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Piazza di Tre (Plaza of Three) is the name of the first area constructed as part of the Nuovo Eleganza redevelopment of 'The Below'.


Upon entering via the Dungeon, the first area entered is a large cobblestone plaza with a grand fountain in the middle, sculpted from marble sourced from several local worlds. Atop rests a statue that combines the logo's of the Federation, The Klingon Empire and the Romulan Star Empire as a display of both union and 118's unique position at the crossroads of all three major powers.

Holoprojectors give the illusion of a clear sky with a few wistful clouds and pigeons occasionally landing on the ground, hiding the true ceiling that rests only thirty feet from the surface.

On three of the plaza's side's are numerous high-profile stores while the forth is the beginning of the towns waterway network with several Gondola's ready to ferry passengers around the small but well crafted network of canals through the district while a single footbridge serves to move towards the more residential and general high street stores.

Viewing from the Canal

Around the fountain is a set of small metal chairs and tables, with a coffee and pastries stand within a few steps offering some of the finest blends from numerous planets although of course Klingon coffee takes center stage.

There are various places set aside for street performers to titillate the crowds, it's not uncommon to hear different sorts of music at any time of day or night, usually playing classical or folk music from their respective cultures, gentle notes floating on the cool (and created) Mediterranean breeze that passes through the open area.

Notable Stores

  • V'ace: A Cardassian interior design and decor store that draws from many non-Federation races to create bespoke furniture for a more refined taste, nothing is replicated and everything is hand crafted by V'ace's internal designers using the most hard to find minerals and woods.
  • Dolbanna and Gache: One of the first true department stores in the station, it carries everything from high range off-the-rack clothing through to it's range of exquisite hampers that provide gifts for any occasion. It's home section which has some of the best kitchen and living equipment in the galaxy is both expensive but second to none.
  • Josef Armani: From a long family line of Earth designers comes an outlet for extremely high end tailoring. Most pieces here are custom made and very expensive, however there simply is no better tailor for men.
  • Ms. Placed: One of the few dressmakers that has a ready supply of Tholian silk, and surprisingly owned by twin-sister Romulan designers, the designs that come from their workshop are both impressive and beautiful, capable of leaving breathless any receptive audience from boardroom to ball.


The stores accept both Federation credits and Latinum although there is a 'Bureau De Change' point that enables more exotic currencies to be converted into standardized formats for a fair exchange fee.

What is important to note is this district is considerably more expensive compared to the rest of the station. While most of the stores have a card system for credit purchases, it's generally advised that Federation citizens avoid the debt and buy outright.

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