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The foyer of this Bolian restaurant is wall to wall aquariums. It is separated from the rest of the restaurant by a bridge that traverses an indoor stream complete with miniature Terza fish and crustaceans. Every table is its own aquarium and each table backs up to an aquarium half wall. Every few feet there are various kinds of waterfalls, from crashing and thundering, 50 foot high straight- drop falls to lower, gentle multi-tiered falls. And each one cascades into a natural-environment pond.

The light fixtures were not lights of any technological means. They are miniature aquariums filled with Gilossa fish. These fishes are traditionally found in the deep Agius seas. They create their own light and are the only source of light in the restaurant, often swimming so fast, that they leave light trails in their wake.

One notable creation of this restaurant is Bolian Falafel.

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