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USS Veritas
Position Engineering Officer
Rank Crewman Third Class
Species Robotic Dog
Gender Male
DOB 239609.18
Age 4
Birthplace Engineering lab, USS Veritas

Crewman BAXTER is currently serving as a Engineering Officer aboard the USS Veritas. BAXTER was created by Lt Charlena Vanlith originally as a gift for her brother. Due to circumstances the crew fell in love with BAXTER just as she did so he remained on the ship and a second was made and sent to her brother. BAXTER standing for Benevolent and Xenodochial Technological Emergency Responder was created to be able to monitor and administer first aid which would have been helpful for his original purpose to help Charlena's paralysed brother. Now he has stayed he is able to carry out moving equipment too and from locations and most other basic tasks set for him to do. He likes to make friends and loves his crew dearly.


  • Height: 60 cm
  • Weight: 20 kg
  • Hair: none
  • Eyes: Bright and colour changing dependant on scans and mode
  • Build: Like an athletic dog, clearly able to help move heavy objects due to the purpose of the build.
  • Key External Components: Poly-adaptive mesh covering, broadband sensor pickups, ambidirectional skeletal joints.


Charlena made BAXTER for her brother to provide him with more independence. BAXTER sees Charlena as his one true owner although the rest of the crew are his family. They are incredibly close and they mean the world to each other. During their time together so far on the Veritas BAXTER has learnt that Charlena is not good with a frisbee.

Having helped Charlena finish the build of BAXTER, Teller is now a very close friend of BAXTER. Since him leaving the ship BAXTER misses him dearly and hopes to one day be reunited.


BAXTER is an incredibly loveable character and seems to turn up at just the right moment given the situation he is in. Due to his purpose he is very relaxing and comforting when he is in duty mode, especially caring towards children.

When in dog settings BAXTER is highly excitable and always wants to play. He wants to be friends with everyone and in doing so is prone to jumping up at people. He is yet to meet an actual dog but looks forward to it. So far Thor is brilliant company.

Ship History

BAXTER was unintentionally activated during the Charybdis mission. During the movement into the void the ship underwent severe turbulence and upon reading injuries around him we woke from his standby state to check on everyone around him. BAXTER was rather useful during this mission in helping to navigate through the Jefferies Tubes, his strength and some of his modifications enabling them to get into spaces they couldn't have without him and enabling them to communicate when the comm system was down through him.

During the mission Pirates of the Quantum Realms BAXTER was dognapped by pirates to one of their ships. During this time BAXTER was able to fend for himself and using his dog instincts get away from his captors, reunite with members of an away team who were on the ship and in the end he was vital to there survival, jumping in front of a firing weapon to protect his crew leaving him with damages to his rear leg which thankfully were able to be repaired by Charlena. This resulted in a present given to him by Tim Alentonis to enable him to be tracked better.

During the mission Wandering Star BAXTER discovered his pure hatred of being alone. BAXTER much to his own hatred was fired out of a torpedo tube to make it down to the asteroid to find survivors. During this time he was attacked by one of the people he was meant to be saving before they realised he was there to help. Thankfully another survivor realised the important of BAXTER and he was able to make engineering changes to highlight where they were to the Veritas after they had lost communications. Only a short time later due to BAXTERs work they were all saved by a shuttle craft.