Aavaro Wilds

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The Aavaros Wilds was one of the last regions annexed by the Cardassian Union before the Dominion war, and as such is one of the first the new Cardassian Democratic Government is withdrawing from in order to secure their borders. In order to keep the region from becoming a haven of outlaws, pirates, and other powers the Federation has decided to explore the area and hopefully fill a power vacuum.


Home of the Verillians known to Starfleet by XJ4-932 and first encountered by the crew of the USS Eagle on Stardate 239510.31. The Verillians are a pre-warp society with at least 4 major nation-states and at the end of 239512 were recovering from a plague introduced by the Aggregate.
Edrov VII.3
Third moon around a gas giant in the Edrov System. Until a mission carried out by the USS Eagle, it was the resting place of an artifact known as The Heart. The Moon nearly exploded, but due to several interacting temporal anomalies, the disaster was not only averted, but actually reversed.
Lightside Station
Originally built by a race called the Kalinda, now a commerce hub known as the Spike and inhabited by a myriad of species and known as a place conduct business of any sort.
A subspace anomaly - described as a Gordian Knot of smaller subspace anomalies, eddies, and other phenomenon orbiting the star Fenn. Encountered by the crew of the USS Eagle on Stardate 239606.10 during testing of the OR Assembly Mark 3B as part of the Warp XV Development process. A crack formed by the interaction of the anomaly and the star - which can cause problems with Warp Drives in general.
Starbase 821
The closest Federation outpost to the Aavaro Wilds, a Sigma Class station with few amenities but a nice respite when crews want familiar surroundings.
Ring 42
Found in the Dialran system a giant ring with a radius of 1AU orbiting a G class star. Made up of many different biomes and interlocking habitats.


Caste-based raced operating in the Wilds first encountered on stardate 239510.31.
The People
A civilization based on the immediate recylcing of all the people born on their planet with any sort of deficency. When encountered by the USS Eagle (Cleanliness Protocol) the crew barely escaped with their lives. Captain Oddas, as they left, made it known to the population that should they continue their policies of eugenics the Federation would have no contact or trade with The People or anyone who did.


Gul Simor
The Commander of the CDS Efri, a Galor class battleship, who first menaced the USS Eagle during their 'Ordering' History mission. Incensed at the Eagle's presence, and their Bajoran Captain, in particular. Simor's ultimate goal is the restoration of the Cardassian Union and has been hiding in the Wilds. At last report, he remains alive and plotting.