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Montreal Mission History · Montreal Logs
Year 1 (2395-2396)
Flashpoint · Enemy of My Enemy
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Lt. Commander
Lael Rosek

Chief Engineering Officer’s Log, Stardate 239510.31

The Montreal is in rough shape. Not only did she take heavy damage to her external bulkheads and interior corridors, she lost a good portion of her crew in the fight, including the Chief Medical Officer and First Officer. From what the reports are saying, the Montreal’s commanding officer, Commander Zhou Tai-Sheng is seriously injured and is being treated in the Veritas’ sickbay. This whole situation is a giant mess.

I’ve been coordinating with the Montreal’s Acting Chief Engineer, Lieutenant J.G. Francis Michaels, on repairs. The engineering team here has been very helpful. If we keep up this pace, we might actually be able to finish the majority of the repairs before the deadline I gave Commander Mei'konda.

Lt Skyfire 2394.jpg
Chythar Skyfire

Chief Medical Officer’s Log, SD 239510.31

Another day, another sickbay. Quite literally, as I go straight from the Veritas’ sickbay to the Montreal’s. Their previous CMO was killed in a fight against the Tholians, the Montreal’s former captain is in the Veritas sickbay, and Commander Mei’konda Delano asked me to fill in until further notice. As long as this position isn’t cursed, I will serve in it to the best of my capacity.


Captain’s personal log, Stardate 239511.16

It’s been four days since our confrontation with the Tholians, and in that time, the Montreal’s crew has worked tirelessly to get her into good working order. Most systems are now functioning well, and yesterday morning I ended the crew’s double shifts. Last night, we arrived at the last known location of the Artemis, and I want my officers and crew well rested so that they’re ready for anything that we might encounter. So far, no sign of the cargo ship, and we and the Veritas have split up to widen our search pattern, though Captain Rahman and I agreed to stay in relatively easy communications range.

These aren’t the sort of circumstances I imagined my first Captaincy taking place under. With the destruction of Astrofori One, the shadow of a real war looms over us all. I only hope that we and the crew of the Veritas can stop it before it gets any worse.

Serious Galven.png
Lieutenant Junior Grade
German Galven

Acting Chief Science Officer’s Personal Log, Stardate 239512.23.

We’re finally able to get some time to rest for a bit. The last mission was extremely long and however much I am grateful that I wasn’t hurt at all during its tenure, I am worried for Crewman Padix. I heard that she made a speedy recovery after being transported to Sickbay, but the after effects… I hope that the new Trill nurse and the counselor will give her all the rehab she needs.

Things with Lael and I seem to be improving for the better. I hope at some point we might get to go on a date if she’s not too busy.


Captain's Log, Stardate 239512.27

The Montreal has been ordered to Meridian, for resupply and repairs as well as to begin our next mission. With the current… trouble with the Tholians, which is putting the situation lightly, we’re in dire need of additional help in this region.

Capable Starfleet vessels that are able to operate in the region are in short supply, and so we’ve been ordered to meet with a delegation of Klingons. It’s been some time since I’ve had to deal with Klingons in a diplomatic capacity, but I’m cautiously hopeful.

End log entry.

Lieutenant Commander
Lael Rosek

First Officer's Personal Log, Stardate 239512.31

Our last mission was in many ways a success. We were able to safely retrieve the Artemis crew minus one of them who was killed trying to protect his colleagues. Despite all that we accomplished, I can’t help feeling the weight of both the dead Artemis crewman and the blood I shed in protecting myself from a pirate who attempted to end my life.

This in combination with our conflict with a small group of Tholians seems to have stirred up old anxieties and I find myself facing challenges similar to those I experienced following the Gorkon’s return from the other universe. I plan to report to our counselor as soon as I have a spare moment to possibly resume my previous treatment in hopes that acting quickly will keep the situation from becoming as serious as it did before. In the meantime, Lieutenant Galven is hosting a New Year’s Eve party and Commander Mei’konda has seen fit to add something of his own to the celebration.

Serious Galven.png
German Galven

Chief Science Officer’s Log, Stardate 239601.05.

As the new official Chief Science Officer, I’ve put it on myself and Ensign Elzizabath who was on the decaying planetoid, which I’ve aptly named Mur’qōS, to figure out what exactly happened under the crust’s surface to fully understand what exactly happened. We’re also configuring the exact time as well. From what we gathered so far is what Humans called on Earth the crust displacement theory after a major seismic shift which could’ve resulted in the planet’s core reversing. Nonetheless, the investigation is ongoing and results will soon follow.

Lt. Commander
Lael Rosek

First Officer’s Log, Stardate 239601

Needless to say, we’ve had an interesting start to the New Year. Lieutenant Kawakame and Crewman Borq were treated in Sickbay for various injuries resulting from a rather violent sexual encounter in the brig while Lieutenant Kawakame was supposed to be on duty. The combination of the medical report from Doctor Skyfire and the footage recovered from the brig’s security cameras have confirmed what happened.

Also, our newest ensign nurse had what she termed a “meltdown” in Sickbay while on duty. I included all relevant details in my report to her direct superior, Doctor Skyfire, who has agreed to set up a counseling session from Ensign Grog with the counselor. Lieutenant Cattan, Doctor Skyfire, myself, and Commander Mei’konda if he’s able to be present, will discuss the findings from the counseling session and any medical examinations to determine how we should proceed regarding discipline as well as measures to reduce the likelihood of such outbursts in the future.