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237005.14: Birth of Arturo Maxwell in Jedburgh, Scotland.

237909.06: First meets Karey Jameson.

238108.26: Becomes a student at Jedburgh Secondary School.

238608.28: Arturo finishes his final year at Jedburgh Secondary School.

238805.14: 18th Birthday spent on the town with friends. Earlier in the day Arturo had been informed his long-term on-off girlfriend Karey was three months pregnant.

238805.15: Arturo unsuccessfully attempts to enlist in the Starfleet Marine Corps due to being both hungover and generally unfit.

238806.04: Begins work at the nearby Starfleet Storage Yard as a Civilian Storesman.

238811.12: First application to Starfleet Academy.

238811.19: Birth of daughter; Amelia Maxwell.

238811.25: First application to Starfleet Academy rejected due to fitness levels and age of daughter.

238910.05: Second application to Starfleet Academy.

238910.11: Second application to Starfleet Academy accepted.

238911.19: Begins first year studies at Starfleet Academy’s Main Campus, San Francisco as a Cadet 4th Class.

239011.19: Begins second year studies at Starfleet Academy’s Main Campus, San Francisco as a Cadet 3rd Class.

239111.19: Begins third year studies at Starfleet Academy’s Main Campus, San Francisco as a Cadet 2nd Class.

239211.19: Begins fourth year studies aboard the USS Sherman whilst underway to Starfleet Academy’s Campus aboard Starbase 118 as a Cadet 1st Class. Sim: “End of Term.”

239212.05: First arrives aboard Starbase 118, meeting Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Erin Dolan in the process.

239311.20: Graduates from Starfleet Academy, Starbase 118 Campus with a Tactical Major and Com/Ops Minor. Awarded the Academy Graduates Ribbon.

239311.21: Commissioned as an Ensign. First meets Lieutenant-Commanders Theo Whittaker and Mirra Ezo, and later Lieutenant (JG) Ishani Kasun.

Date: First away mission. Sim: “Things to do now I’m home; Part 1.” Sim: “Things to do now I’m home; Part 2.”

239403.17: Awarded with the Good Conduct Ribbon, War of Shadows Ribbon and promoted to Lieutenant (Junior Grade) by Captain Sal Taybrim.

239405.04: Assault of Bartholomew Martantathru during Chennel’s invasion of Starbase 118. Relieved of duty and placed under arrest by Lieutenant-Commander Theo Whittaker. Assists Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Ishani Kasun in saving the life of Dr Ezo.

239405.29: Reduced in rank to Provisional Lieutenant (Junior Grade) from the date of the assault by Captain Sal Taybrim after case review by Starfleet Adjutant-Generals Corps.

239406.01: Sim “Cannae face it”.

239406.05: Remnants of Chennel’s pirate crew retake their ship and flee Starbase 118, taking Arturo prisoner along with Lieutenant-Commander Antero Flynn, Ensign Zel Rohan, Crewman 2nd Class Julien Paradi and Marine Privates Lockwood and Selkirk.

239406.08 - 239407.26: Prisoner in the Orion Syndicate mines of Dominicus IV Of the team assembled to search for the prisoners, Dr Ezo is first to find Arturo and Ensign Rohan. Despite the murder of Marine Privates Lockwood and Selkirk, over seven hundred slaves are rescued from the mine facilities alongside the kidnapped Starfleet personnel.

239408.14: Full rank reinstated by Captain Sal Taybrim, who also appoints Arturo to the post of Assistant Chief Tactical Officer. From the invasion of Starbase 118, Arturo is awarded the Silver Lifesaving Ribbon and Peacekeeper Service Ribbon. From his capture and imprisonment, Arturo is awarded the Prisoner of War Ribbon and the Lifesaving Ribbon in recognition of over seven hundred slaves rescued by Starfleet.

Date: Meridia Incident.

239412.11: Promoted to Lieutenant and appointed to the post of Chief Tactical Officer. Awarded the Joint Meritorious Unit Award in recognition of the Meridia Incident.

239501.01: Knocked twenty years into the stations past along with Captain Taybrim, Lt-Commanders Aitas, Vitor Silveira and Rustyy Hael, and Lieutenant Kasun, Ensign Moor & Crewman K’Mal.

239503.02: Successfully returns to the present alongside all of the displaced crew, despite their recovery resulting in the loss of a time-transported Lt-Commander Taelon.

239503.09: Maxwell adopts his kittens, Haggis & Nessie.

239503.10: Maxwell’s parents and daughter visit the station, with his daughter Amelia taking a shine to Ishani Kasun.

239504.08: Awarded with the Good Conduct Ribbon, and Defense of Temporal Flow Ribbon.

239504.08: Highjacking of the USS Narendra by the Romulan terrorist, Vrerik.

239508.24: Attends the promotion party for Commander Theo Whittaker’s elevation to Captain and wakes up alongside Ishani.

239508.31: Mission to Tumar II.