Waltas, Sanuye

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Sanuye Waltas

  • Current Assignments
  • Ship: AWOL
  • Position: N/A
  • Rank: None (expelled from Starfleet)

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Sanuye Maxwell Waltas is the child of Colonel Tyr Waltas and Eden Redstone, and twin brother to Tye Ghyurn Waltas. While the two boys are considered twins, Sanuye is more frail, scholarly, and embraces the Vulcan half of his ancestry. Sanuye's life has been fraught with peril since he was born. To protect both him and his brother, then-Captain Waltas spirited them away to the Ba'ku Homeworld, under the protection of their half-sister, Daisha. Unbeknownst to everyone, the radiation from the Ba'ku planet's rings had the opposite effect. Instead of preventing normal aging, the Vulcan/Ba'ku hybrid physiology caused both Sanuye and his brother to age rapidly; so much so that Daisha barely removed them from the planet before their aging grew out of control. In a matter of a year, Sanuye and Tye aged 21 years, and are now fully-grown adults.

While his good-natured brother accepted this fate and wished to stay with his father and sister aboard the USS Discovery-C, Sanuye blamed Tyr for his plight and the loss of his childhood innocence. He grew cruel and twisted by the anger inside him, and when the starship was decommissioned and his father removed from command, Sanuye saw this as his chance to break from the family. He applied and was accepted into Starfleet Academy and left before his father could stop him.

Tye, feeling a duty to protect his frail brother, pursued him to Earth and both are now Starfleet Cadets. Sanuye continues to harbor resentment toward his father that verges on patricide.

  • Race: Ba'ku/Vulcan
  • Date of Birth: 2391
  • Place of Birth: USS Discovery-C
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 6'1
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Eye Color: Green


ABILITIES: Based on his mixed heritage, Sanuye like his brother enjoys the gifts of superior strength and intelligence from his Vulcan blood and instinct, smell and night vision from his Ba'ku bloodline. He has chosen the Vulcan way of life and, although possessing superior strength, rarely uses it. He has a keen mind and intellect, and possesses almost a sixth sense regarding the way events unfold. His personality is cold and almost cruel, and he rarely displays affection except on rare occasions to his brother.

  • Stardate 239102.01: Sanuye begins his Cadet training at Starfleet Academy.
  • Stardate 239201.12: Sanuye goes AWOL from Starfleet Academy, leaving his brother and sister behind and disappearing before he can be tracked. He is expelled from the Academy and stripped of rank. His present whereabouts are unknown.