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Crew of the USS Apollo
Andrus Jaxx

STO RAdml Red.jpg
  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Commanding Officer
  • Ship: USS Apollo-A
  • Rank: Rear Admiral
  • Race: Betazoid
  • Marital Status: Single

Personal Logs  ·   Medical Records   ·   Sim Archive
  • DoB: 235905.03
  • Weight: 227
  • Height: 6’2’’
  • Eye color: Black
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Birthplace: Medara, Betazed
  • Telepathic/Empathic Abilities: T4/E6

Awards & Service Ribbons

Awards ServiceRibbons medicalscience 2013.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons WarWithBorg 2011.jpg
Awards General Neelix 2011.jpg
Awards General SheathedSword 2011.jpg
Awards General 3Year 2011.jpg
Awards General 5Year 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons PurpleHeart 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons Explorers 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons Peacekeeper 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons LifesavingBasic 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons LifesavingSilver 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons HobusHeroism 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons RomulanCampaign 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons battleforbajor 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons GoodConduct 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons SilverStar 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons POW 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons JointMeritoriousUnit 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons TemporalFlow 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons FirstContact 2011.jpg
Awards Special Boothby 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons DistinguishedService 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons medicalscience 2013.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons WarWithBorg 2011.jpg
Awards Staff PikePendantMedal 2011.jpg
Awards Staff StaffMemberOfTheYearMedal 2011.jpg
Awards Staff PicardMedal 2011.png
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Rear Admiral Andrus Jaxx is currently the Commanding Officer of the USS Apollo-A.

Family Information

  • Father: Tylon Jaxx, Office of High Defense, Betazed(ret), Member of the Federation Council.
  • Mother: Bjenta Jaxx, Daughter of the 8th House of Betazed(House of Intuition).
  • Siblings: Colonel Leton Jaxx, Betazed Defense Force.
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Spouse: None
  • Children: Mykel Jaxx- Son(Missing), McKenzie Jaxx - Daughter(Missing)

Personal History


Jaxx was born and raised in Medara, Betazed the capitol city. Medara is located on the largest of the planets continents. The ruling council holds its sessions in the city, where each of the great houses of Betazed maintain a residence in order that they can be present for the sessions of the council. Most of these residences border the vast Plaza of Contemplation, which rests in the center of the city and serves of the focus for the spiritual lives of the citizens. There are several smaller temples and spiritual sites, however, for all large celebrations and holy days, the great plaza is used.

Medara is a vast and very spread out city; it sprawls over and becomes intertwined with the local landscape. Vast gardens displace the houses, and the radiative nature of the way the city was built allows a simple split up of the various districts, with the inner religious and governmental quarters giving way to the business and commercial areas of the city before moving out into the sprawled residential areas. Being a religious city, there are numerous temples and places of religious significance within all areas of the city. The Betazed people are careful to maintain their sacred sites, and often the ruling members of the houses share religious duties as part of their daily routine.

Jaxx was born into the 8th House of Betazed, The House of Intuition. After the war, his father assumed the role of High Office of Defense. After serving a couple terms, he ran for and was elected to the Federation Council. His mother was the Lady of the 8th House, and served on the ruling council. She rarely traveled away from Betazed.

Brought up, Jaxx was always taught to put others before himself. His father expected him and his brother to serve in the Betazed Defense Force. He wanted them to serve a great life, to protect all Betazoids. His mother wanted them to be part of the ruling class, and spend his days with the rest of the people in high society. Jaxx finished secondary school, graduated and went to The University of Betazed, where he obtained his doctorate in psychological studies, a fairly easy task for a Betazoid. When he returned, his father demanded he join the force, he refused, and settled on a different path. After a year and a half of additional studies, he had been accepted to Starfleet Academy. Jaxx's father was surprised that he chose Starfleet. It was never his goal. When Jaxx was asked why, he told his father he joined for Saraa. He wanted her sacrifice to mean something, and putting on the uniform every day would remind him of it.

Jaxx has done everything he could to shed his title on Betazed, and become a Starfleet officer. On Betazed his is known as Andrus Jaxx, Son of the 8th House of Betazed, Keeper of the Holy Seal of Polea. Jaxx looked at his title as a bunch of nonsense and only uses it when it is at his advantage, or when he is home.

When he joined Starfleet, Jaxx resided at a ranch his parents had on Earth. It was not large in size, but Jaxx kept a horse and would ride during downtime from his studies. Most Betazoids avoided riding horses because they could feel what the animal felt. Denara had a great spirit and Jaxx felt very close to him. Denara is too old to ride, but Jaxx has a holodeck program featuring the Friesian.


  • 235705.03 - Born to Tylon and Bjenta Jaxx. Eldest child to the 8th House of Betazed.
  • 236901.05 - Began Advanced Secondary School
  • 237401.15 - Completed Advanced Secondary School, finishing Eighth in his class.
  • 237401.25 - Began attending the University of Betazed. Dominion War Begins.
  • 237404.25 - Becomes engaged to Saraa Dalan, pre-arranged.
  • 237405.30 - Dominion destroys the 10th Fleet and invades Betazed.
  • 237406.01 - Saraa is killed by Dominion soldier.
  • 237411.05 - Federation retakes Betazed.
  • 237501.25 - Andrus decides to major in Psychology.
  • 237801.08 - Andrus graduates 3rd in his class with a doctorate, ahead of schedule.
  • 237802.01 - 237808.02 - CLASSIFIED
  • 237808.15 - Andrus joins Starfleet Academy, double majoring in Tactical and Intelligence.
  • 238410.08 - Andrus graduates Starfleet Academy.
  • 238410.09 - Andrus is immediately dispatched to the USS Challenger.
  • 238605.26 - Andrus is transferred to the USS Resolution
  • 238605.26 - Andrus assumes the position of First Officer
  • 238610.01 - Andrus is transferred to the USS Eagle as Strategic Operations Officer.
  • 238601.11 - Andrus is reassigned to a special project for StarFleet Command and is recalled to Earth.
  • 238706.08 - Andrus is given temporary command of the USS Victory to transport her from Earth to Starbase 118.
  • 238706.12 - Andrus is notified that the USS Eagle is missing, and is ordered to begin a search for her.
  • 238706.18 - The crew of the USS Victory located the USS Eagle, and brought Admiral Rocar and LtCmdr Webb on board.
  • 238706.18 - Andrus transfers command to Rear Admiral Rocar Drawoh, and remains to serve as his First Officer.
  • 238710.02 - Andrus is promoted to full Commander and assumes command of the USS Victory.
  • 238803.27 - Andrus is promoted to Captain and finds out he is going to be a father.
  • 238807.01 - Andrus arrives and takes command of Starbase 118.
  • 238902.03 - Andrus takes command of the USS Apollo.
  • 238910.19 - Andrus is promoted to Fleet Captain.
  • 239104.06 - Andrus is promoted to Rear Admiral.

Personal Notes

Interests and Hobbies

Andrus enjoys working out, and staying fit. As part of his daily work-out, he can be found in the holodeck taking part in some physical activity. Many of his exercise routines involve sports of some type. He enjoys racquetball, fencing, and skiing. When not engaged in sporting activities in his work-out, he also can be found running along a beach, or sparring with multiple foes. He is one of few Betazoids that have become prominent with the Bat'leth.

On occasion, he can be found meditating. He finds it peaceful, and it allows him to clear his mind. Another of his hobbies is music. He is a fan of Human, Betazoid, and Bajoran Classical composers. He also likes to listen to Klingon Opera, but only in private, as most people cannot stand it.


Jaxx carries himself in a cocky manner. He does not need anyone's approval, so he rarely does anything to please another person. He works and lives based on his own set of ideals and principals. He follows orders to perfection, but is not afraid to question them in private. He is often found taking the opposing side in a debate with a CO, only to give the other side a voice, even if he is in agreement with the CO.

Andrus is highly empathic but does not consider others feelings before speaking. At times he can be viewed as insulting, when in essence he is being brutally honest. He has never found a use for lying, nor is he good at it. His sense of humor is great, he can often be found throwing in jokes at the worse possible times. He is able to mix in his humor, because he usually keeps a level head and rarely panics. He is known for never cracking under pressure.

Andrus likes getting to know the officers he serves with. Often, he can be found socializing with them. He has an ability to size up new officers and know if he will like them or not. Very few officers are on his bad side, but the ones who are know to stay out of his way.

Likes and Dislikes


Andrus likes trying new things. He is often trying new dishes listed in the replicators database. He loves home cooked meals, but stays out of the kitchen. Cooking was not something he was ever good at.

Jaxx his an avid swimmer. He spends quite a bit of time in the water, when he can manage. While these days they are often limited to the holodeck, if a location has a beach you can probably find him there. Whether it is cliff diving on Izar, or surfing on Echevar, you can find him in the water when he gets the chance.

He can be found socializing with the crew in his down time. It isn't odd for him to just stop by a department to chit chat with the officers within it. Part of his charm is that he looks at crewmen with the same eyes. He is not above rolling up his sleeves and working with the lower ranked members of the crew. At times officers are confused as to why he would spend time scrubbing plasma coils, or working with the torpedo launchers. It is this fact that many of the crew look at him as a great officer. He keeps his head from getting bigger, no matter what position he holds.

Jaxx enjoys keeping in shape, running and a good cardio workout are usually how he starts his day. He loves all types of music but his favorite, is early Earth Classical. Jaxx is one of few Betazoids that can use a Bat'leth. He does not enjoy social gatherings as most Betazoids do. He finds his Betazoid Nobility more of a pain than anything, which was a part of the reason he joined StarFleet.

Part of his dislikes have defined who he is as a person. He hates dishonesty and does not like being kept out of the loop on ship related matters. He prides himself on knowing what he known to others while on duty. He tends to get very angry if he finds something has been kept from him.

Amongst his other dislikes, are the Marines. He feels they have a place and a purpose, and it is not on a starship. He has no problem deferring to their expertise on the ground, but on a starship he feels they should be seen and not heard. He lumps them all into the same group, as stubborn neanderthals that rely on their weapons instead of their minds. There have only been a couple Marines that he has allowed himself to see as individuals.


TylonJaxx.jpg Tylon Jaxx, Federation Council (Betazed)
Jaxx was always closer to his father than he was his mother. He felt that his father understood him and his ambitions more than his mother. While he had faith that his mother loved him and only wanted what was best for him, he followed in his father's footsteps. Tylon Jaxx served in the High Office of Defense in the years after the Dominion War, and ushered in upgrades that would protect the planet if anyone tried to invade again. When he was finished serving his terms in office, he ran to represent Betazed on the Federation Council, where he as served since. Jaxx often talks to his father, using him to check in on his mother as they hardly talk.

BjentaJaxx.jpg Bjenta Jaxx, Lady of the 8th House of Betazed
Bjenta is a typical woman of the 8th House of Betazed. She spends her days at social gatherings and includes herself in the hierarchy of Betazoid culture. As a member of a House of Betzed, she serves in a political capacity on the planet, focusing on mundane legislation. She had tried her whole life to get her boys interested in the house affairs, as she hoped one day one of them would assume control. Her constant pushing and questioning has led to a strained relationship with her eldest son, Andrus.

LetonJaxx.jpg Colonel Leton Jaxx, Betazed Defense Force
The youngest child of the Jaxx family, Leton remained on Betazed to be close to his mother, but joined the Defense Force under his father while he was in the High Office of Defense. He had his brother Andrus have a good relationship and talk when they get the chance. Over recent years he has begun to learn the duties of leading the 8th House from his mother. Knowing his brother would never rise to lead the house, he felt obligated to do so.

Kali6.jpg Kali Nicholotti
Former XO and Best Friend
Jaxx met Kali when she was a green 2nd Lieutenant assigned to the USS Resolution. Even though he hated Marines, he saw something different in her. On an away mission to a hostile environment, she saved his life. The cost was an artificial heart. Since then, he had always looked out for her, treating her as if she was his little sister. She went on to serve as his XO on the USS Victory and StarBase 118. At times, he feels as if the godmother to his twins is the closest family he has.

EganManno.jpg Cassie Egan Manno
Close Friend
Jaxx met Cassie while he was on Earth undertaking a special project for Starfleet Strategic Operations. The project was a Top Secret deployment plan for Federation forces along Klingon and Romulan borders. Commander Egan Manno was a Fleet Deployment Officer working on the project. They first had a mutual respect for each other and brought something unique to the project. During that time on Earth, Jaxx introduced Cassie to her partner.

TalonLee.jpg Talon Lee
Former Romantic Interest
After being assigned to the USS Challenger, Jaxx began dating Talon. It was not long before they were engaged, but would soon drift apart. They were very different people and it soon began to show. He found her to be irrational and jumped to conclusions. It was not too long before they separated badly. Talon went on to marry Miles Unum, who Jaxx had suspected had eyes for her while they were dating.

Adriana Morgan.jpg Adri Morgan
Former Romantic Interest & Friend
Soon after the split with Talon, Jaxx began dating fellow Betazoid, Adri. At the time, he felt he could relate and understand Betazoids much better than other species. They had an intense relationship, as most Betazoids did. While he was deeply in love with the woman, something held him back and they soon stopped seeing each other. Over the years they had remained friends and she eventually transferred to his command on the Apollo.

TressaProfile2.jpg Tressa
Former Romantic Interest
Jaxx took some time off from dating, but when he was ready to jump back in, he started seeing Tressa. The young Gideon was assigned as a Science Officer on the Victory. It was not long until their relationship blossomed. Eventually, Tressa became pregnant with twins. After they were born, things started fading once more between the two of them. Tressa wanted to transfer to a starbase where she could work on research. Thinking it was the best place for the kids, he allowed her to take them with her. On what was supposed to be a routine survey mission, the small craft they were on was destroyed. No sign of Tressa or the children has been found since.

Sidneypierce2.jpg Sidney Pierce
Former Romantic Interest
It took some time for Jaxx to want to date again, and started a brief romantic fling with Sidney. This developed slowly and did not last very long. They put their relationship behind them as she was recalled to Earth. They never got a chance to really get that close, as Jaxx was still closed off from the loss of Tressa and the children. But their short time together showed him that he was still able to feel something. They remain friends.

Sundassa.jpeg Sundassa Faranster
Current Romantic Interest
While on shore leave on the planet Izar, Jaxx invited himself to go cliff diving with some of the junior officers. Soon, it was just Jaxx and Sun. They had a great afternoon together, which prompted him to ask her out for the evening. Before they could go on their first date, Jaxx and the command staff were taken hostage in the hotel restaurant, leaving Sun on the outside to handle the negotiations.

Since then, their relationship had developed into something deep. Sun often spends the night in Jaxx's quarters, and they share quite a bit with each other. They still try to balance work and their personal life. It is hard to do since she became the First Officer.

Educational History


Primary School

Andrus began school at the age of four. Tylon and Bjenta enrolled him in the elite, Medara Academy. The school was specialized in educating gifted children. From an early age, Andrus was able to use his telepathic abilities. Most children born with their abilities in tact, often went insane because they were unable to turn off their perception. Andrus had the ability to control his telepathy just after the age of two. It was hypothesized that because he had the ability at a young age, that it aided him to learn at a faster rate. He finished Primary School early, excelling in many subjects.

Secondary School

At the age of nine, Andrus began secondary school at the Scholastic Institute of Medara. Andrus was above the curve on many subjects, and behind on a couple. He never had the aptitude to excel in the sciences. Due to his scores in the sciences, he fell from the top of his class to eighth. Shortly before his last year ended, he was accepted into the University of Betazed.

University of Betazed

The university's primary focus was psychology, species from many worlds in the Federation applied to study there. Following in suit he majored in psychology, with a minor focus in military tactics. His original goal was to serve Betazed in the Defense Force as his father did. During the invasion of Betazed Andrus' betrothed, Saara, was killed. Her plans were to join StarFleet to serve a higher calling, an idea Andrus felt was flawed. School ceased for a short period of time, but started during the occupation of Betazed. Andrus kept his head in the books and held onto his anger. Andrus soon graduated at the age of nineteen with a doctorate in psychology.


Upon completion of studies at the University of Betazed, Andrus began.....>>CLASSIFED<<

StarFleet Academy


To honor the memory of Saara, decided to apply to StarFleet Academy. After spending countless hours studying, he took the entrance exam. It was difficult and Jaxx was concerned he may not have passed it. When he received word that he had been accepted he decided that, as misplaced as he felt her ideals were, he had to join for her. Until her death, he had no desire to go beyond Betazed. Her dream was to join Starfleet as her brother did. Jaxx never saw eye to eye with that view, but after the war he started to understand what she was thinking.

With a degree under his belt in psychology, and a minor in Military Tactics, he chose to major in Tactical. As the studies became easier he decided to take on a second major of Intelligence. He spent six years at the Academy. Upon graduation, he was offered many positions on Earth, and on a few stations. He bypassed each assignment until he found a deep space assignment. He accepted the position as Counselor aboard the USS Challenger.

Throughout his career, Jaxx had been recalled to Earth. During his time on Earth he served as an instructor at the Academy, as well as working on special projects for Starfleet Command.

StarFleet History

Career Overview
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
STO Ensign Teal.jpg Ensign 238410.08-238411.05 USS Challenger Counseling Officer
STO Lieutenant-JG Teal.jpg Lieutenant JG 238411.05-238503.07
STO Lieutenant-JG Teal.jpg Chief Counseling Officer
STO Lieutenant Teal.jpg Lieutenant 238503.07-238508.27
STO LtCommander Teal.jpg Lt. Commander 238508.27-238601.29
STO LtCommander Red.jpg 238601.29-238605.26 Strategic Operations Officer/Second Officer
STO LtCommander Red.jpg 238605.26-238610.01 USS Resolution First Officer
STO LtCommander Yellow.jpg 238610.01-238706.18 USS Eagle Strategic Operations Officer
STO LtCommander Red.jpg 238706.18-238710.02 USS Victory First Officer
STO Commander Red.jpg Commander 238710.02-238803.27 Commanding Officer
STO Captain Red.jpg Captain 238803.27-238805.01
238805.01-23892.03 Starbase 118 Ops
238902.03-238910.19 USS Apollo
STO FltCapt Red.jpg Fleet Captain 238910.19-239104.06
STO RAdml Red.jpg Rear Admiral 239104.06-Present

Award History


2007 Awards

  • 238501.08 - 2007, Sheathed Sword

2008 Awards

  • 238601.05 - 2008, The Merria Medallion
  • 238601.05 - 2008, The Neelix Award

2011 Awards

  • 238901.04 - 2011, Christopher Pike Pendant, 3-Year Member Award

2012 Awards

  • 238912.31 - 2012, Staff Member of the Year, 5-Year Member Award

2013 Awards

  • 239101.01 - 2013, The Boothby Award

2014 Awards

  • 239201.01 - 2014, The Picard Award

Past Assignments


USS Apollo, NCC-71669


While spending shore leave on Echevar, Andrus was recalled to Earth. In the orders, he was directed to transfer command of Starbase 118 to Commander Kali Nicholotti. On stardate 238902.03, Andrus Jaxx assumed command of the newly commissioned USS Apollo. Upon assuming his new command, he asked Lt. Commander Liam Frost to service as his First Officer.

The USS Apollo was assigned to the Typhon Sector as their area of operation. They are assigned to Starfleet Strategic Operations and often the ship can be sent out on special missions. In late 2390, the ship was upgraded with the quantum slipstream drive allowing it to travel great distances, exploring areas that no Starfleet vessel has ever visited.

Missions on the USS Apollo

Starbase 118 Operations


After successfully commanding the USS Victory, newly minted Captain Andrus Jaxx was reassigned as the commanding officer of the massive Starbase 118. The Intrepid Class ship was reassigned as a support vessel for the station. Upon arriving, the station was attacked by the Scarlett Brotherhood. They had taken advantage of the change in crews and several explosive devices went off all over the station.

After a bit of quiet time, the Starbase was thrust into the middle of a diplomatic crisis involving what would become the Thracian Alliance. While Lt. Commander Kali Nicholotti took out the Victory to deal with a small Klingon invasion force, Captain Jaxx remained on the station to lead the diplomatic talks between all concerned parties.

Soon, Jaxx would receive word that he was reassigned, leaving the massive station in the capable hands of Commander Kali Nicholotti. Setting out for Earth, he awaited his new command.

Missions on Starbase 118 Ops

USS Victory, NCC-362447


Departing Earth, Lt. Commander Jaxx was given temporary command of the USS Victory to locate Rear Admiral Rocar. The USS Eagle had gone missing, and Starfleet Command feared the worst. Setting out in the Intrepid Class vessel, it did not take long for the crew to locate the Admiral and the downed ship. After transferring his flag to the Victory, Jaxx handed command of the Victory over to Rear Admiral Rocar. As soon as the action was done, Rocar asked Jaxx to remain on as First Officer.

Not long after finding the Admiral, he became ill. Jaxx once again assumed command of the Victory and was quickly promoted to the rank of Commander. While serving with distinction, and no positive prognosis, Starfleet Command gave him permanent command of the Victory.

After being promoted to Captain, Jaxx was transferred again to command Starbase 118. His former command, the USS Victory, was reassigned as the support ship for the station.

Missions on the USS Victory

USS Eagle, NCC-74659


After serving a stint as the First Officer of the USS Resolution, Jaxx was reassigned to the USS Eagle as the Strategic Operations Officer. It was the role he served in before moving to the Resolution. After serving for a short time, Lt. Commander Jaxx was recalled to Earth to work on a special project for Starfleet Strategic Operations involving rapid fleet deployments along the Klingon and Romulan borders.

Missions on the USS Eagle

USS Resolution, NCC-78145


After serving on the USS Challenger and USS Challenger-A with Commander Toni Turner, Lt. Commander Jaxx was offered the position of First Officer aboard the Nova Class ship. Transferring with Toni, Jaxx began working in his new position. Their first mission put them in the middle of a diplomatic crisis near the Duronis System.

After the crisis was adverted, they found themselves on Duronis II. Their mission was to assess the possibility of reestablishing relations with the Laudean government. It was a long mission, but in the end it was deemed that the Embassy should reopen, but at a later date. As soon as the mission was over, Jaxx stepped down as First Officer of the Resolution and was resigned to the USS Eagle.

Missions on the USS Resolution

USS Challenger, NCC-12886-A


After the destruction of the USS Challenger, the crew was moved back to Deep Space 24 while they awaited word of their fate. Fleet Captain T'Pen was given command of a new Sovereign Class ship, dubbed the USS Challenger-A to keep the namesake alive. The crew transferred to the new vessel. But before they could leave the system, explosions rocked the University of Shinraka.

Once stability was reestablished on the planet, the Challenger-A was set to depart for a shakedown cruise. Unfortunately, Lt. Commander Jaxx was unable to go with the ship. He had been given the opportunity to service as First Officer of the USS Resolution, under Commander Toni Turner.

Missions on the USS Challenger-A

USS Challenger, NCC-12886

USS Challenger.jpg

Fresh out of the Academy, Ensign Andrus Jaxx elected for a deep space assignment on the USS Challenger. He took the role of Counselor, even though his academy training focused in other areas. Having already attained a PhD in Psychology, it was a position he would be able to fill.

Rising through the ranks, he soon assumed the role of Strategic Operations Officer and Second Officer when he was a Lt. Commander. He continued to serve on the vessel until her destruction on stardate 238603.03. During the evacuation, Jaxx made sure every crewman was off of the ship, except Captain T'Pen. Departing in a shuttle with Commander Toni Turner, they were the last two off of the ship aside from the Captain.

After the destruction of the ship, the crew was sent to DS24 to await reassignment. It was not long before another Challenger would rise up to replace the Akira Class ship lost in battle.

Missions on the USS Challenger