Temporal Integrity Commission

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The following information refers to a possible future revealed in the USS Veritas mission "Flashpoint".

The Temporal Integrity Commission (also known as the "TIC") is a civilian institution employed by Starfleet to defend against incursions upon the prime timeline. It was created in the mid-2400s to defend against the Sphere Builders, utilizing the Guardian of Forever to go back and protect the current timeline by reverting certain changes caused by the Delta quadrant species.

When the Tholians annex the Shoals in its entirely in the 2400s, however, Starfleet accepts the TIC's proposal to change it's agenda and begin minor adjustments to the past to better their present - a practice initially accepted by the institution. However, when the Guardian fails to allow them access to the past, the TIC create the CRI brace, a significantly more dangerous piece of time traveling equipment that allows transport through time. Starfleet Medical questions its suitability for use, but by this point, the TIC begins to pull away from Starfleet.

By 2491, the Temporal Integrity Commission has begun ignoring the protocols set by Starfleet completely, no longer seeking permission to engage in certain changes of the past, and ignoring them when they decide to destroy a Starfleet vessel in 2395 as a last resort to at least reduce the carnage wrought by the Tholians in their present year.