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Located in the heart of the Ohmallera District, just opposite "The Twilight's Edge," this shop carries everything from jewelry to Vulcan meditation chimes. Zhynn sells everything except weapons. (He does not sell weapons of any kind.) The shop is run by a male Ferengi, named Chenno Zhynn (45). Zhynn was granted political asylum by then Captain Hebron. He arrived on the station without a credit to his name, but he saw the shop sitting vacant and asked the Captain if he could run it. He was granted the shop (rent free for the first year), with the entire inventory inside.

The Ferengi has now made a fortune. He and a partner have "traded" with Cardassia. He was careful to trade (legal) humanitarian aid for "whatever they had of value." Doing so, Zhynn got his hands on all the plunder from over a hundred worlds that the Cardassians had conquered. Zhynn sold the items in his shop for a good profit. He has taken the test and oath of Federation citizenship. Whatever a customer wants, Zhynn has it, or can get it, for the right price. It is rumored that Zhynn passes information on to the Captain whenever he hears anything.

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