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Starbase 118 Ops & USS Columbia
Position Science Lab Technician
Rank Crewman 3rd Class
Species Ornaran
Gender Male
DOB 237506.15
Age 25
Birthplace TuJion, Ornara

Medical RecordAcademy Transcript

K'Mal is currently serving as a science lab technician aboard Starbase 118 Ops and the support vessel USS Columbia.


  • Full Name: K'Mal
  • Alias: K’Mal TuJion OR K’Mal TuJion-Vordyn **
  • Date of birth (Age): 25
  • Species: Ornaran
  • Gender: Male
  • Hair color: Sandy Blond
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Height:1.75m (5 foot 9 in)

** Note: Surname is only used in State Functions. Not really a surname but province related to the geographical family location.


  • Parents: Valla TuJion (mother), Tor'Nik TuJion (father deceased)
  • Siblings: Seleion (sister)
  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None

Origin of Birth

  • Planet: Ornara
  • Country: Nation of Uynar
  • Province: TuJion
  • Village: Vordyn (now called Neiroob)
  • Current Living Address: Starbase 118, Deck 1976, Section 12, Apartment 105

Chronological Timeline

  • 2364 - Ornaran's lost access to Felicium
  • 237506.15 - Born on Ornara / Delos III
  • 238402.12 - Civil War officially starts in the Nation of Uynar.
  • 238611.07 - Father dies in civil war in southern continent country of "Uynar"
  • 238904.05 - Mother and children fled Ornara and applied to StarFleet for refugee status. (12yo)
  • 239307.12 - Enters Starfleet as Recruit.
  • 239410.04
    • Completes Basic Starfleet Training (Crewmember 3rd Class)
    • Accepted into Work-Study (Sciences)

History: Abridged

Born in 2375, K’Mal is the 2nd child of Tor’Nik and Valla. He grew up in the village of Vordyn in a time of civil unrest. As a young child he and his family lived in a rural outskirt of the town, away from the civil disobedience and climbing rates of crime. Religion and science were at war with each other in this depressed country of TuJion. More than 60% of all people from his Nation of Uynar were poverty stricken. Houses were little more than hand built shacks made by families. Parents, children, and sometimes grandparents and extended family members lived with K’Mal and his family. Disease went hand in hand with the poverty of the nation as well as regression in freedoms, liberties, and taboo’s by Federation standards. His country had taken so many steps backwards due to the greed of the wealthy and the subjugation of the religious. When the void of extortion from the Brekkians left the planet in dire parallel, there were always those who would seek to fill that void.

In 2384, when K’Mal was just eight years old, civil war broke out across the country. Government officials were murdered in mass and a revolt for the “good” of the people began. It was the beginning of a three year war that cost the lives of tens of thousands. In 2386, one of the military groups seized control over Vordyn and in an attempt to fight off the army from taking his land, Tor’Nik, K’Mal’s father, was captured and executed. The execution was held in public in the rubble of the town square to show all the citizens what would happen if they did not join the army’s cause. K’Mal was forced to witness the event along with his mother and sister. Their land was seized by the army and Valla, K’Mal’s mother, took her children and fled into the night. The survivors sought public shelters, friends, anyone willing to take them in. Many refused to help. Some even considered them criminals on the run. This would last nearly a year.

By mid-year 2387, the civil war had come to an end. The new government had been formed with the levers of power in control by a church who was willing to help anyone in need so long as at least lip service was given. Those would questioned the church or whose loyalty was in question would often be beaten or murdered by vigilantes all in the name of “the greater good.” Oppression had taken over from exploitation. Prior to The Global Trade Crisis roughly 20 - 25% of the nation had a religious belief. Today, more than 95% have or claim to have a strong religious affiliation in the country of Uynar.

For the next two years, Valla worked odd jobs just to keep the children fed. They lived with another family also living in poverty. The housing was constructed of very little lumber or modern materials that you might find in other nations on Ornara. It was truly a developing nation. The luxury of technology was scarce in her land. The remains of Uynar was rebuilt under the direction of the new governmental power and the city was renamed Neiroob. Valla wanted something more for her children than even herself.

As Brekka and Ornara began new trade agreements between their worlds, some of the darker and more sinister of traders were looking for “indentured servitude” aka contracted slave labor. Those who were against the government or didn’t uphold the religion were often either placed in prison or sold into a black market. Through one of these Brekkian men, Valla bartered herself to enter into a contract so long as her children, K’Mal and his sister Seleion, were cared for. The trader agreed and with that, K’Mal, his sister Seleion, and his mother Valla all boarded a tradeship for Brekka. The three of them and 43 others were the “commodity” of the trip.

After leaving the planet on its way to Brekka, the ship suffered engine failure. A distress beacon was sent out and the USS Betelgeuse responded. The Captain and crew told the Federation ship that if the ship were not fixed in time their commodity, livestock, would likely die and they needed to get back to Brekka as quickly as possible to deliver the goods to the owners. Once the away team came aboard to help fix the problem, they were restricted to certain sections of the ship.

K’Mal and his family, and the other families now contracted to indentured servitude were told that if they spoke or made a sound that it would violate the contract and there would be no reason to carry them to Brekka and that they would be thrown out into space to die if they made any sounds. One of the women on board had an infant baby. When the baby started to cry, one of the Starfleet engineers heard it coming from the locked cargo bay. It was the sound of a human(oid) child. As the baby continued to cry, the mother desperately tried to silence the child. In an act of unthinkable horror, the slave trader, now owner of the mother, silenced the child permanently. Two Starfleet Engineers standing near the cargo bay conversing about the engine problem heard the baby crying and the sudden sound of phaser fire and the silence. K’Mal witnessed this entire event before his eyes. This scared 12 year old boy was now witness to two executions before him. One of his father and now an infant.

The Starfleet personnel banged on the door and eventually broke through the bay door after shorting out the computer terminal. To their own horror, they found the prisoners, the woman, the children, and the Brekkian slave traders. One of the woman sitting on the floor asked, in defiance of the Brekkian, for help. The Brekkian objected and told the woman to be silent. The Brekkian noted that it was against Starfleet’s Prime Directive. That’s when five of the woman, one of which was Valla, moved toward the Starfleet Crewman and began to beg for Sanctuary. This was a defining moment that would change K’Mal’s life forever.

All 45 surviving were removed from the Brekkian tradeship and moved onto the USS Betelgeuse. Initially the Captain was going to return the people to Ornara until it was learned that it was the Government of Uynar that had set forth the trade negotiations with Brekka. The other countries of Ornara set up strong sanctions against the country. The survivors were granted refuge from both other countries of Ornara and the Federation itself. Valla chose not to return to Ornara and stayed with the Federation.

They were delivered to Starbase 103 for processing and reassignment. (This starbase was chosen as it is the most likely closest to Ornara as it appears in the episode The Arsenal of Freedom which is the episode before Symbiosis which featured the Ornarans and the Brekkians) Once processed, Valla and the kids were sent to Starbase 118 where K’Mal would live his life until entering Starfleet.

Starbase 118 was simply amazing to K’Mal. Life had taken a turn for the better. There was no violence, no worry of being robbed. No one trying to take land. He lived in space… actual space! Starfleet did what they could to help the family transition to their new life. K’Mal was so happy in the secure feeling. He quickly made friends with other children on the space station and his respect and debt to Federation was something he vowed to one day repay.

It was during his education on Starbase 118 that he became interested in the sciences. Something about fossils really interested him and that lead to understanding minerals and eventually bio-mineralogy. The interest drives him to understand cultures of ancient and forgotten worlds, to seek out fossilized remains and understand evolution on planets and to find and understand how minerals in rock play a part in the makeup of living things. After all, we are all made of star stuff.

By the time he was 16, K’Mal knew he wanted to enlist into Starfleet. At 17 he had convinced himself that the quickest route to serving the Federation was the one year academy program and become an crewman. He planned to enter into a work study situation where he would become a crewman and take courses while he worked to eventually gain a degree in mineralogy and eventually bio-mineralogy which would require studies in biology and (xeno) paleontology. If he wanted to stay in school that long it would be a decade before he ever stepped into a role of serving Starfleet. Therefor, the work study program was the way he wanted to go.

On Stardate 239307.12 K’Mal officially entered into Starfleet. It was a proud day and even better days are soon to come.

Starfleet Records

Service History

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Crewman Third Class 239410.04 - Present Starbase 118 Ops / USS Columbia Science Laboratory Technician

Awards & Service Ribbons

For award descriptions, see: Awards and Service Ribbons
Awards and Service Ribbons
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 239410.04
Starfleet Academy
Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.

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