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2399, Episode 21
The Tyrellian Sector Saga
Gorkon Mission History
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2393 A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
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Rogue World

  • Stardate 239908.15 to 239911.26

Looming on the USS Gorkon's periphery is a rogue planet on a collision course with the Tyrellian moon, Palanon. Where did it come from? What secrets does it hold? And how can the crew avert the disaster it promises?


The Rogue Moon

  • Appeared with no warning;
  • On a collision course with Palanon;
  • Geologically active, with a thick atmosphere;
  • There are several signals on the surface:
    • One appears to be an old (Dominion War era) beacon from a missing Starfleet division;
    • Another is of unknown origin, possibly an alien civilisation calling the rogue planet home

Notable Characters

  • Lieutenant Eileen Rosenblatt Starfleet Officer stranded during the Dominion War.
    • Species: Human
    • Gender: Female
  • Glinn Buros Ghammar Cardassian military Officer stranded during the Dominion War and Rosenblatt's partner.
    • Species: Cardassian
    • Gender: Male
  • Ark'Va Kelley, daughter of late Commander Verne Kelley
    • Species: hybrid
    • Gender: female
  • Janoch and Kjara two mysterious natives of the Rogue World. Their species and real appearance were unknown but they showed to the Starfleet officers as humanoids of exotic colours.

Mission Summary

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Act One: The Rogue Moon

On the Bridge of the Gorkon

On the Bridge, Reynolds, Sevo, Tahna, and Sirin worked to uncover the origins of the moon and find a way to send it home. They launched probes to investigate and searched databases for similar incidents. Their research revealed that the moon likely originated in the DMZ between Bajor and Cardassia, and spent several decades briefly popping in and out of existence across the alpha and beta quadrants. They hypothesized that the moon traveled by some version of transwarp conduit that might be opened by a specific series of tachyon pulses, coordinated across the ships in the Tyrellian system. Tahna narrowed down a likely set of frequencies, and Sevo set up an algorithm to test their effectiveness. Their work was interrupted by a space quake caused by the rogue moon that damaged the biodomes on Ereina, and the arrival of the USS Kerla with inconclusive lifesigns. The Bridge team split up to aid Ereina and investigate the Kerla.

Aboard the USS Kahnrah (Yellowstone-class Runabout) to Rogue World

In order to investigate the possibility of a civilisation on the rogue planet, Neathler’s team landed on a floating island, changed into similar clothing as the people they had observed on approach. Before the team could venture into the populated city, they were intercepted by Janoch and Kjara, two of the indigenous people, who claimed that they were in constant communication with their own people and leaders. Communication was difficult, and the pair explained the “veil of the planet”, the chroniton shielding, needs fixing.

Aboard the USS Kerla (Yellowstone-class Runabout) to Rogue World

Shot down on descent, the Kerla crash-landed on the planet’s surface and its crew were “rescued” by the former Starfleet and Dominion-Cardassian population, who had long abandoned their war to live and have families together. After learning a little about the villagers and their struggles, a chroniton wave erupted from nearby caves and forced the team to flee from the Jem’Hadar emerging from it. A young woman born on the planet guided their flight, directing them across floating islands, through a forest which responded and attacked some of their pursuers, and into caverns near the remains of a battlefield.

Act Two: Ripples in Time

Aboard the USS Gorkon

Strange readings and a lack of definite life signs drew the team from the Bridge to the secondary shuttlebay to investigate the mysterious reappearance of the Kerla.

Despite taking precautions and establishing an isolation field around the shuttle, a space-time “tsunami” erupted from the shuttle. Not only did it throw everyone off their feet, it threw them back in time to an echo of the past. The time and place known to the crew as Over There, when the Gorkon was trapped in the alternate universe.

With all indications the Kerla was the epicentre of the effect, but not present in the secondary shuttlebay in this era, the team began their eight-deck trek to the primary shuttlebay to find it. The Gorkon came under attack as they did so, and the team dodged debris, Jem’Hadar, and hull breaches to make their way to the main shuttlebay. There, they discover the Kerla in pieces, and concocted a plan to bring themselves back to the correct time by injecting the ship’s bio-neural circuitry with a chroniton-infused serum.

Among the Indigenous Population, Rogue World

With directions provided by the locals, the team set off to fix the planet's chroniton shielding. Navigating physical trials, pockets of dislocated time, and attacks from Cardassians while trapped in one of those pockets, the team closed in on a building containing the energy signature they believe is the field generators they must repair. Inside, they discovered a Dominion team frozen in amber, apparently in the middle of interfacing their equipment with the alien technology. The team set about conducting repairs—or carrying out surgery, depending on your point of view—to fix the damage caused by the Dominion.

Caves, Rogue World

With only one way forward, they ventured deeper into the caves, experiencing earthquakes and discovering bioluminescent roots. Deep underground, they entered a massive cavern and discovered an equally massive and ancient tree, clearly dying. Investigating, they found someone had taken samples from its trunk and roots, some leaking a viscous, blue fluid. After some of the team came into contact with the fluid, the tree revealed a man in its heart, connected through vines in a symbiotic relationship. Their guide’s father, supposedly dead five years ago.

The team somehow enraged the tree or triggered defensive mechanisms and came under attack. Their guide begged her father to stop, the attacked ceased, and the tree released him. Without its life support, he crumbled to dust in her hands. The tree showed them a vision of the past; Jem’Hadar troops stealing samples to replace their Ketracel White reserves, and coming under attack from their Changeling leader... who had taken the form of their guide.


In response to the emergency on the ark moon, the Gorkon sent several teams to assist. The team assigned to the flooded Veonath Dome learned the drainage for the preserve’s river was blocked, and set out through the labs to rectify the situation. Before they reached the drainage systems, the team became aware of their colleagues in distress in the area above the labs, and diverted to help.

There, they discovered some of their fellow officers badly injured and/or in danger of drowning, while others were doing their best to help. After rescuing an unconscious officer from the water, they decided to divide and conquer; one team going back down to the labs to complete the drainage repairs, while another remained in the preserve to search and rescue any missing scientists and Starfleet personnel.

Act Three: The Final Countdown

Aboard the USS Gorkon

Their plan to inject the ship’s bio-neural circuitry with a chroniton-infused serum did work to bring them all back to the present, and it returned the Kerla to its previous location in the secondary shuttlebay. When the team reunited with the Kerla in the secondary shuttlebay, they found it occupied by the spirit of the late Commander Verne Kelley. Commander Kelley was able to communicate with Admiral Reynolds, to a limited extent, revealing that he brought the shuttle back to buy his people time to escape the rogue planet before it disappeared once more. Commander Reynolds dispatched the USS Azetbur with Ensign Doz Finch to aid in the evacuation.

As soon as that was settled, the planet began preparing to jump away, as evidenced by a massive build-up of tachyon particles in the atmosphere. Unsure how the jump might affect the other planets in the system, the team decided to coordinate with other ships in the area to create two antigraviton forcefields to shield both Ereina and Palanon from gravity surges when the planet jumps away. However, since the plan required all ships to be close to the rogue planet, they needed an anchor so they didn't get sucked into the conduit with it. Commander Sevo and Lieutenant Tahna devised an algorithm for placing the antigraviton shields, and monitored them throughout the operation to ensure no section lost power. Simultaneously, in a miraculous feat of engineering, the Admiral and Lieutenant Gnaxac, along with engineering teams across the fleet, managed to convert their warp fields to inverse warp fields in less than an hour, allowing all ships in the net to stay anchored in the Tyrellian system. Right before the planet jumped away, they were able to pick up both of their away teams and the planet's stranded Federation population. With the planet safely gone, the team switched gears and prepared to help the system rebuild.

Mysterious Building, Rogue World

Caves, Rogue World

After the initial shock and distress, the changeling explained that she, like the Cardassians and the Jem'Hadar, had also been stranded on the planet during the War and that she had had to wipe out her troops to avoid the slow death that the absence of Ketracel would bring. Later, she had infiltrated the mixed village and had come to love the place... and the man who occupied the tree. So much so, in fact, that they had had a daughter who had not survived long enough, given her hybrid nature. Before this happened Verne had sought every possible way to cure the child and, remembering his partner's words about the tree had descended there in an attempt to bring the planet back to the Federation where they could cure her and where her crew would be safe.

Now she would take Verne's place and keep the tree, and the machinery that maintained and moved the world, going, giving the team a chance to save themselves and their people. Alieth remained behind a little more just to be sure the Changeling had nice dreams, in an attempt to compensate for her guilt over Verne's death and to ensure that she could control the planetary machine as it proved linked with dream neuronal patterns.

They rushed out of there only to watch as the ground rocks mutated and let loose a powerful tetryon beam into the sky, to split into the atmosphere and begin the leap. With barely time to get back to the settlement, the group split up to save as many people as possible, with Lena and Orson rescuing a Cardassian child and Alieth and Corliss, along with the help of a newly arrived Ensign, Doz Finch set out to find the rest of the refugees. Thanks to the USS Azetbur's sensors that the ensign had brought and Corliss' telepathic abilities, they discovered that they had taken refuge in a structure under the lake that bordered the village.

Soon the intelligence officers rescued the Cardassian boy, Jiran, and met up with Commander Alieth, and together they headed for the Azetbur. Thanks to the expertise of the entire group, they managed to tow the old Cardassian freighter containing the stranded population out of the planet's atmosphere before it jumped, delivering the group to the safety of the Gorkon.

Veonath Dome, Ereina

  • Repair the drainage system and end the floods in the Veonath Dome.

Bendyn, Addison, and Ico separated from the rest of the group in the domes, assigned to stop the flooding. They headed first down a maintenance stairwell, only to find the door locked. They cut through the vacuum rails sealing the door shut with a phaser, and proceeded through the maintenance corridors until they reached the irrigation system’s main area. Petty Officer Addison tried to remove the blockage from the main drain, while Cadet Ico hacked into one of the consoles in the room, so they could learn how the dome's drainage system worked. With the help of the diagrams Ico accessed, they were able to activate the backup drainage system. They proceeded to the first of three drainage points, which they planned to open to drain the flooding in the dome. However, they became trapped in the main control room when a quake brought down the ceiling outside. They were able to make it to the next blocked pipe through a partially-flooded corridor. With the floodwaters draining, they made their way back to the shuttle bay, saving plants along the way.

Rainforest Dome, Ereina

Notable SIMs

Mission Reports

REV SD 240002.04