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Montreal Mission History · Montreal Logs
Year 1 (2395-2396)
Flashpoint · Enemy of My Enemy· Wounded Animals
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Year 1 (2395-2396)

  • 1x01 - Mission 1: Stardate 239511-239512
    • After a devastating attack on a Federation Starbase, the USS Montreal, a ship whose crew is still getting to know her and with an untested Captain, move with the USS Veritas into a confrontation that could tear the Shoals apart.
Enemy of My Enemy
  • 1x02 - Mission 2: Stardate 239601 - 239602
    • With the Tholian threat looming, the Montreal is tasked with seeking out the help of the Klingons to even the odds. The Montreal receives word that a Klingon general is currently visiting Meridian, and the ship makes their way there in order to try to form an alliance with them. Meanwhile, also on Meridian, a mysterious sickness breaks out among the population...
Wounded Animals
  • 1x03 - Mission 3: Stardate 239604 - 239605
    • Having chased Lenik all the way from Meridian to Karakka, the Montreal seeks to find him and bring him to justice for his terrorist attacks, but a wounded animal is most dangerous when cornered...