Murder In Paradise (Starbase 118)

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--Stardate: 238901.08--

The senior staff enjoys a night away from the worries involved in running a huge station like Starbase 118. With the awards for the year handed out, the late night hours are danced away in The Retreat. No one has any idea that the coming days would bring anything more than a very welcome getaway on a planet that has something for everyone.

  • Three resorts were created around the globe, in different climates. Visitors only had access to the resort grounds, as the rest of the planet was reserved for the privacy of the Echevar citizens. The tower boasted the finest of the three resorts, both in amenities and climate. The waters were bright blue, and very warm. Sonic barriers kept all sea creatures outside the habitat zone, providing safety from the planets sea life. The other two resorts were not as rich in warmth. Echevar Hills Tower had beautiful views of the canyons, and with it came cooler winds. It was a beautiful place for hiking and outdoor activities. They realized that some species enjoyed hunting various creatures. As a means of population control, older wild animals were transported to the hunting zones to serve as prey. It helped to balance their eco system, as well as turn a profit. The final resort, Echevar Peak Tower, was in the mountains, covered in snow. The unique atmosphere and elements of the planet caused it to produce light blue snow. It was much different from the white snow on Earth, but only in color. All visitors had access to all three resorts, and could transport to carry out various activities.

Things aren't always as they seem, though, and when the body of a Starfleet officer washes up on the beach at one of the resorts, the Crew finds themselves back on duty as they try to uncover the mystery and find out just what kind of danger they have put themselves in.