Above and Beyond (Apollo)

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Above and Beyond


" It's a testing facility. We stress test the new developments in there. One such test did not go so well. " ~ Major Aaron Stark

Mission Began: 239001.01
Mission Complete: 239005.01

Stardate 238912.13

The USS Apollo finishes leave on Starbase 118. Captain Andrus Jaxx met with Admiral Luke Reider and was promoted to the rank of Fleet Captain. With the good news, came the bad. Someone was manufacturing biogenic weapons at a small research facility in the Quatal System. The Apollo and her crew were dispatched to investigate, and prevent the weapons from coming to fruition.

Stardate 239001.25

Arriving on station, the crew was split into two separate away teams. The goal was to get as much intel on the facility as possible. Due to the atmospheric conditions of the planet, transporters and communications were not functional. Sent down in two separate shuttles, the crew began to carry out their mission.

Stardate 239002.16

While the away teams were on the surface, Fleet Captain Andrus Jaxx summoned the Chief Medical Officer, Jalana Laxyn to the bridge to fill the role of XO as a freighter was discovered entering the system. To mask the ship, Jaxx ordered it to a nearby moon, where the affects of the planet would mask the signature of the Apollo.

Stardate 239003.10

After working with the crew of the freighter, they supplied Jaxx with the codes that would open a gateway to the surface, unmarred by the violent ion storms. This allowed him to establish communications with the team on the ground. Things were deteriorating rapidly, and the complex's self destruct sequence had been initiated.

Stardate 239004.01

In an attempt to stop the fleeing mercenaries, Commander Liam Frost and Lt. Commander Viktor Lanius were injured. Making the decision, Jaxx called off pursuit so that the injured could be flown back to the ship. In the confusion members of the away team were left on the surface, prompting some light panic with those members of the team. With a hole in the storm opened, the Apollo used the shuttles as a way to piggy back a transport signature back to the ship, bring home the officers left behind.

Stardate 239004.25

In the wake of the mission, the hired mercenaries escaped and the complex was destroyed. The Apollo was heavy one support craft. One of the ships held by the mercenaries was used as means of escape for the team on the ground. A recovery effort was launched to bring the Apollo's damaged shuttle back to the ship for repairs. Soon after it was aboard, the Apollo left orbit and headed toward Izar for shore leave.

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