Worthy Prey (Amity)

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Worthy Prey

  • Episode: S2E1 (2400)
  • Stardate 240001- 240003


In an alien jungle, a Hirogen father and son are completing a hunt, carefully stalking their prey. Meanwhile, though, the Hirogen Alpha Ravarj and his Beta Konrak are also on the hunt, having located the holographic hunting space station that the father and son are using. Just as the son completes his first hunt and his proud father celebrates, Ravarj and Konrak destroy the station, disgusted at what the technology has done to their people. They then receive a transmitted invitation from Ambassador Rivi Vataix to visit Amity Outpost to reaffirm the peace between the Federation and the Hirogen tribes. Ravarj orders his Beta to set a course for Amity, eager to learn more about their next worthy prey: the Federation.[1]

Act 1


Ambassador Vataix extends an arm of peace to multiple tribes of the predatory species, causing controversy amongst residents.

Only a few weeks ago, Starfleet detected eighteen Hirogen ships gathered several parsecs from the space station, causing a minor panic amongst some of Amity’s residents before the predators’ vessels dispersed.

Today, twelve pairs of Hirogen “Alpha” and “Beta” tribe leaders were escorted by Starfleet security officers around the space station. It can be revealed that Amity’s Ambassador Niarivi Vataix invited the predatory hunters to the Federation’s farthest outpost to discuss terms for a treaty between the Federation and the Hirogen tribes. To complicate matters, it’s understood that a treaty would likely have to be agreed upon between the Federation and each of the Hirogen tribes, as the species does not have a central government that can make unilateral decisions.

Several groups of the Hirogen hunters, who have a reputation for their ruthlessness, were witnessed being escorted by Starfleet officers around Peace Park, the space station’s multi-biome botanic gardens.

“There they were, huge predators wearing dark armour, just walking around and casually looking at the pink cherry blossom trees,” said Rosemary Lin, a resident of Amity Outpost who works as a schoolteacher. “I just about dropped my lunch! I couldn’t get to the train station quickly enough. I do hope the ambassador knows what she’s doing,” Lin questioned whether she and her family would remain on Amity. “If these are the decisions she and her staff are going to make, then maybe I should pack up my bags and find a new home,” she said.

Not all residents were intimidated, however. “The Federation chose to locate the Outpost near Hirogen space, they had to confront them sooner or later, one way or another,” said Staris, an Ocampan shop owner on the space station’s ornate Grand Mezzanine. “That’s the risk of choosing to live here. And if Ambassador Vataix can negotiate a treaty, it may benefit many in the Delta Quadrant. I wish her every success.”

The invitation and arrival of the Hirogen were not taken without precautions by the Federation Diplomatic Corps. Six heavy-duty Starfleet starships are currently protecting Amity Outpost. The station’s own Defiant class USS Independence-B has been joined by the Galaxy class USS Kitty Hawk (NCC-71863), the Inquiry class USS Halsey, the Veritas class USS Janus, the Miranda class refit USS Bronwyn, and the Intrepid class refit USS Jemison – the same class as the famous USS Voyager that first encountered the Hirogen over two decades ago.

“The Federation Diplomatic Corps, under the lead of Ambassador Vataix, diligently considers all risks in any of our negotiations,” said the ambassador’s aide First Secretary Keehani Ukinix in a brief statement. “The safety of Amity Outpost, including that of its residents, is our highest priority and is always considered in decisions like these.”

There is speculation that the eighteen Hirogen ships had initially gathered for a rare meeting of tribes. However, the proximity of their meeting is said to have prompted the Diplomatic Corps to act, leading to the invitation. This is sure to cause a challenge for Amity’s newest Starfleet personnel additions, newly graduated science officer Ensign Cara Veers and medic Petty Officer Wister “Wish” Gray – the latter on secondment from Earth’s “Royal Navy”, a branch of the United Earth AeroNav Combined Services.

Act 2


Starfleet vessels divided into two teams and paired with Hirogen tribes, in conjunction with Amity Outpost’s mining operations, in a disaster response exercise.

A four-hour disaster response exercise involving benamite mining operations near Amity Outpost took place today at the far ends of the Nuriootpa Solar Nebula. The joint exercise was initiated by Ambassador Niarivi Vataix as part of an ongoing diplomatic outreach to local Hirogen tribes.

The exercise, formulated to test the integration between Hirogen tribe vessels and Starfleet starships, pitted a “red” team against a “blue” team to see who could respond the quickest in a simulated disaster recovery scenario. Both teams had to each travel to an asteroid at opposite ends of the nebula-shrouded benamite crystal field that Amity is situated in the middle of.

The red team led by seasoned and highly decorated Starfleet Captain Roshanara Rahman (USS Kitty Hawk), joined by USS Janus CO Karsa Ven, and acting CO of the USS Independence-B Lieutenant Commander Lidia Ivanova. They were joined by several Hirogen tribe ships.

Meanwhile, the blue team, similarly consisting of Hirogen vessels, led by Amity’s First Officer Wil Ukinix in the USS Jemison, included visiting officer Commander Addison MacKenzie in the USS Halsey, and Lieutenant Commander Stephanie Parker of the USS Bronwyn.

Both asteroids are situated almost half a light-year away from Amity. Each team had to rescue miners as quickly as they could while avoiding a simulated attack by an AI-generated large cosmotozoan, similar to the Crystalline Entities encountered previously by Starfleet in the last four decades.

“The exercise was a test for Amity’s mining operations contingent as much as it was a test for Starfleet,” said Keehani Ukinix, Aide to Ambassador Vataix. “We are very pleased with the results. The efficiency with which both teams were able to respond, given the simulated trying circumstances, was exemplary. Nonetheless, we don’t take the results for granted. We’ll be analysing the outcome and adapting our disaster recovery plans accordingly.”

Asked about the Hirogen’s performance, given their predatory nature culturally, Ukinix remained tight-lipped and, perhaps unsurprisingly, diplomatic in her response. “They were valuable, and used their own unique ways of ensuring our Starfleet teams could rescue ‘injured’ miners.”

The presence of the Hirogen on and around the Federation’s diplomatic outpost in the Delta Quadrant has caused controversy. “An exercise is one thing. These tribes work independently of each other. How do we know that at least one of the tribes isn’t evaluating Amity for a future attack?” questions Shorris, a Mislenite trader who frequents Amity Outpost. “Already people are beginning to reevaluate their trade arrangements with the Federation based on this proposed alliance.”

The Starfleet exercises with the Hirogen are slated to continue in a “red versus blue” war-game exercise near a pulsar wind nebula, situated approximately four days’ travel from Amity’s home system.

Act 3


Starfleet vessels and Hirogen tribes recently completed a joint exercise, demonstrating the potential for an alliance in the Delta Quadrant.

The exercise took place in a pulsar wind nebula located several days’ travel from Amity Outpost. Teams were divided evenly, with three Starfleet vessels and five Hirogen tribe vessels on each team.

At the start of the exercise, the teams were placed only one hundred kilometers apart, leading to a frenzied start of attacks and counterattacks between both teams. The blue team, consisting of the Intrepid-refit class USS Jemison, Inquiry class USS Halsey, and Miranda-refit class USS Bronwyn vessels, concentrated their attack almost solely on the red team’s Galaxy class USS Kitty Hawk.

The tactic seemed to have worked, as the Kitty Hawk was “disabled” in the war game simulation within the opening minutes of the exercise.

Jemison’s acting captain, Commander Wil Ukinix, called the exercise a “buzz” and noted that it gave their crews realistic combat experience in a trying environment. He added, “It also allowed us to work with the Hirogen, so that they and the Federation can better understand each other. That’s important for our ongoing diplomatic mission in this quadrant of the galaxy.”

When asked about his blue team’s victory against the red team, led by his former captain and mentor Roshanara Rahman, Ukinix coyly added, “That was fun, too.”

The Hirogen, known best for their hunting prowess, were ever present during the war games. Alphas and Betas from several tribes cooperated with Starfleet crews to varying degrees, showing that ongoing peace and stability in the Barossa Nebula may be possible for the Federation.

“Ambassador Vataix has worked hard with the tribes, and has extended a hand of friendship to each,” said The Federation Diplomatic Corp’s First Secretary Keehani Ukinix in a written statement. “While each tribe may have their own priorities, overall we have seen a willingness to continue dialog amongst the Federation and the Hirogen. The Federation Diplomatic Corp will continue to our outreach in the Delta Quadrant, to not only the Hirogen, but all of its warp-capable civilisations.”

While a once unlikely peaceful coexistence may now seem possible between the Hirogen and the Federation, there still may be cultural differences to overcome. This was demonstrated when no Hirogen were available for comment for this article, and they seemed perplexed when questions were put to them, underscoring a lack of formal media reporting present in their society.

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