Gate to the Gods (Apollo)

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Gate to the Gods


"Silence, everyone. The Gods signal their arrival! It may be early but they are here nonetheless, so let us join together in prayer."
~ Raylor Fisq

Mission Began: 239008.19
Mission Complete: 239012.19

Scans of a region show unusual results, that leads to further investigation. The source of these strange readings is an iconion gateway that is found on a planet somewhere in the countryside, though with a post-warp civilization. This gate shows only one image. The other side is a fixed Gateway too.

The Apollo scanned the region and found the strange readings. The crew began to investigate were they came from finding an uncharted planet in the Typhon Sector. Hidden somewhere in the countryside, in a cave, they found an active Iconion gateway, showing only one location. What is on the other side? Why did someone hide the gate here, and who was it?

Stardate 239009.04

The USS Apollo, NCC-71669 departed Utopia Planitia after receiving some upgrades. Along with the Quantum Slipstream Drive, the ship was modified to house a small fighter wing. With shore leave in the Sol System wrapped up the crew of the Apollo headed back to the Typhon Sector, testing out their new propulsion system. The drive performed as expected and in no time, the ship arrived at the far end of the sector.

Upon exiting the slipstream, the Apollo picked up a unique energy signature originating from a nearby system. As the ship approached, the crew tried to determine what the strange signal was. Fleet Captain Andrus Jaxx dispatched an away team under the command of the newly minted First Officer, Lt. Commander Sundassa Faranster. After reaching the source of the signal, the team was surprised to encounter an Iconian Gateway.

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