Haz Arrhimen

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Haz Arrhimen.jpg
Haz Arrhimen
Rank Civilian
Species Antaran
Gender Male
DOB 233305.18
Age 68
Birthplace At'lan Plains, Antara

Haz Arrhimen was the disgraced ex-Captain of the USS Stormcrow. He was, for a time a renegade and wanted criminal, but died in the destruction of the hijacked Romulan warbird IRW Sienov


  • Height: 6'-2" (1.88m)
  • Weight: 230lbs (104kg)
  • Hair: White
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Build: Muscular


Haz Arrhimen was very close to his younger brother Gij Arrhimen, Captain of the SS Annabelle's Lament.

When the Annabelle's Lament was destroyed by Romulan terrorists, all hands lost Haz Arrhimen declared revenge on the Romulans.


Haz Arrhimen was a Starfleet Captain that served on the border patrol ship the USS Stormcrow. He had strong relations with his family and through years of service in the Romulan borderlands developed an instinctual distrust of the Romulans. In 2393 his brother Gij was killed by Romulan terrorists, causing Haz Arrhimen to have a mental breakdown. He decided that the best solution was an all-out war against a weakened Romulan Republic that he hoped would eradicate the Romulans as a power in the galaxy.

Service History

Captain Haz Arrhimen commanded the USS Stormcrow from 2387-2393

In 2393 he took the Stormcrow away from spacedock with a skeleton crew and used it to attack the Romulan Valdis colony in an effort to incite war. The USS Albion faced off against the Stormcrow, capturing the ship and incarcerating the crew, but Haz Arrhimen escaped and went renegade. He was officially dishonorably discharged, with rank removed in 2393.

He reappeared in 2394 after making a deal with the Orion Syndicate for weapons at the Miranda VII spaceport. Later that year he hijacked the IRW Sienov, an aging D'deridex class warbird and used it to attack Klingon border colonies in an effort to incite war between the Romulans and the Klingons. The IRW Sienov was destroyed by the alliance of the USS Albion and the IKS S'Tarahk, and Haz Arrhimen was killed in the battle.