Morgan, Adriana

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Adriana Morgan.jpg
Adriana Morgan


  • DoB: 236312.29
  • Age: 37
  • Weight: 155
  • Height: 5’7’’
  • Eye color: Black
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Birthplace: Betazed

PNPC of Kalianna Nicholotti

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  • Father: Talloc Morgan
  • Mother: Jenaa Morgan
  • Siblings: Katja Morgan (Sister), Tallus Morgan (Brother)


Adriana was raised in a middle class home in a small corner of Betazed. While there was not an overabundance of things, she never found herself wanting. She was surrounded by plant and animal life since the day she was born, and as such, she enjoys the company of such things.

She has two siblings, both older. As the youngest child, she was often doted on and spoiled by both her parents as well as her brother and sister. While she had to learn much about the hardships that exist out in the universe, she still maintains a happy and innocent stance almost all of the time. She loves to joke and just have a good time, often chasing what she wants on whims. Many of her friends and coworkers regard her as mischievous, but she rarely means any harm. As a result of her carefree life, she is often taken back by harsh emotions, and sometimes finds herself unable to handle extremes from those around her. She is prone to snap decisions and rarely regrets them, choosing to run with the lessons and the fun had along the way in a seemingly very free-spirited and Betazoid manner.

As a betazoid, Adriana is usually up front, honest, and seemingly arrogant about her abilities.

Adriana works well with almost anyone, and is happy to help out where she can. Though she has much to learn, she is loyal to the cause of peace without fail.

Having formed a close relationship with Lt.Cmdr. Jaxx throughout her duty assignments on the Resolution, Adri was heartbroken when he was reassigned. Choosing to return to the Academy, and finish what she needed to in order to get her commission, she stayed busy and tried to keep her mind off the man she still loved and missed horribly. She graduated at the top of her class, and was assigned to the USS Eagle on the recommendation of her sister, who was now a full commander and an integral member of Starfleet Medical. Though Adri was not sure why her sister would push the issue for this assignment, she went along with it. To her delight, a familiar name showed on the crew manifest when she received her orders. Looking forward to being reunited, Adriana packed and left for her new ship immediately.

Over time, Adri and Jaxx drifted apart. Duty pulled them to different assignments, and they both decided to simply let it go. Now, Adri has been assigned under his command once more on Starbase 118 Operations. Though they are not together anymore, Adri considers Jaxx a friend and harbors no ill will towards him or his new mate. In fact, Adri is glad that they both could move on having grown from the time they shared.

Now she embarks on a new journey in her assignment aboard Starbase 118.


After serving on 118 for a while, and watching her friends leave for deep space, Adriana became stir crazy. She sensed her best chance at reassignment to a place where she might be happy would be during a short visit from the Captain of the new USS Apollo when he came to promote Commander Kalianna Nicholotti to Captain. Requesting a transfer, after getting approval from Nicholotti, Adriana prepares to embark on a new journey as soon as the transfer is approved.

Throughout her first mission aboard the Apollo, Adriana quickly learns that things don't move too slow there. She also reminisces about her days at Jaxx's side, connecting with him during the crisis when they found out about Kalianna being injured, and being the friend that knew him well without quite going over the line. It was the one time she kept herself from the usual snap decisions that would normally have led to things that might have been problematic, but she learned that friendships were more valuable than the momentary fun.


In 2398, as news of the USS Resolution's destruction became widely spread news, Adriana found herself on a new path. This one set her on course to a ship she had served on once before - the USS Excalibur - A, reprising her role as communications officer. Before she could board, however, she found herself literally tangled up with another officer heading towards the same assignment, and in what was initially meant to be a simple moment to blow off some steam, Adriana ignited a passion that wouldn't fade quite so easily. After mentally mingling with the Trill Yogan Yalu, her horizontal sparring partner that initial night seemed to find a deeper meaning to their connection and followed it with a date to end all dates. By Talos' side, Adriana successfully completed her first orbital drop within the holodeck on DS224.


Adriana was born, raised, and educated on her home world of Betazed. She has always loved and excelled in writing, as well as linguistics. As such, she completed dual degrees in these two majors before enlisting in Starfleet.

Family History:

Born third of three children, she is the youngest and the most spoiled member of her family. The result is a happy-go-lucky young woman, who loves to joke around and enjoys life to the fullest.

She is the second member of the family to enter Starfleet, following in the footsteps of her older sister. Although her sister went into counseling, Adriana wanted to pursue a career in writing and linguistics.

Professional History

  • 237905.06 - Received Dual degrees: Writing and Linguistics
  • 238021.18 - Enlisted in Starfleet
  • 238607.01 - Received orders for transfer to USS Resolution
  • 238610.01 - Reassigned to USS Eagle
  • 238706.18 - Reassigned USS Victory
  • 238803.12 - Reassigned Starbase 118 as a communications officer.
  • 238909.25 - Transferred USS Apollo as a Communications specialist and Bridge Duty Officer
  • 239707.16 - Transferred USS Resolution as Communications specialist and Bridge Duty Officer