Fight the Power (Gorkon)

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2400, Episode 22
The Tyrellian Sector Saga
Gorkon Mission History
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2393 A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
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2400 Fight the Power · Shadows in the Temple
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Creating Fight the Power

  • Stardate 240002.05 to 240006.05

Rise up, brave souls! The time for action is now. The Cardassian oppressors have enslaved our brothers and sisters, but we will not stand idly by. We are the Maquis, and we will not rest until we restore freedom to our people. We call upon all those who will fight for freedom to join our ranks. Together, we will overthrow the Cardassian oppressors and bring an end to their reign of terror. The future of our colony is in our hands: let us seize it with strength and determination. This is our moment: let us make the most of it.



  • Located on Indre III, a temperate, lush Class M planet;
  • It is the main colony/urban centre on the planet—there are other townships and villages, but this is the seat of government, trade, and travel;
  • The Cardassians are in full occupation of the city and have deposed/imprisoned the government, disbanded the local law enforcement, instituted their own patrols and imposed a curfew;
  • Some sections of the city are damaged and/or without power;
  • Rainfall is constant, a result of damage to the colony’s weather control systems.

Notable Characters

Name Description Personality
Glinn Corbin Terek
Cardassian, Male
Dark, slicked back hair
Disfiguring scar on cheek
Terek is a cunning and merciless Glinn, renowned for his unswerving tenacity to achieve his objectives. He possesses a razor-sharp wit and is an astute strategist, able to adapt to rapidly shifting circumstances and conjure up innovative solutions to seemingly insurmountable obstacles. His unwavering loyalty to the Cardassian Empire is unshakeable, and he believes that the ends justify the means. He is a formidable adversary and a mercurial opponent, one whose tenacity and acumen should never be taken lightly.
Glinn Giria Palnin
Cardassian, Female
Dark & velvety mid-length hair
Sparkly hazel eyes
Palnin is a taunting, sly and particularly vain Glinn whose love for the Cardassian military comes second only to her love for herself. Languid in nature, her weapon of choice is one that is pyschological, relying on distraction and confusion as her means to an end. Under the cool guise however is an acidic irascibility that threatens to reveal itself during moments of paranoia or unwanted exertions.
Witherington Colonist, Male
Discovered seeking shelter in a marketplace warehouse in the Outskirts of Witherington, Imul is a member of the Bajoran Resistance with ties to a group of farmers out in the Farmlands, taking refuge and gathering supplies in their damaged but still standing barn.

Mission Summary

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Act One: The Long Night

The Skarbek crew have smuggled themselves onto the planet in small teams, to better escape the Cardassians’ notice. Currently, they had spread out through the city in order to pursue their goals and minimize the chance of getting caught. Communications were available, but to be used sparingly in case the Cardassians notice the transmissions.

Scout (Forces)

  • Gather intelligence on Cardassian forces and defences. Use stealth and deception to evade Cardassian patrols and gather information without being detected.

Fingers, Red, Strip and Blades avoided a booby-trap in the staircase of a tall building they’d use as a vantage point to gather more data about the numbers and locations of the Cardassian patrols. At the top floor, they freed four citizens who sat on a pressure plate rigged with explosives. After gathering the info they needed, and activating a timed explosion inside the building to outfox the Cardassians, the team moved underground. There, they discovered the abandoned subway was not as inactive as it seemed at first sight. With the trains transporting the Cardassians from one area to the other, they need to find another way to scout one of the command centres.

Scout (Infrastructure)

  • Prepare and plan for sabotage operations against Cardassian ships, weapons, and equipment. Identify key infrastructure such as power plants, supply depots, and transporter hubs to target and cripple the Cardassians’ ability to operate on the colony.

Shades, Cable, and Cir-cen hit the ground running, deciding the best way to gather the intelligence they wanted was to use Cable’s hacking skills. They made a fortunate discovery of a computer terminal while seeking shelter inside a basement, though a combination of roving Cardassian patrols and activity elsewhere meant they couldn’t leverage the discovery to its fullest. After discovering a dead drop of information, and surprise contact with two members of the local resistance, the trio escaped the basement before it collapsed. Emerging into a brewery, they continued their intelligence gathering... and discovered some of their friends and allies are in the hands of the Cardassians.


  • Acquire medical supplies and equipment for the care of wounded resistance fighters and colonists. Locate and secure weapons and ammunition for the resistance fighters.

Blondie, Doodle, and Croaker began their quest to steal supplies from the Cardassians in the Cirque des Renégats, a bar in Borrel District. They eluded a group of Cardassians in the pub and made their way out into the area, ducking for cover as Cardassians attacked the streets. The Witherington Resistance guided them in the right direction, and they discovered the Niu Hotel's subterranean level and entered tunnels underneath, just as the Cardassian unit took over the hotel.


  • Identify and recruit local colonists who are willing to join the resistance. Distribute propaganda and information to the colonists to raise awareness of the resistance and their cause. Provide medical care, food, and shelter to the oppressed colonists.

Lark, Trouble, and Gramma made their way through the outskirts of Witherington, passing through what used to be a residential district. They found a piece of metal bearing the seven-petaled flower of the resistance, and grovelled their way out of an encounter with a Cardassian patrol while on their way to one of the city’s markets. At the market they provided medical care to a man named Lidal, before Trouble was separated from the group. Lark and Gramma joined him and his cousin, Imul, for a meal at their house, before the house was ransacked by Cardassian troops.

Act Two: Is Not That Long

Scout (Forces)

  • Explore the maintenance tunnels for information on the hidden Cardassian forces, get out of the subway alive, transmit their gathered intelligence to Papa Bear.

After accessing a Subway Power Substation, Red used the available technology to create a collision between two trains. The crash caused devastation not only underground but also on the surface. After leaving the subway tunnels, Fingers, Red, Strip, and Blades hid momentarily in a local house, where they found some crates with supplies that the owner had gathered to sell to the enemy. The foursome later changed location to a mall that was frequently patrolled by Cardassians. After losing Blades, who lured away some Spoonheads, Red, Strip, and Fingers entered the shopping center via the loading dock to see what secrets the Cardassians were hiding inside the mall.

Scout (Infrastructure)

Shades, Cable, and Cir-cen made their way to the city's council building, where their captured allies (Wheels, Groove, and Vines) were being held. After eliminating a Cardassian patrol in the underground tunnels, they made their way into the building through the basement access. An ambush in the corridors nearly ended their aspirations of rescue, but they managed to retrieve their comrades and fight their way out of the building. After a brief boat ride down the river, they bundled into a veterinary clinic, which served as a medical facility for the local resistance, where their injured received care.


Blondie, Doodle, and Croaker stumbled their way into the Warehouse District, following a brief encounter with an underground tunnel. They witnessed the assault of a suspected Bajoran resistance member by Cardassian troops who took it upon themselves to introduce the civilian's anatomy to some impromptu venting, and the team leapt into the fray. Once the Cardassian troops had left him to die in the street, they found a nearby empty warehouse. Croaker did his utmost to patch up their new companion, casting a spectacular juggling act between insufficient resources, the dubious physics of organic chassis repair, and what one might call "enthusiastic malpractice", while Doodle and Blondie discovered a retired Cardassian land vehicle used for ground supply transport. The rusty, obstinate machine was coerced into a reluctant partnership with the team, and together they roared into the encroaching twilight on their mission of theft and burglary, fuelled as they were by a potent blend of stolen property, furtive escapades, and a plot that wouldn't dare thicken on its own… Only to discover the Cardassians had something else in store for the civilians of the colony.


  • Deal with the retaliatory actions of the Cardassians against the population, gain the trust of the local resistance.

Lark and Gramma followed Imul to a barn just outside the city that a local resistance group was using as their base of operations. The colonists requested medical supplies to support their efforts and identified a warehouse that might contain them. The trio set out to retrieve the supplies, dodging Cardassian patrols and killing a pair of warehouse guards. Getting out of the warehouse with crates full of medical equipment was more difficult than getting in, so they stole a Cardassian shuttle and kidnapped its pilot. They flew back to the barn in the shuttle, where Seva met them to accept the supplies on behalf of the colonists.

Act Three: Dawn Breaks

Scout (Forces)

  • Strike the command centre. Cut the head off the snake and strike a Cardassian command centre, sowing chaos into their operations.

Scout (Infrastructure)

  • Sabotage the landed vessels. Deny them resources and cut off the Cardassians’ escape route by sabotaging their vehicles on the ground.


  • Save the civilians. Just as promised, the Cardassians are retaliating against civilians. Protect the innocent and drive them off.


  • Disrupt communications. Prevent the Cardassians from making a coordinated retreat or counterattack by throwing their communications into disarray.

After moving the crates of medical equipment from their stolen Cardassian shuttle into the barn, they received new instructions from the Skarbek to set course to the Borrel District. Lark, Gramma and Seva made their way there, dropping Imul off halfway, and settled the shuttle into a discreet area that would become their central place for supplies to be beamed in for the local resistance. Soon after they were asked to disrupt all Cardassian communications hegemonized at the Niu Hotel. Landing their shuttle on the roof of the hotel, they took out a watchman and silently invaded it, sneaking through the hotels corridors in search of the main communications centre. After Lark was trapped in a triggered forcefield, Seva quickly worked to disable it whilst Gramma took on the bulk of the oncoming firefight. They later succeeded in reaching the centre and after securing the room and wiping out the assailants, locked themselves in and proceeded to hijack the comms with a broadcast in which Lark inspired the remaining colonists of Witherington to join the resistance and fight. They escaped as the Niu Hotel went up in flames.

Notable SIMs

Mission Reports

REV SD 240008.11