Nostalgia (Amity)

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Nostalgia (Amity)

  • Episode: S1E10 (2399)
  • Stardate 239912-240001



A temporal incursion from a future arm of Starfleet left Ambassador Niarivi Vataix and Lt. Robin Hopper experiencing an alternate reality.

An as yet un-formed arm of Starfleet known as the “Temporal Integrity Commission” (TIC) has apparently tried to change history by kidnapping several Starfleet officers, as well as Ambassador Vataix.

At the end of a party held at the Ambassador’s accommodations in the Beijing district in Amity’s habitat ring, several senior Starfleet officers reported experiencing deja-vu followed by memories of a different reality. The party, held in honour of First Officer Wil Ukinix’s promotion to Commander, was attended by fellow former crew members of the USS Veritas, including Cmdre. Aaron Kells, Capt. Nic del Vedova (USS Hirschfeld Commanding Officer), Capt. Roshanara Rahman (USS Kitty Hawk Commanding Officer), and Cmdr. Addison MacKenzie (USS Excalibur-A First Officer). Surprisingly, former Starfleet Officer Cmdr. Geoffrey Teller also mysteriously appeared at Vataix’s residence, himself a victim of the TIC’s actions – even though he hadn’t initially attended the party.

“Those officers and I were placed in an advanced holodeck on board a ship in the twenty-four hundreds,” explained Cmdr. Ukinix. “We were told that the TIC were trying to avert a catastrophe and had planned to kidnap all previous crew members of the Veritas. Luckily, we formed an escape plan and managed to destroy the holodeck, bringing us back to our own time.”

Worse for Vataix and Hopper was the experience of waking up on a completely different version of Amity Outpost. While the details have not been shared, it’s believed that there were several personnel differences in the alternate timeline. Hopper had to work with the alternate crew to identify the TIC incursion and restore Vataix and Hopper to their own timeline. Amity’s Starfleet science contingent has begun analyses into the incident.

“We’re still investigating how they did it, but it seems as though a ‘temporal transporter’ was used to abduct the Commander and other visiting officers – moving them not only to a different point in time but space as well,” said Hopper in a written statement. “Ambassador Vataix and I were, luckily, close enough to the incident to avoid these effects and our capable teams were able to reverse the damage.”

The TIC has been a source of controversy for the former Veritas crew. It is believed that this version that kidnapped the officers were formed sometime in the 2400s, and may have been responsible for stranding the medium cruiser’s serving crew in 2397 on a tropical moon in The Shoals. There are questions about whether Starfleet will allow the TIC to be formed in the future after these incidents.

It comes as Ambassadorial Aide Keehani Ukinix, on leave from Amity, won her battle in Betazed’s legal system to regain administrative control of the Ninth House for her Matriarch grandmother Vaxa Ral. During the first hours of the administrative transition, it was discovered that Ninth House employee Aaris Idar had secretly sold proprietary agricultural technology designs to a Ferengi Smuggler named “Bog”. Accompanying Amity Starfleet officers Ikaia Wong, Rebecca Iko, Nathan Richards and S’Raga helped investigate and apprehend both Idar and Bog into custody.



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