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Aventis Heights is the name of the Residential section of Nuova Eleganza, situated with Canals to each side of its three story buildings. It is currently stocked with two-hundred apartments in varying sizes, each for varying degrees of cost.


Floor Plan - 1 Bed
Floor Plan - 2 Bed
Floor Plan - Penthouse

Each apartment has been carefully crafted using design aspects from the resident stores of Piazza di Tre, as a result while compact compared to some of the larger residences in the Commercial and Habitat areas there is no disputing the sheer luxury that comes with them.

From fitted appliances through to the latest in entertainment technology, with comfortable furniture arranged bespoke for each new resident, new tenants can be assured that they will be receiving not only the best but also the most personal service imaginable.

Within walking distance there is access to the plaza with its stores and music and from there to either The Dungeon or one of the heavy use pedestrian transporters to whisk people away to other area's of the massive station.

Cost to Buy/Rent (in Federation Credits)

  • One Bedroom Apartment: 250,000 FC / 1200FC Per Month
  • Two Bedroom Apartment: 400,000 FC / 2000FC Per Month
  • Penthouse Apartment: 700,000 FC / 4000FC Per Month

Notable Residents

  • Major Tatash: Marine Commander of SB118 - Penthouse (Tower 3 Apartment 3)

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Upper Dome

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Main Dome

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Lower Sections

The Dungeon · Laikan District · Nuova Eleganza

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