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Position Ship Commander
Rank Commander
Species Romulan
Gender Female
Birthplace Former Romulan Star Empire

Commander S'Karan was the commanding officer of the Romulan Republic scout vessel M'Nair, which was dispatched to Duronis II around SD 23930713.


S'Karan was a Romulan female approximately between 40 to 50 Earth years of age. In keeping with the more relaxed attitudes of the Romulan Republic, S'Karan had a more civilian hairstyle and even wore makeup. According to Commander Koral of the Romulan Star Empire warbird Draxan, S'Karan was an academic turned diplomat, inferring that only in the Romulan Republic could someone without significant military training achieve the rank of subcommander. S'Karan also proved to have a strong familiarity of Terran history, culture and language, including 20th century music and even the singer Frank Sinatra. She even joked the similar sounding word "sinaatra" had a dubious meaning on New Romulus.


Perhaps because of her non-military background, S'Karan did not have the typical behavior of a Romulan military officer. Notably, she had the tendency to express humor and laugh. On occasion, she would even flirt. Other times, she could become highly serious and demand respect. Like most Romulans, she has a strong sense of duty, which she has firmly placed in the fledgling Romulan Republic.

Mission to the Duronis System

Shortly before SD 23930713, S'Karan was given command of the M'Nair, a small scout ship. Her mission was to present an extradition order to the commanding officer of the Embassy of Duronis II for the patient Kaumari, who was rescued from slavery by the USS Thunder from The Zone. Identifying Kaumari as an Argelian named Shi'lar, the extradition order stated that the Argelian was accused of acts of terrorism against the Romulan Republic. Though the subcommander took her mission seriously, she was doubtful of the alleged crimes or Starfleet accepting order. Instead, she expected to have the request declined and be sent home.

After decloaking in the Duronis system, the M'Nair was soon intercepted by the USS Bronwyn. After a witty exchange with Major Irina Pavlova, S'Karan was beamed over to the Brownyn for a personal meeting with the major before being sent to the Embassy. While on board the Bronwyn, a squadron of warbirds from the Romulan Star Empire, under the command of Koral, attacked the M'Nair and later destroyed it using bombs placed on board, killing several of her officers.

S'Karan was subsequently sent with T'Mihn Ah'mihghan on the shuttle Earheart. The Vulcan officer beamed aboard S'Karan's surviving crew to the shuttle and took them to Duronis II while the Zalkonian assault took place.

Returned to the Embassy during the Disposable Heros mission and assisted in driving off the Romulan Empire forces.