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The USS Chicago was a Constitution class starship in service until August of 2373, under the command of Captain Magaera Tyve and her First Officer Lt. Jeff Pelletier. The Chicago became involved in a trade dispute between the Klingons and the Vareilians that planned to implicate Rubicun III. Further complications came with a Vulcan terrorist, Tarlock, who was directly responsible to stop any such trade treaty.

It was, unfortunately, a beginning toward an end during that summer as both the USS Isannah and the USS Centris were dispatched, at different times, to come to the aid of the Chicago during the Vareilian/Klingon Dispute coinciding with a deadly viral attack.

The Chicago would fall into the hands of first the Vareilians, and last the Rubicons before it was retaken by its crew, but that final encounter would open it up to a Klingon Bird of Prey that would destroy over fifty percent of ship, taking out weapons, propulsion and the computer systems to leave it dead in the water. They were left with no choice… the crew abandoned ship.

It was the arrival of the USS Centris to pick up the escape pods and deliver the final command, destroying the USS Chicago before it fell into the hands of the Klingon faction that warred with them over the fate of the Rubicon.

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