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Crew of USS Columia


Captain Theo Michelangelo Whittaker

Captain Theo Michaelangelo Whittaker is the 29 year old Commanding Officer of the USS Columbia one of the vessels attached to the Andaris Task Force. Previously, he was the Commanding Officer of the U.S.S. Blackwell and Executive Officer of StarBase 118 Operations. Prior to his move to the command division, he was the Chief Engineer of the Columbia under Captain Ben Livingston and subsequently Commander Brek. He has also served as an instructor and examiner for Starfleet Academy at the satellite campus aboard StarBase 118.

Theo was born and raised on Archer IV largely by hs father - a professor of ancient Terran literature at The University of Tucker's Landing- who intended for his son to follow in the footsteps of his family and enter a life of academia, as all the male members of the Whittaker family had done for centuries. This expectation caused a great deal of friction between Theo and his father- with Theo wanting to find his own path in life. Eventually, when Theo was 16 he ultimately decided that he wanted to join Starfleet to follow in his mother's footsteps (who presently serves as the commanding officer of the U.S.S. Orb of Prophecy & Change) who he is closer to, despite the vast distances often involved. Theo failed his academy exam twice before being accepted on his third attempt. The defiance of his father's led to an estrangement between father and son that was not resolved at the time of his father's death, when Theo was a second year engineering cadet. This often fraught and complex relationship has had long last psychological repurcussions for Theo, namely self-doubt and anxiety.

Starfleet Career Statistics

  • Starfleet Serial Number: MM - 120 - 848
  • Training Facility: Starfleet Academy, Sol III, Sector 001, 2389-2392
  • Major: Engineering
  • Minor: Starship Operations
  • Supplimentary Data File: Academy Transcript
  • Commisioned: Stardate 239203.22
  • Current Rank: Captain
  • Current Assignment: Commanding Officer USS Columbia


Theo is slightly shorter than the average Terran male, standing at 5ft 7' (or 1.7 meters) and weighs approximately 150lbs (60kgs). He keeps himself in shape via thrice weekly visits the gymnasium aboard the Blackwell giving him a toned, but not overly muscular appearance. He keeps his brown hair short, often styled with a quiff (although at times he has been known to sweep his fringe to one side as seen in his profile above) which has earned him the nickname of 'Mr. Perfect Hair' from his close friend and colleauge Lieutenant Commander Antero Flynn. He has Caucasian skin and has uncommonly bright hazel eyes.Other distinguishing characteristics are prominent cheekbones and a wide jaw line- both of which give him a somewhat 'chiselled' appearance as well smaller than usual ears. He also takes larger than usual strides when he walks, which may be an unconscious attempt at compensating for his smaller than average stature.


Due to being raised mostly by his father, whose family can trace their heritage back to the old British aristocracy, Theo speaks with a distinct old British accent known as 'received pronouncation' and has a tendency to be unusually eloquent as a result, although he has found that he has become more relaxed with his vocabularly as he has become more comfortable in his skin. He has a tendency to smile a lot, especially when dealing with his friends and colleauges. Perhaps as a result of his tenure as Captain Sal Taybrim's Executive Officer aboard StarBase 118 Ops he also has a habit of communicating with his eyes.

As a Commanding Officer, Theo operates a relaxed style of command, encouraging many of the crew to call him by his given name when off duty and being extremely encouraging in everything they do. On duty, he does expect to be called by his rank when on-duty, although he prefers to be called by that over "sir", which he equates to his difficult childhood as his father insisted Theo call him by that honorific. He has displayed extreme discomfort at being referred to as 'sir' on a number of occasions. His amenable command style has seen him host soirees and attend various off-duty staff gatherings and he frequently greets newly arriving officers to the station by personally giving them a guided tour. He has also displayed a dry, sarcastic sense of humour which some have noted is used in difficult situations as a defense mechanism. Additionally, he has been known to be "sassy", although this is often solely directed at his friends.

Personal Life


Theo's quarters aboard the Columbia are located on Deck 2.

Hobbies and Interests

When not on duty, Theo is a keen amateur mixologist and could- before the aforementioned destruction of his apartment- often be found in his kitchen perfecting his favourite cocktails or attempting to create new receipes. Somewhat of an old-fashioned traditionalist, his favourite cocktail (and drink of choice) is the classic Manhattan Cosmopolitan, which is he renowned for ordering on a night out. Since assuming command of the USS Blackwell he has little time to indulge this pastime, but he continues to try as and when he can.

Theo is also a follower of fashion and when not on duty. As previously mentioned he is also noted for the attention that he lavishes on his hair earning him the moniker 'Mr. Perfect Hair' from Columbia's pilot Lieutenant Commander Antero Flynn.

Possibly due to his aristocratic upbringing, Theo is also a lover of fine food and often dined out in one of many restaurants aboard StarBase 118, although this did attract the ire of then-Chief Medical Officer, Doctor Mirra Ezo who placed Theo on several 'meal plans'- which he often ignored. Interestingly, despite his predilection for high society cuisine, his favourite food is in fact his mother's spaghetti carbonara.


Josiah Whittaker.
Captain Madeline Whittaker.
  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None
  • Father: Josiah Peregrine Whittaker (deceased, 2387)
  • Mother: Madeline Christine Whittaker (neé Lawson)

Theo's relationship with his father was often frosty and difficult, eventually breaking down all together after Theo made the decision to become a Starfleet officer. Josiah expected his son to enter a life of academia, as had every Whittaker for over 400 years, while Theo wanted to be his own man and find his own way. He would often disappear into the Keating Mountains which lay near Tucker's Landing, the capital city of Archer IV for days on end, camping in the woods purely to spite his father. This was a sharp contrast to his relationship with his mother, Madeline, which is extremely close. She privately supported her son's desire to become whatever he wanted to be and was the one to sponsor his application to Starfleet Academy- which led to the breakdown of her marriage to Josiah when Theo was 17. Theo and his mother communicate regularly by letter and she is extremely proud that her son is the Executive Officer of Starbase 118 at the age of 29. His father passed away from Meenok's disease during the second year of Theo's Starfleet Academy studies while the two were still estranged.

Early Life

Whittaker Mannor, Theo's childhood home.
Theo Whittaker was born on Stardate 236610.18 in the city of Tucker's Landing, the capital city of Archer IV. His father, Josiah Whittaker was determined to ensure that the boy Theo would follow in ten generations of Whittaker's and become an academic, although his mother - Madeline, a Starfleet officer, privately encouraged him to find his own path in life. As mentioned previously, Theo's strong minded independence and closeness with his mother led to a frosty and difficult with his father. On multiple occasions, Theo would run away from the manor he lived in with his father, escaping to the mountains on hikes that could last for two or three days. Other times, Theo would hide for hours in the tunnels that ran beneath the family home.

Due to the intensive studies forced upon him, Theo was known by his peers at school as something of a recluse and a loner with very few friends. His teachers expressed concerns about this, which were dismissed by his father. As a result, Theo found it incredibly difficult to forge bonds with children his own age and led to his reserved manner that developed later in life.

From a young age, Theo was fascinated by machinery and how things worked, largely due to the fact that his father was determined not to use any technology unless he absolutely had to. At age thirteen he built his first replicator as part of a high school project and won first place. When Theo was sixteen he announced his intention to apply for Starfleet Academy which his mother agreed to sponsor. As a result, his parents marriage broke down and Theo became depressed, believing that it was entirely his fault. As a result he could not focus properly and he failed his first entrance exam. He took two years to recover before reapplying at age twenty and passing the entrance exam. He took his place at Starfleet academy the following year at age 21, majoring in Starship Engineering with a minor in Starship Operations Management.

Career in Starfleet

The Nebula-Class USS Columbia, Theo's first assignment after graduating from Starfleet Academy.
Following his final academy exam (over seen by Lieutenant Commander's Tyler Kelly and Sal Taybrim) he was assigned to the Columbia as an Engineering Officer. During this period he served under Captain Ben Livingston and Commander Brek and was involved with the Prometheus Incident on two seperate occasions as well as dealing with both the Romulan Republic and Romulan Star Empire amongst others.

Following the decommisioning of the Columbia, Theo was transferred to Starbase 118 Operations, originally as Chief Engineer before being promoted to Executive Officer by Captain Taybrim, the station's new Commanding Officer.

Throne Of Fire: Assuming command of the Blackwell, Theo agrees to participate in a special team building exercise in order to get to know his new senior staff: a holodeck adventure set in a fantasy world under siege from an evil. He is assigned the role of 'Beast Master' and his small team are sent to investigate a ruined mine filled with puzzles. But a glitch in the safety subroutines means that Theo injures his wrist- just in time for the final fight against a demon!

Kam'Jahtae (Andaris Task Force)]: The Blackwell's long journey to Arndall comes to its end and Theo, in his first mission as CO, must deliver aid to the under siege inhabitants. Complicating matters are military fleets from both the Caraadian and Valcarian militaries preventing anyone from beaming down or beaming up. In the interests of keeping the region from becoming a war zone, Theo offers to mediate with both sides, assisted by Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti who has joined the Blackwell as an Ambassador at large. While two shuttles deliver aid to the most needy areas, Theo must contend with the egos of Lieutenant General Asil and his Caraadian counterpart High Prefect Glovely. Neither side is willing to back down and veiled threats are thrown. Then without warning, there are explosions and quakes across the entire planet and it appears a hostile insectoid army is invading! In a race against time, Theo must combat this new threat, get his people off of the surface and unite two warring species. Not to mention deal with the fact that there is an unauthorised civilian Federation medical team on the planet led by a very familiar face!

  • Missing In Action (Columbia): Newly promoted to Captain, Theo is reassigned to command his beloved USS Columbia along with the crew of the USS Blackwell. After two separate confrontations with Professor Olivia Sellards over the defensive emplacements installed during the construction of Dehner Base leaves him restless and annoyed, Theo- over the initial objects of new first officer Lieutenant Commander Jarred Thoran- takes his captain's yacht, the USS Kumari out for a test drive arguing that he has not logged an hour of space flight in an auxiliary vessel for over a year. Several hours after departure, the Kumari crash lands on a M-18138512, a planet in a star system near to the Solerian Rift on the edge of the Sagittarius Reach. Theo is not that injured by the rough crashing landing, but his security escort is and needs urgent medical attention back aboard the USS Columbia- who have only just begun to search for their missing CO. Shortly after coming to, an unknown human-looking stranger rips the outer doors off of the Kumari and then boards her, knocking Theo out once again. Regaining consciousness in a cave, he discovers he is now under guard and separated from Lieutenant Haneer and Crewman Skalvok and encounters Adlynn Verne, the leader of a group of humans that he comes to realise are Augments descended from the genetic super-soldiers who ruled much of Earth during the Eugenics Wars of the 20th century. He repeatedly denies her request for Starfleet technology, even going as far as to lie to her. She refuses his explanation that Starfleet is on a mission of exploration and continues to do even when is backed up by members of a rescue team from the Columbia. He orders Luna Walker to stand down when she becomes hostile towards Verne and allows Mirra to remain in command given his compromised state. He is eventually rescued during an escape attempt with the away team and promptly collapses with exhaustion in Sickbay.

Personal Relationships

  • Mirra Ezo:
    Doctor Mirra Ezo
    Theo and Mirra were junior colleauges aboard the U.S.S. Columbia (NCC-85279) with Mirra joining the crew several weeks after Theo. She was the physician who treated Theo's injuries when he was assaulted by a being who claimed to be an Iconian who was seeking to drive Columbia and the Romulans from Avronis V. Their friendship, which has become a defining trait of both, truly began in the wake of Columbia's assignment to Hemix I and their first encounter with the Bolian criminal Chennel. Theo saved Mirra from an attack by a species of moth that fed on biological electrical energy and in turn, she saved and treated Theo from Chennel who had tortured him as a form of leverage in negociations with Columbia's commanding officer, Brek. The two remained friends following Columbia's reassignment, although were reunited when Mirra transferred to Starbase 118 Operations. Theo views Mirra as a sister, one he is fiercely protective over and the two can usually be found together in their off duty hours, either indulging in station gossip or simply spending time together. Theo has, on occasion, 'borrowed' Mirra's beauty products for his own use. When Theo's relationship with Baylen Anders falls apart, Mirra was one of the first people he turned to for support and comfort and when he is made Acting Commanding Officer of the station, he did not hesitate in appointing her his Acting Executive Officer, knowing that there was no else aboard the station that he trusted more. Mirra later took a leave of absence without warning due to her experiences at the hands of Chennel who had invaded the station. During his first assignment aboard the Blackwell he was reunited with Mirra and they resumed their friendship, with her serving as a Diplomatic Officer. She follows him to the Columbia, the ship where they first met.

  • Tatash:
    Major Tatash
    Tatash was one of the first people that Theo met when he transferred to the Columbia and was imediately intimidated by the man's height, 7 foot. However, the two of them became friends in a way that most junior officers do. Theo was surprised and upset by the Gorn's sudden and unexpected transfer to the USS Avandar (NCC-80203) and was elated to discover that he was serving aboard Starbase 118 several months later. Tatash has become Theo's other best friend and the Gorn is fiercely protective of him- although he does rib him over Theo's aristocratic speech pattern. When Baylen Anders ended his relationship with Theo, Tatash immediately comforted his best friend and brought him a bottle of Romulan ale. When Chennel and her Orion allies boarded the station during an unusually powerful neutronic storm, Tatash was the first to suggest an external fightback and despite the dangers, flew into the heart of the storm to help Theo's resistance effort. Later, Tatash returned to Ghdar to care for his family but returned to Starfleet at Theo's request and now serves as the Blackwell's Chief of Security.

  • Antero Flynn:
    Lieutenant Commander Antero Flynn
    Flynn joined Columbia fresh from Starfleet Academy at the same time Doctor Ezo and for a while, Theo and the Risian were nothing more than colleauges, although Theo did have a romantic attraction to him. Eventually, the two began dating after sharing a kiss on the holodeck, although little came of it owing to Columbia and it's crew's reassignments. However the two of them were reunited when Antero was transferred along with Doctor Ezo to Starbase 118 Operations. The two agreed to remain friends and when Theo moved into his penthouse apartment, Antero purchased him the ingreidents with which to make his favourite cocktail. They had since settled into a comfortable friendship. Theo was overjoyed to learn that Flynn was going to become a father after discovering Lieutenant Aitas had fallen pregnant.

  • Sal Taybrim:
    Captain Sal Taybrim
    Despite the Betazoid being his commanding officer, Theo also views him as a friend as well as a mentor. Sal personally asked Theo to become his XO after only serving as Chief Engineer for three days. The two have cultivated an excellent working relationship and trust each other completely. Sal was the first person that Theo confided in about his doubts serving in Starfleet following being tortured by agents of the Orion Syndicate. When his Captain announced that he would be leading a mission planetside to expose Orion Syndicate influences on an interstellar race, Theo objected strongly and only stepped aside and let him leave the ship reluctantly. When Chennel invaded Starbase 118- Sal, who had been attending a court case on Raskor I- was visibly relieved when he learned that Theo was alive and leading a resistance movement against the self-styled pirate queen. When assigned to the Blackwell Theo made sure to tell Sal how grateful he was for everything he had taught him. Taybrim was the officer who promoted Theo to the rank of Captain in 2395.

  • Taelon
    Lieutenant Taelon
    For several months Theo and Taelon were work colleauges. However after being kidnapped by members of the Orion Syndicate and Theo offering himself up to be tortured over the away team (which included Taelon), the two forged a bond which deepened in early 2394 when Theo realised that he had developed feelings for the introverted El-Aurian scientist. The two went on their first date shortly before Chennel's invasion of the station, during which Taelon provided Theo with invaluable information on Orion movements. Taelon is injured during the successful attempt to retake the station and is visited by Theo, who later takes him out for a cup of tea. They continue to be romantically interested in one another but little happens and any future disintegrates with Theo departs for his next assignment without a proper goodbye.

  • Aitas:
    Lieutenant Aitas
    Theo's friendship with the station's Chief of Intelligence began when Theo was struggling to come to terms with the torture he had suffered at the hands of the Orion Syndicate. The two began meditating together in the station's Ashalla District. Theo has come to respect and depend on Aitas' skills as an Intelligence operative and also her advice as a friend. During Chennel's invasion of the station, he trusted Aitas completely and saw her as a potential command level officer. Theo was also one of the first people who Aitas told about her pregnancy. When she volunteered herself for a mission to rescue Flynn, Arturo Maxwell and Zel Rohan from Orion slavers following Chennel's defeat, Theo was openly worried about sending her, but kept her confidence about her unborn baby. Aitas was present when Theo was promoted by Sal Taybrim in mid-2395 and the following day he met her son, Aurelio, for the first time.

  • Baylen Anders:
    Lieutenant Commander Baylen Anders
    Within hours of reporting for duty aboard Starbase 118, Theo was thrust into a dangerous mission to track down a renegade Starfleet officer and spent several hours working with Lieutenant Commander Baylen Anders- the station's Mission Specialist. The two had an instant rapport with one another, which rapidly escalated into flirting, despite the dire circumstances of the mission. By the end of January 2393 they were a couple and after a soiree at Theo's new apartment in the New York District, where Baylen gave him images of every military vessel called Columbia as well as plaque made from the Columbia's hull plating, the two spent their first night together. After the events of 'All Time High' the two agree to foster a child, Mason Parker, found orphaned on Tilanna V which further cements their commited relationship. However, the relationship ended when Baylen takes Mase to raise him on Risa, away from the 'dangers' of Starbase 118. He pre-records a mesage to Theo.

Service Record

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet First Class 239203.16-239203.16 Graduated Starfleet Academy Engineering Officer
Ensign 239203.24-239205.03 USS Columbia Engineering Officer
Lieutenant Junior Grade 239205.03-239207.26 USS Columbia Engineering Officer
Lieutenant 239207.26-239211.16 USS Columbia Chief Engineering Officer
Lieutenant 239211.16-239212.14 StarBase 118 Operations Chief Engineering Officer
Lieutenant Commander 239212.14-2 239406.06 StarBase 118 Operations Executive Officer
Commander 239406.06-239412.04 StarBase 118 Operations Executive Officer
Commander 239412.07-239509.04 USS Blackwell, Andaris Task Force Commanding Officer
Captain 239509.04-239509.10 USS Blackwell, Andaris Task Force Commanding Officer
Captain 239509.10-PRESENT USS Columbia Commanding Officer


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Theo Whittaker
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Mirra Ezo
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