Shadows in the Temple (Gorkon)

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2400, Episode 23
The Tyrellian Sector Saga
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Shadows in the Temple

  • Stardate 240009.01 to 240012.02

The USS Gorkon embarks on a perilous mission to investigate a mysterious wormhole that has become the center of a cult's worship. A tourist shuttle has gone missing, and the cult, known as the Eye of Infinity, claims the wormhole for religious purposes. What secrets lie on the other side of the wormhole, and what is the true nature of the technology found in the crash relics?


Uncharted Gamma Quadrant Planet - Sargasso V

  • Tourist shuttlecraft "Prophet's Path" has gone missing on the other side of the wormhole.
  • There is a cult known as the Eye of Infinity that has taken root on a nearby planet.
  • On the same planet, there are crashed vessels that are being treated as ancient relics by the cult.
  • There are reports from other comers and goers that the wormhole is showing signs of instability.

Notable Characters

Encountered by Samira Neathler, Vylaa zh'Tisav, Alessandro Ferrucci, Ewan Warwick:

  • Operator 100293 - Silicon-based life-form and pilot of a "Sphere" seeking energy resources in the wormhole in order to help with their search for lost comrades on Sargasso V, but causing instabilities within it in the process.
    • Species: Unknown - Refers to self as being from the Conglomerate.
  • Ziki, “The Spirit” - Chief of the Blue Star.
    • Species: Unknown
  • Albert, "Dumbhead" - Blue Star Mercenary
  • Thomas, "Nowords" - Blue Star Mercenary

Encountered by Tahna Meru, Cory Stoyer, Corum Hak, Greg Aegam, Aridal Mirak:

  • Cantus - Cult leader.
    • Species: Unknown

Encountered by Quinn Reynolds, Gnaxac, Ayiana Sevo, Torvi Ylvor:

  • Rix - Alleged Starfleet Officer from a stranded ship named the U.S.S. Laikan.
  • Vil - Alleged stranded Subcommander of the Vulcan Science Directorate.
  • Kogh - Alleged stranded Sergeant of the Klingon Defense Force.

Encountered by Jo Marshall, Doz Finch, James Bowers:

  • Kireth - Reluctant cultist once stranded on Sargasso V
  • The Scourge/Taryn Elara - Cult leader.
    • Species: Veyani

Mission Summary

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Act One: Shadows in the Temple

The Gorkon has divided into four away teams with unique goals and objectives. Flying through the wormhole in the Kahnrah, the Kerla and two other long-range shuttles, they intend to investigate the cult known as the Eye of Infinity and its potential connection to the missing tourist vessel, the Prophet's Path.


After the discovery of two cloaked spheres inside the Bajoran wormhole, a silicon-based being contacted Neathler, zh’Tisav and Ferrucci. It appeared the beings caused the instabilities in the wormhole, by draining energy from the verteron nodes. Even though the alien had trust issues with the team, once the officers replenished the spheres with energy, the being accepted the team’s help to search for its crashed mothership back on Sargasso V. The Kahnrah searched for signs on the surface for a crashed ship. A long trail that cut a river in half and the planet’s crust was the most promising location and the team ventured down the canyon to see how they could help out.


Tahna, Aegam, Stoyer, and Mirak were welcomed into the cult with open arms, right up until someone framed them for attempted murder of the Cantus. This resulted in a tour of the cult’s suspiciously extensive underground prison facilities, where they were confined to a single cell until a key happened to find its way into Mirak’s pocket during an interrogation. They were able to sneak out of their cell and find the prison’s control center, where they saw surveillance footage appearing to show the Cantus alive and well. After “borrowing” disguises from some unwillingly unconscious cultists, they set about freeing anyone else held prisoner by the cult—though how they’ll manage to sneak prisoners out of the compound while they’re still wanted for attempted assassination remains to be seen.


After landing on Sargasso V, Reynolds, Sevo, Gnaxac and Ylvor set out to explore the wreckage fields and locate the missing tourists. Their search was immediately complicated by a sudden rise in temperature, and interference which prevented any detailed scans. They managed to locate the missing shuttle without too much difficulty, however there was no sign of the tourists. Shortly thereafter, they encountered a trio of Scavengers—people who had rejected the Cult and its ways and teachings. After some back and forth where the Scavengers attempted to use competing tactics to manipulate the Starfleet officers, they came to an accord. With the Scavenger’s help, the away team has now set out to rescue the tourists.


Deep within the Sanctuary, Marshall, Finch, and Bowers found themselves saved from an uncertain destiny by Kireth, a Vorta as perplexing as their situation. Navigating their way out of the enigmatic worship fortress, they encountered cultists in a meditation hall, engaged in a solemn song for those lost in the skies, while the ominous voice of the Scourge—a mysterious woman intent on expelling them from the planet—echoed around them. Taking a daring course, the team, now joined by Oliver Zuccaro, another cultist seeking escape, progressed through the Sanctuary to what they believed was a control room for the Eye of Infinity shield. Their journey led them to the threshold of the Scourge's royal chambers. What awaited them there was anyone's guess, but one thing was certain: it wouldn't be tea and crumpets.

Act Two & Finale: Behind the Curtain

As each works on their unique objective——from saving the Operator's ship, to freeing prisoners, orchestrating a crash and disabling a powerful shield——the end goal ultimately remains the same. To rescue the missing tourists of the Prophet's Path.


Scaling the edge of the canyon, Sami, Vylaa, Alessandro and the Operator went searching for the Operators Mothership and came face to face with a group of mercenaries known as the Hyalos Collective or "The Blue Star", galactic gatherers from all different species and backgrounds, famed for pillaging crashed vessels and headed by a leader known as the Bard. After initially disagreeing over whose "claim" of the crashed Mothership was more legitimate, the Blue Star agreed to help the team on the condition that they opened a line of communication between Starfleet and the Bard, one that Neathler carefully negotiated. Once the Operators kind had been found, efforts were then made to get the vessel back into the air and out of the canyon.


After finding the Cantus in her cell, accompanied by a group of prisoners they had rescued, the team proceeded to a lift with the intention of escaping the prison complex. Instead of going up, the lift instead took them deeper, leading to the Cantus' original office. Here they found additional cultist apparel to disguise themselves as well as the Cantus' "signet" which would later help vindicate her claim to leadership, before finally making their way back into the lift and to the uppermost floor. It was revealed by the Cantus that the attempted murder plot was part of her master plan to stay steps ahead of a usurper—incidentally the Cardassian who had initially taken them to the outpost—ultimately responsible for throwing her into the prison cell. Once at the surface, she reclaimed her title and had the usurper arrested.


In an attempt to rescue the missing tourists of the Prophets Path from the splinter camp, Reynolds, Gnaxac, Sevo and Ylvor engineered a distraction using their runabout. Giving the illusion of another vessel crash landing, with an attached torpedo, they were able to run into the camp and make the rescue, though not without a small firefight breaking out.


After carefully navigating a conversation with the elusive "Scourge", soon revealed as woman called Taryn Elara, and securing the leaders trust, they proceeded safely to an altar room that further granted them access to an ancient control room once managed by "the Elders". Accessing a console within the room they found out, through holograms pictured above it, that the planetary shield around Sargasso V was geothermally powered using technology latched either around or onto the core of the planet. Realising that it was causing huge energy spikes and spurring on wave displacements, ultimately making the planet hotter and at risk of catastrophe, they set about hacking their way into it so that they could shut it down. Managing to initiate a shutdown sequence, they escaped through a passageway provided by Elara who chose to remain behind, and resurfaced in the area not far from the shuttle they arrived on.

Notable SIMs

Mission Reports

REV SD 240012.04