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Lukin Zorkal is a Cardassian aboard StarBase 118 Ops.

Cardassiansigsm.png Lukin Zorkal Cardassiansigsm.png
StarBase 118 Ops

Zorkal: Guilty until proven innocent.

Ivanova: Maybe on Cardassia, but not here.

Zorkal: In truth, everywhere. Even your justice system not only looks for reasons a person is innocent, but pounds in evidence as to why one is guilty. In my experience, if one even has enough evidence to bring them to trial, then they are guilty - unless, of course proven otherwise.

--Lidia and Lukin on the USS Garuda after Rahman was transported as a prisoner.

Cardassiansigsm.png Statistics Cardassiansigsm.png
Fullname Lukin Zorkal
D.O.B. 234902.02
Birthplace Cardassia
Occupation TBD
Rank Dalin
Height 1.83 m (6')
Gender Male
Eyes Silvery Gray
Hair Black
Fluent Lang. Cardassian, Klingon, Romulan, Standard
Hobbies Reading, Whittling
Cardassiansigsm.png Appearance Cardassiansigsm.png

Tall and physically fit, with broad shoulders and chest, Lukin sports a square jaw with thin lips and rounded nose. It is his eyes that are particularly striking - clear, crystalline, almost silver grey - they miss little around them. Long fingers are dextrous and he moves with a calm assurance.

Cardassiansigsm.png Personality Cardassiansigsm.png

Lukin has always been a confident person, even as a child. When he struggles with something, he refuses to give in, trying over and over again until he succeeds. Failure is not an option. He can be snarky and cynical, but little known to anyone besides those who are truly close to him, he cares greatly for his people and - strangely enough - others. At least, those whom he considers at least friendly acquaintances. He is a Cardassian who, though at first was doubtful, wants to see the good relations with Starfleet continue, seeing it as ultimately beneficial for his people, and will do what he can to protect that relationship.

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