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Stellar Cartography
Sector Trinity Sector
System Phi Nu System
Sun(s) Echa
Moon(s) 0
Orbital Radius .7 AU
Eccentricity 0.0627
Class M
Diameter 4,500km
Atmosphere breathable
Hydrosphere 22%
Climate Sub-Arctic & Tropical
Blackbody Temp 350°K (77.85°C)
Gravity 1g
Primary terrain Rocky
Points of interest Winter Resorts
Length of Day 24hr
Length of Year 396 days
Native species No Native Species
Other species Various Animal life
Official Language Standard
Population 23,432,523
Technological Classification F
Major cities Cypress Hollow
Imports NA
Exports NA
Affiliation Federation
Government Council

Planetary Description

Echevar was originally not inhabited by any sentient species, but only with natural wildlife that could be found on such arctic worlds, it was converted in to a winter resort world by the Federation to compliment other such planets like Risa and Argelius. A beautiful world that both has the arctic wonderland and the beauty of the tropics at the equator.

Notable Establishments

Cypress Mountain Resort is the central home for all things winter filled with nice dwellings for the vacationing and both relaxing and sporting events that utilize the snow. Slopes have been opened for different types of skiing and it also include the largest heated swimming pool in the sector, stretching two miles in diameter. The Cypress Mountain resort is the must go to place for winter wonderland fun.

Cypress Mountain Resort

Askal’s Winter Wonderland Cafe is a large, outdoor cafe that sports a panoramic view of the Sapphire Mountain Ridge and utilizes invisible forcefields to keep the heat in. It allows the visitors to take in the wonderful scenery without all the bulky clothing. Askal himself, promises to provide real cooked meals of all types for those who want them.

Map of Echevar

Map of Echevar