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Zarah Johnson - Daughter, civilian, USS Thor

Sasha Johnson (nee Brooks) is a human Engineering Starfleet Officer on the USS Thor. Born on Earth, she entered the working field as an engineer and product developer at Starconn Intergalactic. When she was in her mid twenties, she met Gary Johnson, a Starfleet officer on leave to further his education on Earth. The two married, and she left her career to follow him. During his assignment to Starbase 118 Ops, Sasha entered the academy and graduated just before her husband was reassigned to Deep Space 4. She was only an officer for about a year before she found out she was pregnant with their daughter. After Zarah Johnson's birth, Sasha decided to step down from her position to focus on raising their daughter in the tumultous world of Starfleet. When Zarah was five, Gary was killed during an attack while Sasha was visiting family on Earth. Unable to leave the world of Starfleet behind, Sasha requested to be made active once more and currently serves as an Engineer aboard the USS Thor