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USS Thunder-A & Embassy Duronis II
Commander Miles Unum


  • Rank: Commander
  • Ship: USS Thunder-A
  • Base: Embassy Duronis II
  • Position: Starfleet Intelligence Deputy Director
  • Race: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • DoB: 236007.01
  • Birthplace: Dallas, Texas, Earth
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 220lbs
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Hair Color: Blond
  • Skin: Tanned
  • Build: Muscular
  • Handedness: Right
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Commander Miles Unum is currently assigned as a Starfleet Intelligence Deputy Director at the Embassy on Duronis II and onboard the USS Thunder-A.



  • Temperament: Easy-going but forceful when required.
  • Mental Problems (complexes and phobias): None


  • Marital Status: Married to Talon Lee-Unum on Stardate 238712.21.
  • Children: Tucker and Taylor, twin boys, born on stardate 238811.30.
  • Father: Stephen Unum
    • Stephen is an Engineering professor at Starfleet Academy
  • Mother: Cara Unum
    • Cara is a doctor at Starfleet Medical
  • Sister: Julie Sterling
    • Julie is an author and was married to Hal Sterling who was murdered. She has two children, Evan, age 9, and Bryan, age 6.
  • Brother: Bret Unum
    • Bret is a graduate of Starfleet Academy with a major in Engineering
  • Uncle: Tom Weston
    • Major Tom Weston is currently assigned to Starfleet Intelligence.

Personal History

Miles was born on Earth on stardate 236007.01 to human parents, Stephen and Cara Unum. Miles’ father, Stephen, joined Starfleet after grade school and majored in engineering. While at the academy, Stephen met Cara Wimbley who was studying to be a nurse in Starfleet. Stephen and Cara married after graduating Starfleet Academy. Their first child was a girl, Julie. Then three years later, Miles was born. And four years later, a boy, Bret, was born to the Unums.

Stephen and Cara were able to serve together on the same ships while Julie and Miles grew up. Stephen aspired to teach, and he continued his studies in engineering to obtain advanced degrees. When Bret was born, Stephen and Cara decided to request posts on Earth for a more stable family environment. Cara was accepted to Starfleet Medical as a nurse, but Stephen’s requests to instruct at Starfleet Academy were not approved until a year later. Cara struggled to raise three children alone on Earth pending Stephen’s transfer.

Julie married a man named Hal who was a weapons developer on Earth. She has two children, Evan and Bryan. Hal was murdered by a Ferengi named Brak because Hal owed him a large amount of latinum for gambling debts and a failed weapon project.

Bret recently graduated from Starfleet Academy with a major in Engineering. Bret was in a witness protection program from late 2386 until late 2388 due to his knowledge of Brak's murder of Hal Sterling.

After high school, Miles joined the Starfleet Marine Corps and studied as many long distance Starfleet Academy courses as he could with a Major in Security and a minor in Tactical. His Military Occupational Specialty was in Intelligence, and after he served four years in the Marine Corps, he continued serving in the reserves while he attended Starfleet Academy. With several hours of academy courses study completed while in the Marine Corps, Miles graduated from Starfleet Academy in two and a half years. He achieved the rank of first lieutenant in the Marine Corps but focused on his duties in Starfleet as a Security and Tactical officer. After a year and a half as a Starfleet officer, Miles requested to return to active duty as a Marine while serving aboard a starship. When the opportunity arose for Miles to transfer to the Chief Tactical Officer position on the new USS Thunder and the Federation Embassy on Duronis II, he seized the chance to broaden his skills.

After their mission to Duronis II, Miles and Talon Lee began dating, and the courtship lasted a year before they were engaged. Choosing a short engagement, they married on Stardate 238712.21 on the USS Ronin and honeymooned on Pacifica.

While assigned to the Duronis II Embassy and USS Thunder, Miles was promoted to lieutenant commander and then commander.

On Stardate 238904.22, Miles received orders from Starfleet Command to transfer from the Embassy to the USS Mercury as its commanding officer.

On Stardate 238905.03, Miles took a leave of absence when his wife and children went missing, and he resigned from the Mercury. Upon his return from the leave of absence, Miles rejoined the Marine Corps and was re-assigned as the Chief Marine Officer at the Duronis II Embassy.

On Stardate 238907.03, Miles took another leave of absence from Starfleet, thinking that he would start a new life on Earth with Talon and the twins. Within the first month, Miles continued to run into people and situations that drew him closer to Starfleet. A visit from his Uncle Tom Weston led Miles on a mission for Starfleet Intelligence, along with 1st Lt. Chip Bolden. After that mission, Miles was offered a position with Starfleet Intelligence, and he found himself heading back to the Embassy on Duronis II as a Starfleet Intelligence Deputy Director.


Professional History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
004-Cadet1st-Gold.jpg Cadet 1st Class 238605.29 Graduated Starbase 118 Academy Security/Tactical
01-Ensign-Gold.jpg Ensign 238605.29 - 238609.28 USS Resolution Tactical Officer
02-LieutenantJG-Gold.jpg Lieutenant (JG) 238609.28 - 238610.23 USS Resolution Assistant Chief of Security
02-LieutenantJG-Gold.jpg Lieutenant (JG) 238610.23 - 238708.18 USS Challenger-A Assistant Chief of Security
G2-o2.png 1st Lieutenant 238708.18 - 238709.15 USS Constitution-B Marine Officer
G2-o2.png 1st Lieutenant 238709.15 - 238712.15 USS Ronin Marine Flight Leader
G2-o3.png Marine Captain 238712.15 - 238802.25 USS Ronin Marine Commanding Officer
03-Lieutenant-Gold.jpg Lieutenant 238802.25 - 238803.16 Duronis II Embassy Chief Tactical Officer
03-Lieutenant-Red.jpg Lieutenant 238803.16 - 238804.28 Duronis II Embassy Strategic Operations Officer
04-LtCommander-Red.jpg Lt. Commander 238804.28 - 238807.14 Duronis II Embassy Strategic Operations Officer
04-LtCommander-Red.jpg Lt. Commander 238807.14 - 238808.14 Duronis II Embassy Second Officer
04-LtCommander-Red.jpg Lt. Commander 238808.14 - 238902.20 Duronis II Embassy First Officer
05-Commander-Red.jpg Commander 238902.20 - 238904.22 Duronis II Embassy First Officer
05-Commander-Red.jpg Commander 238904.22 - 238905.03 USS Mercury Commanding Officer
05-Commander-Red.jpg Commander 238905.03 - 238905.22 Unassigned Leave of Absence
G2-o5.png Lt. Colonel 238905.22 - 238907.03 Duronis II Embassy Chief Marine Officer
05-Commander-Red.jpg Commander 238907.03 - 238912.02 Unassigned Leave of Absence
04-LtCommander-Black.jpg Lt. Commander 238912.02 - 239002.27 Duronis II Embassy Starfleet Intelligence Deputy Director
05-Commander-Black.jpg Commander 239002.27 - Present Duronis II Embassy Starfleet Intelligence Deputy Director


2009 Awards

Award Name Mission
ResolutionGoodConductRibbon.jpg Good Conduct Ribbon Act of Mercy
ResolutionHumanitarian service ribbon.jpg Humanitarian Service Ribbon

2010 Awards

Award Name Mission
Awards ServiceRibbons Ithassa 2011.jpg Ithassa Region Campaign Operation Bright Star
Tosma2.gif TOSMA II N/A
Awards General SilverPalm 2011.jpg The Silver Palm N/A
Awards General NebulaBar 2011.jpg The Nebula Bar N/A

2011 Awards

Award Name Mission
Awards ServiceRibbons battleforbajor 2011.jpg Bajoran Campaign Battle for Bajor
Awards ServiceRibbons GoodConduct 2011.jpg Good Conduct Laudean Prime Minister Election
Awards General BPlot 2011.jpg B-Plot N/A
Awards General ScottyCross 2011.jpg The Scotty Cross N/A

2012 Awards

Award Name Mission
Awards ServiceRibbons DistinguishedService 2011.jpg Distinguished Service Ribbon Battle for Bajor


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