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The rise of the USS Panther commenced two months into the Yolanda Wars in November of 2373, a commissioned Romulan D’dreidex warbird captured by the USS Isannah at the onset to the recently promoted Captain Bajim Maiken. It was designed to be a warship for the struggling UFOP Fleet as it was suffering insurmountable losses both in ships and personnel. Its maiden voyage took the crew across the Neutral Zone after a smuggling ring sneaking classified Starfleet records to the Empire.

The Panther would continue to serve Starfleet as an active vessel until four months after the peace treaty that brought an end to the Yolanda Wars. It was decommissioned on stardate 237405.28, including the ceremonial discharge of all her weapons.

Captain Maiken and his crew were given the USS Atlantis (not the Intrepid Class) as a replacement, which was commissioned on the same date of the Panther’s decommissioning.

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