Vantage Point (Apollo)

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Vantage Point

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"Take a look around gentlemen, we are not the petty ships you have been attacking for the last twelve hours. You are no longer welcome in this system, so go to Gre'Thor where you belong." ~ Captain Andrus Jaxx

Mission Began: 238908.20
Mission Complete: 238912.15


The crew of the USS Apollo was recalled to the Trinity Sector. The tensions between the Klingons and the Federation were elevating with the thought of the Klingons preparing to invade Romulan space. En route, they were diverted to rendezvous with the USS Mercury and provide escort cover across Federation space. The Mercury was ferrying a high level diplomat from the Detapa Council of Cardassia Prime.


The crew of the Apollo was alerted to a possible assassination plot on the Councilor's life. The crew began working with the crew of the Mercury to investigate and stop the plot from being carried out. They arrived in orbit of Betazed to rendezvous with the USS Mercury to provide safe passage through Federation space, and to help stop the assassination plot from unfolding. The reports were unclear as to the threat the Mercury and Councilor Prianna were facing. The crew had to be prepared for anything.


On their way, they received word of a poison that made it through StarBase 118, and found its way aboard the Mercury. They scrambled to put a name with the plot. With both Intel departments working closely, a name of one of the assassins was discovered. The would-be killer was part of Councilor Prianna's entourage. Both crews were able to spring into action to prevent the plot from happening.


Once the Councilor was safe, the Apollo delivered the Mercury safely to a war torn Romulan system so they could lend aid sent by the Cardassian Government, as well as the Federation. While still under the command of Liam Frost, the ship was confronted by a rogue Cardassian named Dreth. He sacrificed his ship and the people on it to escape. In the confrontation, Liam Frost ordered the Apollo to open fire. The ship was destroyed with very little force, leaving reason to suspect there was more than met the eye.


The Apollo diverted to the Thracian System where General Ma'Tag staged a hostile fleet to retake the system. The General was operating outside of the Klingon High Command. Meeting with the USS Victory and USS Achilles, the three ships engaged in a game of chicken with the Klingons. Neither side would directly fire at each other. In the end, the Klingons blinked and set of an explosion outside of their warp bubble, creating a massive shockwave. The Achilles tractored Commander Krax's ship and followed them out of the system. The Apollo and Victory were caught in the shockwave. To cut down damage to the Victory, Captain Jaxx ordered the Apollo between the shockwave and the small Intrepid Class ship. His hope was to divert as much force around the Victory as possible.


The Apollo limped back to StarBase 118 for repairs and an after party with the crews of the USS Victory, USS Mercury, and the USS Achilles.

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