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The Acquire is owned by a Cardassian named Erad Otuye. Officially his shop is a fine merchandise store located on Starbase 118. The "fine merchandise" is everything from antique weapons to coil spanners to a wide variety of other items. It all seems to be legitimate, and he can produce papers confirming the origins of each and every item, but it is occasionally theorized that not all of it has come into his possession by legal means. If he doesn't have it currently in his inventory, he can often get it from one of his numerous contacts in the salvage field.

His shuttle, if it can be called that, is still very dilapidated, but he spends his time repairing it. He has gotten the engines up a warp 2.032 sprint speed, and can maintain warp 1 for extended periods of time, not fast, but better than what it was after he enacted his escape from the Klingons. He takes it out sometimes to salvage vessels and parts to keep his store well stocked.

While his official business only includes fine merchandise purchasing, he is able to provide a variety of other services, everything from mercenary work, reconnaissance, repair work, salvaging, information of almost all kinds, to building custom parts/items/just about anything.

His store consists of a large glass window at the front, by which he places his best items, and more than 10 rows of shelves leading backwards, each progressing downwards in quality and common uses. This way, if anyone ever comes all the way to the back, he knows they need his help. However, he only keeps smaller things in his store. He has a small cargo area he rents where he stores larger items.

The counter where he houses his inventory padds and other items of a shop-keepers trade is at the very back. Along the left and right walls are three rooms where potential buyers and sellers may come to discuss business, both for his shop and otherwise, for a price. One of these rooms has a separate entrance from the shop.

His store is very clean, and while it doesn't attract a lot of families, he does have a few items which might interest younger persons.

While the shop was originally located in the New York District, it was moved to the newly opened Coranum Sub-district in 2394.

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