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Bolian falafel

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A dish that changes up the Terran Falafel to better fit Bolian tastes, the Bolian Falafel is one of many cross-cultural creations from Starbase 118.


  • Place of Origin: Starbase 118 (based on Bolian cuisine)
  • Preferred Temperature: warm to the touch
  • Prominent Flavors: a spicy blend of cumin, parsley, and traditional Bolian spices
  • Serving Suggestions: can be served as a finger food, sandwich filling, or on a platter
  • Prominent Ingredients: chickpea, spices, herbs
  • Preferred Meal / Course: lunch, snack, or dinner

Physical Description

Bolian falafel is traditionally served as a flattened patty approximately six centimeters in diameter and three centimeters thick. The crusty brown outside conceals a soft, steaming center.

Notes on taste

Bolian falafel is significantly spicier than its Terran counterpart, from which it was developed. It also includes additional flavors typical of Bolian cuisine.


Bolian falafel is one of the many foods developed aboard Starbase 118. Originally developed by the chef of the Aquarium, it represents one of the boons of cultural crossroads such as those offered on the Promenade.