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“So bravely set bow to foam, for the world to learn and know.
When finally we must return with tales of that once ne'er seen.”

Edward Howe


The USS Montreal, Norway class – CO Commander Mei'konda Delano. Near the Tholian border, in an area of space plagued by constantly shifting tetryon fields and rampant piracy, Starfleet has assigned a small and aging vessel to aid her colonies in need of assistance, manage tense relationship between remote settlements, and keep her citizens safe and connected to the homeworlds. The Montreal is that ship, and her crew's mission will be a challenge as it soon becomes clear that the Shoals is perhaps more than they bargained for.


The Montreal was originally commissioned in 2371, as part of the program to develop a new generation of Starfleet vessels designed both to further exploration and defend the Federation - particularly, against the Borg. And the Borg's second major attack came in 2373. The Montreal was badly damaged in the Battle of Sector 001, saved only by the intervention of the Enterprise-E shortly before the destruction of the Borg cube. After spending over a year being refitted and repaired, she was deployed in her originally designed role of a multi-mission medium cruiser, operating primarily inside of Federation space.

Norway class class starships were designed with diplomacy in mind more than combat, and during and after the Dominion war, the Montreal spent much of its time repairing strained diplomatic relations inside the Federation as the larger, more glamorous ships of the fleet began once again to explore unknown space.

These missions continued for the next seventeen years, during which the Montreal distinguished herself on multiple occasions.. In 2391, the Montreal was put into stardock for refits and upgrades before being deployed on her latest mission - to the Shoals, alongside the USS Veritas.

Commanded by Captain Novotny from 2391 until early 2395, the Montreal and her crew worked to assist the various colonies in the Shoals, acted as mediators between representatives from different races and planets, and furthered the Federation's goals of peaceful exploration. In 2395, Captain Novotny and some of his senior staff transferred off the ship, and the aging starship was given to Zhou Tai-Sheng for several months. Near the end of 2395, Commander Zhou transferred as well, and the ship passed to Commander Mei'konda, a young officer accepting his first command after serving under Roshanara Rahman as her first officer on the Veritas.

In 2396, the Montreal was destroyed to prevent a terrorist attack from destroying a colony and the biosphere of an inhabited world. Her crew sustained few casualties, and the bulk of her senior staff transferred to the USS Astraeus.

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