission practices. In 2286, at the age of 30, Benim was Joined to Yalu. By the early 2290s, Benim's journalism career took him offworld and placed him in increasingly dangerous environments. His sensationalist and activist reporting was both praised and criticized.

In 2297, Benim married his longtime partner Yaver Tallus, and in 2301 they adopted two infant sons, Hraz and Bror. By the early 2310s, Benim was investigating organized crime in the Barisa system, and his reporting made him an enemy of several syndicate bosses. He survived an attempt on his life in 2314, but the following year, Benim's husband and two teenaged sons were killed in a shuttlecraft explosion meant to assassinate him. In 2318, a collection of his articles was later published as a single volume, At What Cost, which brought his work to a wider audience and inspired him to trade the dangers of investigative reporting for the relative safety of writing fiction. Beginning in the 2320s and continuing for the rest of his life, Benim was a prolific author of light, fluffy, compulsively readable fiction, earning him the epithet "King of the Risa Read." He also had a 15-year relationship with novelist Togar Mahl, during which both men enjoyed healthy professional competition. Their relationship positively impacted their writing, and both men were awarded the Rixx Prize for Fiction, with Benim winning in 2336 and 2339. In 2340, at the age of 84, Benim retired to Ohmallera on Betazed, and continued to publish a new book every year or two until weakening eyesight forced his full retirement in 2356, shortly after his 100th birthday. He lived in Ohmallera until his death of natural causes in 2364, at the age of 108. In 2388, Benim's gravesite was destroyed when an attack annihilated the city.

Like his immediate predecessor, Benim appreciated drama and enjoying being the center of attention. He was deeply principled and altruistic, and used his notoriety to champion causes about which he felt passionate. However, he was quick to boredom and battled burnout often.

At the zhian'tara of Yogan Yalu, Benim was embodied by Genkos Adea, the chief medical officer of the USS Resolution.

Auzell Altav

Auzell Altav was a tactician and officer in the Federation Starfleet who lived in 24th century. She was the sixth host of the Yalu symbiont.

Auzell was born in 2340 in Tenara on Trill. Her family enjoyed the outdoors, and she spent her childhood exploring the famous ice cliffs in the wilderness near her home. These excursions instilled in her a sense of adventure she carried throughout her life. She was Joined to Yalu in 2364 and enrolled in Starfleet Academy the following year as a tactical major. She graduated in 2369 with an ambition to become a starship captain within ten years. Auzell had a tumultuous love life. Her most significant relationship was with Gaiane Piruzian, a Human operations officer with whom she served aboard Valley Forge. Their on-again, off-again relationship continued for nearly two years before ending in 2373, on the eve of the Dominion War.

By 2374, Auzell was a lieutenant commander and served as chief tactical officer aboard the USS Valley Forge. Late that year, Valley Forge was one of many Starfleet vessels crippled by Cardassian orbital weapons platforms at the First Battle of Chin'toka. Auzell, in acting command after the captain and first officer were killed, stayed behind to maintain power to the shields while the crew evacuated. She was gravely wounded when a plasma conduit exploded behind her, and was carried to an escape pod by a junior officer. She survived long enough to be brought aboard the USS Tian An Men, where she died of her injuries. She was 34 years old.

Auzell was smart, energetic, and perceptive. She loved living on the edge. Her boldness and sociability allowed her to rise quickly up the ranks in Starfleet. However, her personal and professional life was complicated in part due to her tendency to butt heads with authority and miss the bigger picture.

At the zhian'tara of Yogan Yalu, Auzell was embodied by Addison MacKenzie, the first officer of the USS Resolution.

Eira Lejef

Eira Lejef was a politician who lived in the 24th century. She was the seventh host of the Yalu symbiont.

Eira was born in 2326 in Leran Manev. While her immediate family were not involved in politics, several members of her extended family served in various government bodies. She attended university in New Scirapo, where she met Delu Vizaud. The two married in 2351 and had four children, daughter Kedzall and sons Saban, Amon, and Narud. Eira entered local politics in Leran Manev in 2348 and was first elected to regional office three years later. In 2354, at the age of 28, Eira was elected to the Senate and served in the legislative body until her death.

In the early 2370s, Eira was one of a group of senators to speak out against the Dominion's encroachment into the Alpha Quadrant, and called upon the Federation to take a harsher stance against the Founders. In 2374, at the age of 48, Eira was Joined to Yalu, fulfilling a long-held ambition that had been deferred to accommodate her political career. Toward the end of her life, Eira was introduced to Bajoran culture and religion. She eventually came to accept The Prophets as deities and practiced the Bajoran religion privately. In the late 2380s, she was diagnosed with a degenerative neurological disease, but kept this a secret from her family and colleagues. In 2392, she collapsed while speaking on the floor of the Trill Senate and died the following day. She was 66 years old.

Eira was bold, imaginative, and a strong-willed leader. If she couldn't find a way, she would make one. She was also stubborn and tended to dominate conversations. She developed a thick skin after nearly four decades as a senator, but this also made her distanced from her emotions and come off cold and disingenuous at times.

At the zhian'tara of Yogan Yalu, Eira was embodied by Meidra Sirin, the counselor of the USS Resolution.

Yogan Verso

Main article: Yogan Yalu

Yogan Yalu (né Verso) is an officer in the Federation Starfleet. He is the eighth and current host of the Yalu symbiont.

Talos Dakora

Main article: Talos Dakora

Talos Aven Dakora is a Betazoid male officer in the Federation Starfleet. Born in 2366, Dakora is a 2395 graduate of Starfleet Academy. In late 2398, Dakora and Yogan Yalu served together aboard the USS Excalibur-A. During a mission to Cytaris V, Dakora's and Yogan's consciousnesses were transferred into each other's bodies. This transfer gave Dakora access to Yalu's eight lifetimes of memories for the duration of the ordeal, while Yogan was no longer influenced by his past hosts' memories and personalities.

After the crisis was resolved, Yogan discovered that Yalu retained Dakora's memories, not just of the brief period their consciousness were switched, but from Dakora's entire life up to that point. Initially, Yogan found the addition of an unofficial ninth host unsettling. However, as he and Dakora served together and became friends, Yogan came to see "Talos Yalu" as the same as the others, and allowed Talos' memories and personality to become part of him.