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Deep Space Station 72 is the fourth Command for Fleet Captain Torack Demma, within the United Federation of Planets (UFOP).

Deep Space Station 72, or DS72 as it's called by those who live on and work there, is an older station on the outskirts of the Romulan and Federation Border. The station was assigned to then, Captain Demma, as a punishment for disobeying orders in the AB45, incident, where instead of following orders by Fleet Admiral Wolf to withdraw, he instead continued an investigation into the apparent killing of a large group of Federation Colonists.

Instead of committing Captain Demma to a penal colony after the court martial, the panel instead chose to give him a broken down, crime ridden space station to command. This accomplished two things: First, it kept him away from Admiral Wolf and second, it would solve the problem of what to do with the station. Captain Demma took command of DS72 in mid 2377.

DS72 soon became a major hub of trade within the area. With it's list of inhabitants constantly changing, new and interesting characters were stopping by all the time. After the station underwent a complete overhaul that was started with Captain Demma, a series of strange and still unexplained events forced the station to be evacuated and abandoned in December of 2378.

To this day station is still off limits and unusable due to dangerous conditions.

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