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USS Gorkon
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Theo Whittaker
Position Consultant, SCE
Rank Captain
Species Human
Gender Male
DOB 236410.18
Age 36
Birthplace T'Pol's Landing, Archer IV.

PNPCS & MSNPCS: Sanara Pran, Olivia Sellards, Chennel.

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Captain Theo Michelangelo Whittaker is a 36-year old Consultant for the Starfleet Corps of Engineers. He is presently assigned to the Federation starship USS Gorkon to assess the vessel’s suitability for a Warp XV engine.

Previously, he served as the Commanding Officer of the starships USS Blackwell and USS Columbia. He is also an instructor and examiner at the Starfleet Academy satellite campus aboard StarBase 118. Other notable assignments include a two year stint as First Officer of StarBase 118 and Chief Engineer of the Columbia in 2392.

The only child of Josiah and Madeline Whittaker, Theo was born on October 18th 2364 at the T'Pol's Landing University Hospital. His late father was a professor of English Literature at the university and his mother is a Starfleet officer, currently serving as Commanding Officer of the USS Orb of Prophecy & Change. Theo's decision to follow his mother in Starfleet led to an acrimonious rift with his father who had hoped he would follow him into a life of academic study. This rift was, unfortunately, not mended by the time that his father passed away in November 2389.

Statistics & Service Record


  • Full Name: Theo Michelangelo Whittaker
  • Species: Human
  • T/E Rating: T0/E0
  • Date Of Birth: 236410.18
  • Age:36
  • Place Of Birth: Archer IV
  • Hometown: T'Pol's Landing
  • Gender: Male
  • Medical History: Forthcoming


  • Bachelor of Arts (with Honors) in Terran Literature: 2386, University of T'Pol's Landing, Archer IV.
  • Bachelor of Science (with Honors) In Engineering: 2392, Starfleet Academy, Earth.

Starfleet Career

  • Serial Number: MM - 120 - 848
  • Training Facility: Starfleet Academy, Earth, 2388-2392
  • Major: Impulse Propulsion
  • Minor: Starship Operations Procedures
  • Supplementary File: Forthcoming
  • Commissioned: 2392
  • Current Rank: Captain
  • Current Assignment: USS Columbia

Personal Appearance

Theo Whittaker in 2393

Anthropometric Data

  • Height: 1.85m (6ft 1in)
  • Weight: 69kgs (152lbs)
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Hazel
  • Build: Slim but defined
  • Skin Tone: Caucasian
  • Handedness: Right


As a junior officer Theo was noted for being rather reserved and often this was mistaken for shyness. Rather, this was a result of being raised primarily by his domineering father in an aristocratic household as well as his repressed grief at his father's passing in 2389. Over time, he was able to open himself up to others and find his voice through the gentle encouragement of friends aboard the Columbia. As a command officer, Theo is noted for his friendliness and willingness to engage in banter with members of his crew. Very much a 'people person', Theo can often be found at the centre of social situations off-duty (usually of his own making) without dominating the conversation. On duty, he is an assertive but encouraging and friendly captain with his crew and prefers to be addressed as 'captain' instead of 'sir' (an honorific he has never been comfortable with). When dealing with threats to Columbia, he is known for his fierce protectiveness and being forthright. In one instance he was able to talk a mercenary captain down from a foolhardy attack upon the Columbia. He is known for his sense of humour which is often sarcastic as well as his received pronunciation.

Facial Hair

Theo began experimenting with growing a beard during his assignment aboard StarBase 118, although he could not quite decide whether he liked it or not. He attended SB118 Fashion Week with a beard although shaved it off soon after. It was not until January 2396 that he finally settled on one that he was comfortable with. Interestingly, after deciding on a style, a number of officers aboard the Columbia grew similar beards.

Personal Life


Theo attending SB118 Fashion Week 2394-II in a Rowena Cassidy tailored suit

Theo is known for his love of clothes and sees it as a form of self-expression and identity. Additionally he believes that if one takes pride in their appearance, they will feel better in themselves. Off duty he can be found in casual but tailored pieces that are somewhat figure hugging yet not revealing. On more formal occasions that do not require a Starfleet dress uniform, Theo prefers to wear tailored suits with elaborate detailing. During the two years he was stationed aboard StarBase 118 he frequently attended SB118 Fashion Week and was a patron of many of the Commercial Sector's independent boutiques. He is a noted fan of Andorian designer Shrelanaleth zh'Narrash as well as the Luna-based tailor Rowena Cassidy. The latter provided him with a suit to attend SB118 Fashion Week in 2394, the last before he was transferred to the USS Columbia.


  • USS Columbia: Deck 2, Captain's Quaters
  • USS Blackwell: Deck 4, Captain's Quarters
  • StarBase 118: Apartment 418, Cleveland Abe Tower, New York District, StarBase 118 Commercial Sector (2392-2394).
  • USS Columbia: Deck 2, Executive Officer's Quarters (2394)
  • USS Albion: Deck 2, Executive Officer's Quarters (2392-2394)
  • USS Columbia: Deck 5, Senior Officer's Quarters.

Personal Effects

Theo's first edition of Tess of the d'Urbervilles given to him as a present from his father for graduating from university

Theo is not a collector of material things and therefore he has few treasured possessions. Regardless, there are a small number of objects and trinkets that he genuinely cares for:

  • A collection of hard bound first edition books of ancient Terran literature. These were given to him by his father in commemoration of attaining his degree in Terran Literature in 2396. Some of the novels include classics such as Tess of the d'Urbervilles, Far From The Madding Crowd, Great Expectations and Jane Eyre.
  • A mixology set: During this time stationed aboard StarBase 118 Theo came to be known as something of an amateur mixologist. The set was brought for him as a housewarming present by close friend and confidant Mirra Ezo after he moved to the station's Commercial District. Despite his interest in mixology waning since his departure from the station, he has kept the set as a reminder of his friendship with Mirra.
  • Miniature of the USS Columbia: A direct result of his love of his first assignment, Theo kept a model of the Columbia on the desk in his office aboard StarBase 118 and later the USS Blackwell. It now resides on a small table in his ready aboard the Columbia as a reminder of the fact that he began his career aboard her.


Theo enjoying a cup of coffee off duty circa 2393
  • Restrictions: None at present although former CMO Doctor Mirra Ezo made several attempts to improve Theo's diet. This went as far as to reprogram the replicator in his office aboard StarBase 118. Such attempts were largely ignored Theo (who would simply restore the replicator database to it's default settings).
  • Coffee: Cream, no sugar. He tends to favour Earth blends (notably from Africa) but also enjoys Bajoran and Andorian blends.
  • Tea: Chamomile, Bajoran mapa leaf, lemon and ginger as well green tea.
  • Alcohol: Rarely imbibes alcohol since becoming a starship captain but used to enjoy a traditional Manhattan Cosmopolitan.
  • Favourite Meal: Spaghetti Carbonara with hasperat loaf.

Hobbies & Interests

  • Hobbies: Classic Terran literature, mixology (former hobby), Starfleet technical manuals, hiking (former hobby), fashion.
  • Favourite Colour: Orange.

Theo was once known as something of an amateur mixologist although this has waned in the last several years. He is also a keen follower of the latest fashion trends and was once a staple presence at Starbase 118's bi-annual fashion week. These days he can usually be found in his quarters reading a book or pouring over technical manuals sent to him by the Starfleet Corps of Engineers.


  • Spouse: None.
  • Significant Other: None
  • Children: None biologically. Former foster guardian to Mason Parker, although never formalised.
  • Parents:
    • Mother: Captain Madeline Christina Whittaker, Commanding Officer USS Orb of Prophecy & Change.
    • Father: Professor Josiah Whittaker: Lecturer of Terran Literature, University of T'Pol's Landing (Deceased, 2389).
  • Siblings: None.

Theo's relationship with his father was often strained as the boy Theo often chafed at his father's insistence that he follow him into an academic life. Additionally his father expected Theo to refer to him as 'sir' rather than 'father'- which might explain why Theo dislikes the honorific. Though Theo did attain a degree in Classic Terran Literature, he enrolled in Starfleet Academy almost immediately after graduation, which resulted in the complete breakdown of his relationship with his father. This estrangement was not resolved when his fathers passed away in 2389. In contrast, he shares a close relationship with his mother despite the fact that their assignments often means they do not see one another for years at a time.

Theo was briefly a foster guardian to a 10 year old boy- Mason Parker- during his assignment to StarBase 118 although this was never formalised before Baylen Anders disappeared from the station. When it was discovered that Anders and Parker had been kidnapped by the Orion Syndicate and forced to work as slaves, Theo did not immediately resume the foster guardianship and was transferred to the [[USS Blackwell] shortly after their return.

Early Life & Starfleet Career

Childhood & Teenage Years

Captain Madeline Whittaker, Theo's mother
Professor Josiah Whittaker, Theo's father

Theo Michelangelo Whittaker was born on Stardate 236410.18 at the T'Pol's Landing University Hospital on Archer IV to Josiah and Madeline Whittaker. Though she took an extended leave of absence to raise Theo, Madeline returned to her career in Starfleet when he was 7 years old taking an assignment aboard the USS Sparrow which was permanently assigned to the Archer Sector. This allowed her to be close to her only son and be an effective co-parent with her husband. From an early age, Theo displayed an interest and aptitude with technology and by a teenager he harboured a desire to become an engineer in the Federation Starfleet. Despite this, his father insisted he abandoned these dreams and wanted Theo to devote himself to a life of academic study as he and his father had before him. Although reluctant, Theo complied with his father's wish although this often led to their relationship becoming strained. In acts of defiance, Theo would often hide in the naturally occurring tunnels underneath his father's home or disappear into the Cutler Mountains on the outskirts of T'Pol's Landing. The latter led to an interest in hiking in his teenage years that would persist in to his time at Starfleet Academy. Because of his father's insistence of a strict program of study, Theo did not have many childhood friends and was very much a solitary child and teenager. Many of his peers viewed him as a loner and avoided prolonged contact with him.

Notably, he was more animated when visiting the USS Sparrow, his mother's long term assignment. Theo could often be found asking questions to the ship's engineering department and it is here that his social skills developed the most, although he was still nervous around children of his own age. His time aboard the Sparrow would be extremely educational for his Starfleet aspirations and he learnt much about warp and impulse propulsion technology in his teenage years.

University Studies & Early Adulthood

At 18, Theo was granted a place at the University of T'Pol's Landings to study Classic Terran Literature. He was an average student although many of his professor's believed that he could have been valedictorian had he only applied himself to the course more. Theo would later reflect that they were likely right and although he enjoyed the subject matter, he was not completely invested and still harboured a desire to join the Federation Starfleet as an engineer. Another reason for his average performance that he would admit to years later was because he suspected that his father had arranged for him to gain a place at the university rather than off of his own academic ability and did not apply himself fully out of immature spite.

After graduating in 2386, Theo found employment within the University's Text Restoration department where it was his job to restore faded texts to make them readable. He absolutely detested the job, especially since his father had openly arranged for the position. For eighteen months, Theo toiled away at his job and grew increasingly depressed. During this period, the relationship between father and son continued to deteriorate even further as their arguments became more frequent and more vitriolic. In late 2387 and during his mother's annual shore leave visit, Theo confided in her that he was 'utterly miserable with the thankless work' that he did and that he wanted nothing more to join Starfleet as an engineer. Though she was initially reluctant to do so without his father's agreement, his mother eventually sponsored his application to Starfleet Academy. Upon learning of Theo's resignation from his job, Professor Whittaker threw his son out of their house and they did not speak to one another at all. The estrangement lasted until the elder Whittaker's death two years later.

Starfleet Academy

Starfleet Academy's San Francisco campus where Theo spent four years as an engineering cadet

Passing his entrance exam on his first attempt, Theo enrolled at Starfleet Academy in early 2388 and was accepted on to the engineering pathway. He Majored in impulse propulsion technology with a minor in Starship Operations. Throughout his four years of study, Theo's academic tutors noted Theo's academic prowess (in contrast to his previous University studies) though they did express concern that he did have trouble socialising for much of his first year. Referred to the Academy's mental health program, he was diagnosed with low self-esteem likely as a result of his father's domineering parenting. Weekly meetings with counsellors and a desire to push himself to be the best version of himself, his socialisation skills increased exponentially during his second year although he was never considered a 'popular' cadet.

When his father was diagnosed with the terminal Meenok's Syndrome and passed away in October of 2389, Theo struggled and was plagued with feelings of guilt and remorse over his stubborn refusal to mend the rift that had begun when he had announced his was going to join the Academy. These feelings would impact his life: while he was still in the top percentile of students, he became increasingly withdrawn and reserved, preferring to focus on his studied rather than deal with his guilt and grief. He would later admit that he did not deal with these emotions until well after he had become Executive Officer of StarBase 118. Some of his academic tutors believed that his devotion to his studies was a subconscious attempt to win his father's posthumous approval. It was a sentiment that Theo would later acknowledge as being correct.

In 2393, Theo graduated from Starfleet Academy after completing his final exam aboard StarBase 118. It was during this exam that he would first meet future Commanding Officer and close personal friend Sal Taybrim who was serving as the examination's Executive Officer.

USS Columbia

The USS Columbia was Theo's assignment after graduating from Starfleet Academy

Following his graduation, Ensign Theo Whittaker was assigned as a junior engineering office aboard the Nebula class USS Columbia under the command of Captain Ben Livingston. His immediate superior officer was Lieutenant Commander Ethan Brice. During his first assignment, Theo encountered a sentient A.I known as 'Providence' that had been developed illegally by Federation scientists in the Piktar System. He was part of a team that would attempt to reason with the A.I. which had infiltrated Columbia in an attempt to find another A.I. known as 'Mercy'. Theo was horrified when he discovered that at Providence was the cerebral impression of a deceased 7 year old girl. The scientists responsible for Providence's creation attempted to delete the program and much of it was badly degraded including the personality subroutines based on the girl, something that shocked and angered Theo to his core. Despite this, he was promoted to Lieutenant (Junior Grade) for his efforts.

Shortly after this mission, Theo met Mirra Ezo for the time and quickly formed a long lasting friendship with the science officer and later medical officer. During an assignment to assist in clean up efforts on Avronis V, Theo was brutally assaulted by a being that claimed to be an Iconian, although he was saved from serious and long lasting harm thanks to the quick efforts of the Columbia's medical division. He assisted in the modification of a shuttle that was to be discreetly sent to destroy a recently uncovered and operational Iconian gateway to prevent it from falling into Roman hands. He also found himself developing a crush on Risian pilot Antero Flynn during this times. For his actions during the mission, he was promoted to Lieutenant and assigned as Columbia's Chief Engineer after the departure of Commander Brice. While his appointment is largely met with support, one Vulcan engineer stationed aboard the ship finds it difficult to accept and his frequently abrupt and rude, frustrating Theo's first day as CEO.

During an assignment to the planet Hemix I, Theo encountered self styled 'pirate queen' Chennel for the first time. He was also attacked by a suddenly feral Captain Nugra, Columbia's Chief Intelligence Officer, whose Gorn physiology was extremely susceptible to the planet's environment. He and the team were eventually by Chennel and she chose to torture Theo to prove a point to the Columbia, who she was attempting to force to withdraw from the region. He was saved by sudden changes to the space around Hemix I and the emergence of a fourth-dimensional lifeform. He is commended for his bravery and also awarded a Prisoner Of War ribbon and a Purple Heart (his second of four). He kisses Antero Flynn shortly after this mission who had been moved by Theo's selflessness and the two begin to cautiously date.

Theo was present for the incident on the Roman colony world of Estava and helped to develop a countermeasure against the fistrium blocking the ship's sensors and hampering their ability to offer support to the away team's on the planet's surface. Shortly after the mission came to an end, Theo found out he was being transferred to StarBase 118 to serve it's Chief Engineer as Columbia was being withdrawn from active service and overhauled as part of a study of it's space frame. At this time, Theo and Antero Flynn stop dating, both of them unwilling to conduct a long distance relationship.

StarBase 118 Ops and Move To Command

Much of Theo's assignment aboard StarBase 118 was spent combatting the forces of the Orion Syndicate, such as Chennel as seen here.

Theo joined StarBase 118's command staff at a moment of transition. Captain Handley-Page had taken an extended leave of absence and Commander Sal Taybrim had been promoted to Acting Commanding Officer in his stead. His first assignment as 118's Chief Engineer was to assist in the station's attempts to bring renegade Starfleet officer Haz Arrhimen to justice after he attempted to incite a war between the Federation and the remnants of the Romulan Star Empire following a terrorist attack led by Romulans which had killed his brother. The station's auxiliary support vessel, the USS Albion was severely damaged by Arrihmen and Theo was instrumental in bringing the ship back to operational capacity in time to destroy Arrihmen's vessel the USS Stormcrow. It is during this assignment that Theo first met Lieutenant Commander Baylen Anders and shortly afterwards, began a fiercely passionate relationship with him. The two managed to prevent an overload in one of the Albion's torpedo tubes that could have destroyed much of the Excelsior-class vessel.

It was after this incident that Sal Taybrim- who was by now permanently assigned as StarBase 118 Operations' CO asked Theo to accept the vacant position of Executive Officer after being impressed with his conduct during the Arrihmen crisis. Although still somewhat reserved and unsure of himself, Theo agreed and was promoted to Lieutenant Commander shortly afterwards. It would be this transition that would bring about the greatest change in Theo. Throughout his tenure at StarBase 118 he seemed to shed his old insecurities and found himself growing as a person and as a command level officer- something he had never considered prior.

Theo's assignment as Executive Officer of StarBase 118 Ops is largely remembered for an eighteen month battle against the forces of the resurgent Orion Syndicate that were seeking to establish a foothold in the Trinity Sector. The recently escaped convict and former 'pirate queen' Chennel was their lead agent in the battle against Starfleet and terrorised the station for months on end. Theo participated in anti-piracy actions against the Syndicate on a number of occasions including operations on Tilanna V, Raskor I and Geneva VI. Theo also participated in thwarting a Syndicate effort to utilise a previously unknown section of station as well protecting installer singer Lady Shadonna from kidnappers. Shortly after solving a murder investigation on Tilanna V, Lieutenant Commander Baylen Anders apparently left the station to raise his adoptive son Mason and therefore ended his relationship with Theo. This had a profound effect on Theo who considered ending his Starfleet career after losing Baylen and being captured by forces loyal to the Syndicate's disgraced head of operations on the station. It would be almost two years before Theo discovered that Baylen and Mason were in fact kidnapped and put to work as slaves by the Syndicate.

In August 2393, the USS Albion was destroyed in action against the renegade Haz Arrihmen and shortly afterwards, Theo discovered a plot by corrupt Starfleet Sector Commander Commodore Allen Kinney to publicly tarnish the reputation of StarBase 118 to allow his Orion paymasters to flourish in the Trinity Sector. Theo was described as being a "hyper-active child with a tenuous grasp of command". He was present when Commodore Kinney resigned. After this, Starfleet Command assigned the USS Columbia to StarBase 118 to replace the Albion, which effectively made Theo it's XO.

Theo was instrumental in the eventual defeat of the Orion Syndicate in the Trinity Sector. After their operative Chennel used a powerful interstellar storm to serruptiously board the evacuated station, she forced the skeleton crew (led by Theo) to battle her men. Much of the station's Commercial Sector was destroyed by her campaign although Theo was eventually able to push her back to the Operations Centre where she was eventually killed in battle. For his efforts in leading the counterstrike against Chennel, Theo was promoted to Commander.

In December 2394, Starfleet Command reassigned Theo to command the medical vessel USS Blackwell which formed part of the Andaris Task Force in the distant Par'tha Expanse. He was also asked to transport the USS Columbia to Deep Space 26 so that the vessel could undergo extensive refits. Theo found it difficult to leave the station behind, many of the officers he had served with had become members of his chosen family.

Command of the USS Blackwell

Theo's time in command of the Blackwell is notable for an encounter with the Hur'q, the long believed extinct conquerors of the Klingon Empire.

Theo remained in command of the USS Blackwell, an Olympic-class vessel for much of 2395. His time with the Andaris Task Force was marked with several crew rotations including three first officers and a number of long standing crew members transferring to alternate assignments. His first assignment aboard the Blackwell was to deliver humanitarian supplies to the starving world of Arndall which had become a flashpoint in the Cold War between local powers the Caraadians and the militaristic and imperialistic Valcarians. Theo is asked by Starfleet to broker a peaceful resolution between the two powers. Unfortunately, it becomes clear that neither side were interested in negociating. It is during this assignment that the Blackwell was to encounter the Kam'Jahtae- better known to the Alpha Quadrant as the Hur'Q who once occupied the Klingon Empire. The Kam'Jahtae fled after Theo deployed a hastily conceived sonic deterrent against them. After this assignment he asked Lieutenant Commander Jarred Thoran to be his Executive Officer to which he accepted.

Tasked with investigating how the Hur'Q managed to flee from Arndall so easily and quickly, Theo ordered the Blackwell to an uninhabited planetoid that was giving off similar energy signatures to Hur'Q technology. An away disappeared in to a temporal portal and Theo was faced with losing them to the time stream. Working with newly arrived Chief Engineer Luna Walker, Theo helped to devise and implment a solution that brough the away team back and several displaced Starfleet Officers from the 22nd century.

Theo is then promoted to Captain and reassigned with the Blackwell's crew to the USS Columbia and is sent on an exploratory mission to the distant Sagittarius Reach at the very edge of the galaxy.

Return to the USS Columbia

Captain Theo Whittaker, shortly after assuming command of the USS Columbia.

Theo's early days as the latest Captain of the Columbia were unfortunately marked with a series of arguments with Professor Olivia Sellards, the Director of Research at the Federation science station Dehner Base on Delta Vega I. Sellards resented Starfleet's presence in the region and the defensive emplacements they had insisted be installed to protect the base. She made several unsuccessful attempts to convince Theo into advocating their removal. Every time he refused and every time it ended acrimoniously. After one argument, Theo takes the USS Kumari, the Captain's Yacht on a test flight and crashes on a planet where he was quickly captured by Human Augments who had somehow ended on the planet. Following this he became embroiled in the politics of Dehner Base when it transpired that Professor Sellards was hiding evidence of an important archeological discovery on Delta Vega II: ancient Tkon artefacts. The two clashed several times before he ordered Columbia into a nebula in pursuit of raiders that had stolen the artefacts. This was a success and it led to Theo and Sellards calling a truce. He also agreed to allow Jev crim Glev, Dehner Base's head of archeology to work onboard Columbia full time. Theo then established first contact with the Imperial Losarian Commonwealth and agreed to an officer exchange program, which has led to friendly relations between the Federation and the Commonwealth. He once again encountered Tkon technology on an abandoned world and saved the Ma'rithh Kenn people from extinction within an advanced computer network of Tkon origin. Most recently, he encountered the Shanshuri after being duped into believing that five members of his senior staff were killed in the of duty. He and the remaining crew uncovered evidence of the Shanshuri's duplicity also unearthed evidence of a powerful new foe within the Sagittarius Reach who occupy a different phase variance.

Reassignment to the Corps of Engineers and the USS Gorkon

Columbia’s mission was prematurely cancelled after Starfleet Command grew concerned about the ship’s presence altering the balance of power in the region. Recalled to the Federation, the ship was decommissioned once again. Theo was reassigned to oversee new starship construction techniques at Utopia Plantia- an assignment that he resented as he felt he was being sidelined. When he announced that he was considering retiring in protest at what he felt was unjust treatment, he was seconded to the Starfleet Corps of Engineers and assigned to the USS Gorkon to assess its suitability for the new Warp XV engine. An encounter with his former helmsman Jona ch’Ranni helped to assuage some of the guilt he felt in regards to Columbia’s decommissioning.

Friends, Significant Others, and Notable Colleagues


MirraEzo Red.png

Mirra Ezo

Mirra is Theo's best friend of four years. They first met as junior officers aboard the USS Columbia. Their friendship grew after Theo placed himself between Mirra and the pirate known as Chennel during an away mission to Hemix I. Mirra has a tendency to become exasperated at what she perceives at Theo's reckless streak and his tendency to put himself in harm's way to protect the officers under his command. After the Columbia was withdrawn from active service, they were reunited when they were both assigned to StarBase 118 (Theo was assigned there two months earlier). Their assignment aboard 118 was marked by repeated clashes with Chennel and their fierce protectiveness for each other ensured that they both survived each encounter. Mirra took a Leave of Absence from Starfleet following Chennel's final defeat (and death) and the two lost contact while she recuperated from the injuries that she had sustained. However, they once more encountered each other during the USS Blackwell's mission to Arndall in the Par'tha Expanse. Theo was by now a starship commander and he reactivated her Starfleet commission, assigning her to the Blackwell as a Diplomatic Officer. She followed him to the Columbia in September 2395 but was reassigned shortly afterwards. The two remain in contact despite Columbia's assignment at the edge of the galaxy.

Sal Taybrim Captain.png

Sal Taybrim.

More than just Theo's former Commanding Officer, Sal Taybrim became Theo's mentor in the two years he spent as the Betazoid's Executive Officer. It was Sal who first spotted Theo's potential and transferred him out of engineering and put him on to the command track. Starbase 118's struggles against the resurgent Orion Syndicate and the corrupt Starfleet officials in their pockets led the two men working closely to thwart them. This working relationship eventually blossomed in to a close friendship, with Theo learning much about command and even himself as Sal guided him through tough times with gentle support and encouragement. After one arduous mission, Theo contemplated leaving Starfleet but the strength of loyalty to Sal made him realise he was where he needed to be. Even after Theo's reassignment to the USS Blackwell the two remained in touch and it was Sal who was given the honour of promoting Theo to Captain. When Sal himself was promoted, the Columbia's assignment to the Sagittarius Reach meant he was unable to attend the promotion ceremony- however he still found the time to send his close friend a message of congratulations.



As an Intelligence officer, Aitas was mandated to report to Theo weekly to brief him on events within the Trinity Sector. Through these meetings, a deep friendship blossomed with Aitas becoming one of Theo's most trusted confidants and vice versa. First encountering her during the the station's second encounter with Haz Arrihman, he spotted her potential and made it his business to get know the promising Vulcan/Betazoid hybrid. After learning of her past as a slave of the Orion Syndicate, he was noticeably more protective of her and was distrustful of her father-figure, Jakarn. He was present when she was reunited with her biological father in the mines of Dominicus VI. They were known to meditate together in their off-duty hours. Their friendship hit a rocky patch when Theo left the station abruptly in the wake of Baylen Anders' return from captivity (which also left his burgeoning romance with Taelon, Aitas' adoptive brother-figure in jeopardy). Despite this, they were firm friends once more and she and her newborn son travelled to Deep Space 26 to witness Theo's promotion to Captain.

Significant Others


Baylen Anders (Ex).

Theo and Baylen first met in battle during StarBase 118's first battle with the renegade Haz Arrihman. Theo found himself drawn to the free-spirited yet conflicted Risian Mission Specialist and they quickly established a rapport with one another. Shortly after returning to StarBase 118, the two embarked on a relationship. It was Baylen who arranged for Theo to move into his apartment in the station's Commercial Sector and who helped him move in. After an arduous mission to Tilanna V, Baylen began fostering an orphan whose parents had been drug addicts. Although he was surprised by Baylen's decision, Theo supported him wholly- and even took on some parental responsibilities- although this was never formalised. A short while later, Baylen apparently recorded a message for Theo stating that he was taking Mason and raising him on Risa as he felt life aboard 118 was too dangerous and dissolved their relationship. Theo was crushed and in a depressed state, he thought about terminating his career with Starfleet. Shortly before he assumed command of the USS Blackwell he learned that Baylen and Mason were in fact prisoners of the Orion Syndicate. Thrown by the revelation, Theo kept his dealings with Baylen strictly professional. He took command of the Blackwell without discussing the situation with Baylen. Regardless, he seems to have made peace with his decision.

Notable Colleagues

Jarred Thoran 5.png

Jarred Thoran.

Theo first met Jarred on his first day aboard the USS Blackwell where the man was serving as Chief Security Officer. One of his first acts was to promote Thoran to Lieutenant Commander, believing that it should have already happened. Having a talent for spotting promising command-level candidates, he saw this in Jarred and kept an eye on him. Following the reassignment of his second XO, Caden Adyr, Theo offered Jarred the chance to serve as First Officer and he was grateful when he agreed. Theo affectionately refers to Thoran by the title 'Number One'. While there is a clear CO/XO dynamic between the two, Theo was noticeably grief stricken when he was duped into believing that Thoran and four other members of an away team had been killed in an explosion. Theo also trusted Jarred enough to allow him to represent the Federation and Starfleet on an officer exchange program with the Imperial Losarian Commonwealth.

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At one time there was a chance that Theo and Taelon could have been more than colleagues. Theo developed feelings for the socially awkward El-Aurian scientist after several assignments together. But his reticence to commit in the wake of the end of Baylen Anders' departure from station meant that little progressed between the two of them aside from a number of dates. Theo's own abrupt departure from the station laid to rest any hope of a relationship, something that Theo still feels guilt over. But despite that, Theo admired Taelon's knowledge and skills as a scientist and the two relied on each other's strengths to overcome various adversity. When Taelon was declared missing after encountering a temporal anomaly, Theo was deeply troubled and had Starfleet send him regular updates on their search for him. He was relieved when he was found after being temporally displaced, although decided not reopen contact to give the man time to heal.

Rolla Haneer.

Originally assigned to StarBase 118's hub as a communications officer, the Angosian was later appointed as Theo's administrative assistant. She later served as his Yeoman aboard the USS Blackwell and then the USS Columbia. She was also assigned as a Bridge Relief Officer in June of 2396. Theo values Rolla's ability to keep his mountainous paperwork in order, although has long grown frustrated with her tendency to nag at him. They have a combative yet playful professional relationship with many of Theo's sarcastic comments directed at or about Rolla. He has also been known to good-naturedly mock her 'enormous mane of curly hair'.


Anath G'Renn.

On top of being a fellow lover of tea, Theo trusts Anath G’Renn to look after the welfare of the 750 people who live and work aboard the Columbia. When her fiancee, Savok, joined the Columbia as a civilian researcher, Theo was humbled to be asked to officiate their marriage. She was also on hand to soothe Theo concerns over the possibility over member's of the crew becoming espers if they came in to contact with the Galactic Barrier. From from just being Theo's Chief Medical Officer, Anath G'Renn had become a trusted friend and confidant- and he told her family as much when they aboard for her and Savok's nuptials.

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Olivia Sellards.

Fractious is possibly the best word to describe the relation between Theo and the Director of Research of Dehner Base. Their ugly and acrimonious arguments characterised much of the first few weeks aboard the Columbia owing to Theo's refusal to advocate for the dismantling the defensive emplacements meant to protect the civilian research station. Relations further fell apart between the two when Sellards intentionally hid the discovery of ancient Tkon artefacts from Theo and the Columbia crew, even when mercenaries stole them to sell on the local black market. Pressed to explain herself, Sellards confided in Theo in her difficult past with Starfleet. A little more sympathetic, Theo could finally understand her reluctance to work with Starfleet. At present, the two have a civil if unease working relationship that works best when there are several hundred light years between them.

Service History

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet First Class 239203.16-239203.16 Graduated Starfleet Academy Engineering Cadet
STO Ensign Yellow.jpg
Ensign 239203.24 - 239205.03 USS Columbia Engineering Officer
STO Lieutenant-JG Yellow.jpg
Lieutenant JG 239205.03 - 239207.26 USS Columbia Engineering Officer
STO Lieutenant Yellow.jpg
Lieutenant 239207.26 - 239211.16 USS Columbia Chief Engineer
STO Lieutenant Yellow.jpg
Lieutenant 239211.16 - 239212.14 StarBase 118 Ops

& USS Albion

Chief Engineer
STO LtCommander Red.jpg
Lieutenant Commander 239212.14 - 239309.09 StarBase 118 Ops

& USS Albion

Executive Officer
STO LtCommander Red.jpg
Lieutenant Commander 239309.09 - 239406.06 StarBase 118 Ops

& USS Columbia

Executive Officer
STO Commander Red.jpg
Commander 239406.06 - 239412.04 StarBase 118 Ops

& USS Columbia

Executive Officer
STO Commander Red.jpg
Commander 239412.04 - 239509.04 USS Blackwell

of the Andaris Task Force

Commanding Officer
STO Captain Red.jpg
Captain 239509.04 - 239509.10 USS Blackwell

of the Andaris Task Force

Commanding Officer
STO Captain Red.jpg
Captain 239509.10 - 239611.05 USS Columbia Commanding Officer
STO Captain Yellow.jpg
Captain 239611.05 - 239701.03 Utopia Plantia Ship Yards New Starship Construction Division, Commanding Officer
STO Captain Yellow.jpg
Captain 239701.03 - PRESENT USS Gorkon Starfleet Corps of Engineers Consultant



  • Theo is embarrassed by his middle name, Michelangelo, perceiving it to be “pretentious”. It took him several months to disclose it to Mirra Ezo. When writing his signature he often shortens his name to “Theo M. Whittaker as a result.
  • Though his background is in engineering he detests Jeffries Tubes, finding them uncomfortable and claustrophobic.
  • Numerous people have commented that Theo has an “unnatural attachment” to the USS Columbia. Theo freely admits that he is extremely fond of the vessel but disagrees that it is unnatural, claiming that many engineers are attached to their first assignments.
  • Theo nicknames his ready room aboard the USS Blackwell “the broom closet” owing to its extremely small size in comparison to his office aboard StarBase 118. This later caught on amongst the crew of the medical vessel.
  • Though he has never stated outright, Theo is (by 21st century definitions) pansexual as he is attracted to individuals rather than specific genders.
  • He is a noted fan of Lady Shadonna, a popular Federation singer. He was once assigned to bring her to StarBase 118 for a concert and ended up saving her life after they were kidnapped by Orion Syndicate operatives. Unconfirmed rumours suggest that the two may have gotten inebriated after this incident, although Theo has always denied this.

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