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For the bar on DS17, see Twilight's Edge

This is one of the oldest restaurants on Starbase 118. It serves everything from Betazed breads to Talarian tarts. The Twilight's Edge is owned and operated by a female Argelian, named Jenna Bolees (33). It is strictly first class. There are linen tablecloths, real candle light, and for a price an organic rose for your date. On weekends the owner books some of the best musicians on the station to play live background music. Almost all of the tables are out on the "open air" of the station. The elegant people like to be seen dining in their new dress or best suit. The food at the "Twilight's Edge" is cooked on site, not replicated. They have an extensive wine list.

They are set up for couples to groups of eight, or at most ten. Any more than ten would require a couple days notice to lease a large conference room. This is a family restaurant but it is a bit expensive. Families are welcome at the Twilight's Edge, though they are rather uncommon due to the restaurant's cost. If a family has a noisy child, they are likely to be seated back by the kitchen door, but most of those who go to the Twilight's Edge are couples.

This restaurant was the inspiration behind the Twilight's Edge bar on Deep Space 17.

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